9 Nov 2019

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Best Face Mask for Acne In India

Acne prone skin requires special care and there can not be lagging back or laziness in this. As much as skincare plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy so is internal health of our body. We will talk about that later but first let us check about some good face masks for acne prone skin. Including a good face mask in your routine is very crucial step as face masks suck out the dirt from the face help in revitalising and rejuvenating the facial skin.

All the below mentioned face masks are really good in treating acne and have shown some amazing effects on my skin. Each mask mentioned below is personally tried by me over a couple of months. I am using Plum Green Tea Mask over a 2 years now and it is a constant.

Now let's get started with the list of Best Face Mask for acne In India

Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask
Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask is a little heavy on pockets but is worth every penny, also it is often on discounts. It makes the skin instantly smooth, soft, clean and bright. The mask when used after some days gives a bit of tingling sensation and it's all because of the glycolic acid it has which is beneficial for acne prone skin. Plum Green Tea Mask contains Kaolin, Bentonite, Green Tea extracts, Glycolic acid. It shows results from first use itself and if you are into vegan skincare do give this product a try.
Price - 490 INR for 60 gms Shop now

Burst of Happyness What a Girl Wants Clay Cleanser
What a Girl Wants Clay Cleanser is a soap-free cleanser for oily or acne-prone skin. It is made lovingly with Rhassoul Clay and rose petals to gently cleanse skin. Although the name says a cleanser, the product works best as a mask. With the added goodness of Jojoba oil and tea tree essential oil, turmeric, clove bud and lemongrass. It not only helps remove impurities but also banishes acne. It can also double up as a cleanser in summer season. What's more? Quantity goes a long way and regular usage may last upto 3-4 months.
Price - 420 INR for 100 gms Shop now

Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask
The only product which I have repurchased over and over is Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask. It leaves the skin squeaky clean while reducing the hormonal acne. It's a budget friendly mask I would suggest for the upcoming summer season.
Price and Quantity - 400 INR for 100 gms Shop now

Mittise Aloe Clay Cleanser
Mittise Aloe Clay Cleanser is a magnet for oily, dull skin which sucks out dirt and leaves the skin purified and clean. The product also works as a cleanser but shows best results when used as thick mask. Moreover, the quantity offered for the price point is way more. I am quite sure this product won't disappoint you at all.
Price and Quantity - 250 INR for 80 gms Shop now

Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree, Charcoal & Bentonite Clay Organic Face Mask
Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree, Charcoal & Bentonite Clay Organic Face Mask is recommended if you are facing acne often and need a good solution. The price point of the product is high since the brand uses Eco-cert certified organic ingredients only. Overall speaking worth every penny spent on Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask.
Price and Quantity - 450 INR for 25 gms Shop now

Skinsense Natural Luxury Even Complexion Face Pack
Skinsense Natural Luxury Even Complexion Face Pack makes the skin very even toned, as if we have applied some sort of moisturiser which plumps up the skin. The skin looks clear and radiant, as if the skin has been detoxed and made clean. I have never seen a dry face pack giving plump, even toned skin but this is one of a kind face pack.
Price - 550 INR for 50 gms

So this was my list of best face mask for acne in India. If you have tried any other masks which have worked quite well please let me know in the comments section. *This post may contain Amazon and/or other affiliate links. If you choose to purchase using the link, I will earn a small amount out of it.