21 Nov 2019

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Best Face Massage Cream for Oily Skin

Ever since I won a giveaway on a blog I have been into face massages, Ask how? Because I won a face massage cream in that giveaway. I was very new into skincare that time and face massage was a very new concept to me. The very first face massage cream I used was The Nature's Co Multi Vitamin Face Massage Cream. At that time I used to just massage my face with an upward stroke here and there but now I do follow some face massage techniques which help me in getting rid of the acne marks left by the pesky acne.

A good face massage is relaxing and invigorating for the skin. A facial massage can greatly enhance the skin's appearance. Facial massage is beneficial in increasing the blood flow, leading to decreased puffiness and improved circulation. A good facial massage helps in getting a radiant and glowing skin. Massaging the facial skin aids in relaxing the muscles.The stimulation of the skin results in increased blood circulation, which helps produce collagen and elastin. A facial massage can be considered as a workout for the facial skin. It detoxifies the skin via lymphatic drainage. A good facial massage doesn't involve rubbing or pulling the skin, rather it should be gentle and relaxing.

As much as the technique followed for the massage is important, it is also important to use a good face massage cream. A face massage cream can penetrate the skin and help in healing or lightening of the acne marks, reduce fine lines and improve the texture of the skin. So today we will be looking at the list of Best Face Massage Creams for Oily Skin.

Best Face Massage Cream for Oily Skin

  1. The Natures Co Multi Vitamin Massage Cream
  2. This is an amazing face massage cream which I have used over and over. I have even repurchased it quite a few times. The cream is infused with different vitamins to help give you a radiant skin. This is undoubtedly the best massage cream available for oily skin in India Price- 695 INR for 50 ml
  3. Biotique Bio Quince Seed Nourishing Face Massage Cream
  4. Biotique Face massage cream is meant for dry to normal skin types but it perfectly suits oily and acne prone skin. The cream has a little oily slip to it which makes it really beneficial to glide the fingers on facial skin without any tugging or pulling. Price- 230 INR for 50 gms
  5. Aroma Magic Passion Flower Massage Cream
  6. Aroma Magic Face Massage cream is another good option to use for oily skin. This face massage cream gets absorbed immediately into the skin and you need to keep on spraying a facial mist for a good slip of massage. Price- 275 INR for 50 gms
  7. Juvena Herbals Gold Saffron Massage Cream
  8. Juvena Herbals massage cream is infused with real 24k carat gold and saffron. This massage cream is very helpful in reducing the acne marks and giving a luminous glow. Price- 545 INR for 50 gms
  9. Organic Harvest Anti Ageing Massage Cream
  10. It is enriched with goodness of organic oils which help in reducing the signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles. It also rejuvenates the skin and protects it from sun damage. They also have two variants in massage creams viz. Skin Lightening Massage Cream, Anti Pigmentation Massage Cream. Price- 545 INR for 50 gms
  11. Just Herbs Herbal Nourishing Massage Cream
  12. This cream is fortified with Ashwagandha, Manjishtha, Sandalwood and other precious Ayurvedic herbs to regenerate and nourish dull and lifeless skin. This is meant for dry skin however you can easily wipe off the excess massage cream via a damp cotton pad. Price- 695 INR for 100 gms
  13. Iraya Wheatgerm Facial Massage Cream
  14. With wheatgerm, lavender, sweet orange and sesame oil, this cream is ideal for the perfect face massage. Regular use helps reinforce skin cells, minimise fine lines and increase blood circulation thereby enhancing the skin’s vitality and suppleness. Price- 545 INR for 50 gms
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