2 May 2019

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Nivea Face Wash Milk Delights Fine Gramflour Review

I am an ardent lover of cleansers, be it any type. Initially it was just foaming cleansers but now I like to try oil cleansers, balm consistency ones and gel to milk ones too. As you all know powder cleansers are my eternal love. But once in a while I do like to use foaming cleansers especially when am in a hurry or am home just after spending some hectic day outside. So I picked up Nivea Face Wash Milk Delights in gram flour variant from a mall so that I could review it on blog.

Brand Claims and Ingredients

Packaging of Nivea milk delight face wash
The packaging is cute and bottle is shaped in the form of a drop. The flip cap top fits in tightly and size of packaging is very compact and travel friendly. The nozzle of the face wash is small which dispenses small amount of face wash at a time. A little goes a long way in case of this face wash.

Texture and Consistency of Nivea milk delight face wash
The texture of the face wash is milky, smooth and consistency is neither thin nor runny. It is similar to a milk cream. The face wash has some yellow particles in it which are representation of gram flour. The particles dissolve once we foam the face wash.

My experience
The face wash lathers quite nicely although not much foamy one but later is quite rich. The foam disperses when it comes in contact with water. The instructions say that we need to gently apply to wet face and neck. I usually take it on palm and lather a bit and apply to face and work up for a few seconds and then wash off. The face wash cleanses the skin nicely and gives an instant glow to the face.

Although I don't use the face wash more than twice a day, on some days I have used it twice a day and experienced little dryness. The face wash is good for a basic cleansing job. It gives soft, smooth and glowing skin post usage.

Let's talk about the fragrance, the fragrance is overtly artificial and strong. Although it doesn't linger much after using so that's not much of a problem. I would not recommend any variant from this range for sensitive skin people. Overall speaking it is just another face wash which cleanses the skin and gives glowing skin for some time. If you like using different variant of foaming cleansers then go for this one. Also it has parabens, so if you don't mind any parabens go grab this.

Price, Shelf Life and Availability - 85 INR for 50 ml. Available online as well as in stores. Has four variants for Oily skin has gramflour variant, dry skin has honey variant, sensitive skin has rosewater and normal skin has saffron variant.

Recommendation of Nivea milk delight face wash
If you like using different foaming cleansers then would suggest picking up Nivea Face Wash Milk Delights range as per your skin type. The face wash has a strong fragrance so please avoid if you have sensitive skin. Also the cute, compact and travel friendly packaging is a big yes from my side. If you are someone who avoids parabens, artificial fragrances, colours in skincare products then you can skip this range altogether.