24 Aug 2019

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Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion Review

Guest Post
Recently there have been ups and downs in all the seasons. Even in monsoons, we sometimes get the feeling of harsh summery days. My body skin gets dry to extra dry any time depending on the weather. I recently saw a wave of Body Cupid products everywhere. The brand claims to be free from parabens and mineral oils, which made me buy Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Body Lotion.

The Goodness
Coconut milk, aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa butter, glycerine, sweet almond oil, argan oil and allantoin are impressive nourishing ingredients that make Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion a deeply nourishing lotion.

Brand Claims
Its satiny formulation has been empowered with pure coconut milk extract and cocoa butter to instantly deliver rich hydration to your thirsty skin. Coconut milk has lauric acid (also found in mother’s milk) that deep nourishes skin without clogging up pores. Cocoa butter is rich in healthy fatty acids and antioxidants that keep your skin silken and also protect it from atmospheric damage. Both coconut milk and cocoa butter also have potent anti-aging qualities to delay fine lines and firm up your skin. A vital benefit as the skin of your hands is thin and dryness can leave it looking wrinkled and papery!  Nurture it with Body Cupid’s Coconut Milk & Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion. And rediscover youthful satiny smoothness.

Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion is housed in a square kind of packaging which you can see in pictures. There is further plastic packaging on the bottle to prevent spillage. Beautiful golden detailing is imprinted on the bottle along with the golden cap to give it a luxurious look. The top cap is in flip style but I found it little bit hard.
When I opened the bottle for the first time, I was wondering why the lotion isn’t coming out. Then I read everything on back of this bottle and I found no instructions to open it. Since the golden cap can be opened, I opened it and figured out that there was a stopper given inside which we need to remove. This is not mentioned anywhere, keeping the users to a great confusion.
There is a room of improvement for the packaging. Firstly, the lotion is quite thick, body butter or cream kind of and secondly the bottle is not sturdy. It is really difficult to get out the lotion once you finish quarter or half of the bottle as the lotion takes very long time to come out. I usually keep the bottle upside down so that I don’t have to waste time. Also, you have to be careful in handling the bottle. If it is dropped accidentally, there might be cracks and lotion could leak as the plastic used is not of a good quality – it is easily breakable.

Texture and Fragrance
The texture of Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion is quite different. Usually body lotions are in liquid form but this lotion isn’t. The texture is more on creamy side. However, it is not thick or very creamy which sinks into skin effortlessly. The body lotion has a very sweet fragrance of coconut which lingers on for a few minutes and fades away later on. I was expecting a hint of cocoa but it is totally absent. I picked this particular variant of Body Cupid lotion thinking that coconut and cocoa would make a classic combination and a release beautiful aroma but I was disappointed. Since the fragrance is very mild, it is suitable if you are looking for a fragrance free body lotion.

My Experience with Body Cupid Hand and Body Lotion

I take a small amount of the Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion and apply it post bathing. It gets absorbed quickly on damp skin. It is not very quick though. It sinks into the skin, in a minute or so. The body lotion leaves my skin healthy, nourished and soft. It is not at all heavy or rich but just perfect. The body lotion does not leave any finish behind which is very impressive.

Usually, the commercial body lotions do not work on my skin because I live in a very dry area plus AC at work place is totally unavoidable. These things make my dry skin extra dry and I have to keep really good body nourishing products. Surprisingly, Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion works delightfully on my skin.

This body lotion keeps my skin moisturized for 8-10 hours easily. As my body skin is very dry, I need to reapply it at night sometimes. For anybody who has normal to dry skin, just one layer of Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion would keep the skin nourished enough for the entire day. Moreover, the lotion is really perfect for hands as it is not at all sticky or tacky.

It is really disappointing to find only key ingredients of the product. Fragrance too seems artificial. I believe there are some extra emulsifiers and artificial colorants added to Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion. You can see the key ingredients in picture.

399 INR for 250ml but usually you get it at 299 INR on discounts

Easily available on amazon.in, bodycupid.com and major shopping portals

I really like the formula of Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion but I do not like the packaging at all. I am not recommending it just because of the poor packaging. It is indeed a good nourishing lotion otherwise.

Author Bio
Hiral is a crazy skincare enthusiast. She loves finding and supporting sustainable and effective skincare products especially the small businesses owned by women. She runs her own blog pepilio.com where she shares every bit of her skincare love.