23 Mar 2020

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Hairstyles for Bridesmaids - Step by Step

Your best friend's wedding is round the corner and you can't contain your happiness. Right from helping your best friend in picking up her wedding gown to helping in the wedding decorations you have to be on your toes. While doing so you also have to make sure you look your best and be the perfect bridesmaids for your best friend. The hairstyle for bridesmaids has to be classy so as not to surpass the bride's look and yet be noticed! A hairstyle for bridesmaids has to be everything from simplicity and beauty to chic and elegance yet be trendy and traditional.

We have shortlisted some elegant yet chic hairstyles for bridesmaids so that you rock the bridesmaids hairstyle and make your best friend's wedding a memorable one.

  • Classic yet relaxed simple low bun

Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

  • A little twisted updo

  • Twist it up in a bun

  • Classic bun

  • Messy low bun

  • Puffy bun

  • Low bun for long hair

  • Can not get any simpler than this

  • Low bun for short hair

  • Messy yet classy

  • Low bun for long hair with accessories

Image credits : @tonyastylist @theupdogirl