18 Jul 2019

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Ilana Organics Clarifying Face Serum Review

Ilana Organics is a brand which was on my wishlist since long. I have also been shopping regularly from Qtrove.com and have also blogged down my Qtrove Review. So when I had a coupon code for shopping above a certain cart value I immediately shopped for Ilana Organics Clarifying Face Serum. I am penning down the review after using the serum for 3 weeks of usage. So let's get started with the review of Ilana Organics Clarifying Face Serum.

Ilana Organics Clarifying Face Serum Review

Brand Claims and Ingredients

Ilana Organics Clarifying Face Serum Review

Packaging, Texture, Fragrance
The product is housed in a transparent glass bottle with a dropper. I don't understand why the product is housed in a transparent bottle when serums and products with essential oils are supposed to be stored in amber coloured glass bottle. Anyway barring this point let's continue the review. The texture of the serum is extremely light weight. You need just 2-3 drops for each usage so the product will easily last 6-7 months. The fragrance is the serum is citrusy of lemon with a hint of tea tree essential oil. Do check the ingredients of the Ilana Organics Clarifying Face Serum so you will get an idea of the fragrance.

My experience
I get small zits these days and haven't experienced any cystic acne since June. I have been using the product ever since receiving my order from Qtrove. I use the serum in evening or at night as a part of my night skincare routine. The texture of the Ilana Organics Clarifying Face Serum is extremely light weight and for each use all you need is 2-3 drops. If you use more than 3 drops the skin becomes overtly oily and the serum just sits on the skin.

Coming to the efficiency of Ilana Clarifying Serum, it shows effects on minimizing the zits in just 2 days. Over a period of regular usage it helps to banish the small sized acne and prevents them from recurring. I didn't experience any tingling sensation or any sensitivity to the essential oils added in the serum. Also speaking of the texture it gives to the skin, it leaves a glossy hint to the skin without any sticky feeling. Although I didn't experience any cystic or big size acne since June, I think Ilana Clarifying Serum will definitely help reduce the cystic acne with regular usage of a few weeks. Also when we stop using any product with tea tree essential acne is bound to reoccur.

Ilana Clarifying Face Serum Review

Price, Shelf Life and Availability - 770 INR for 15ml with a shelf life of 2 years from manufacturing date. Ilana Organics Clarifying Face Serum is available online on Qtrove.com, Amazon.in and Ilana Organics website.

Ilana Organics Clarifying Face Serum is a good option to tackle acne and keep it acne free with regular usage. Moreover the light texture of the serum makes it suitable for daily usage. The fragrance of the serum is also not overpowering or lingering. The serum helps to reduce acne in just 2 days of use. The only thing I don't like about the serum is that it could have been housed in an amber coloured glass bottle. So would suggest to keep the serum away from sunlight.