9 May 2019

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Top 10 Best Rose Water In India

Roses have been used since ages for enhancing beauty, be it as hair adornment or in face care or beauty care. Rose is being used in different ways be in it rose petals powder, rose water or rose essential oil.

Pure Rose water is beneficial for skin when used as a toner or for mixing the face packs. Pure Rose water acts as a toner and natural astringent for the skin. It has soothing and calming effects on the skin as well as possesses skin clarifying and healing properties. Let's check out the list of best rose water available in India. The list is not in an order and is randomly listed.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water is made from steam distillation process of roses from Kannauj. The kannauj rose is considered special due to its similarity to the Bulgarian rose. The steam distillation process used to create this water ensures a high level of hygiene and unmatched purity.
Price - 275 INR for 50 ml

Lushveda Organic Kannuaj Rose Water

Lushveda's organic kannauj rose water is the most exquisite 100% pure, natural, organic flower water.
Price -  220 INR for 50 ml

Zofla Natural and Pure Rose water

Zofla 100% pure, steam distilled rose water is made of fresh organic blossoms of Kannauj Rose.
Price - 190 INR for 100 ml

Nature's Absolute rose water for all skin types

Nature's Absolute Rose Water is collected by steam distillation process during the making of rose essential oil.
Price - 300 INR for 100 ml

Nature's Tattva Pure Natural Rose

Nature's Tattva Pure Natural Rose Water is made by distilling rose petals of Desi roses in pure spring water.
Price - 260 INR for 100 ml

Kamaakshi Pure Rose Water

Kamaakshi Pure Rose Water is purely organic and Distilled from fresh Rose petals produced in Kannauj
Price - 450 INR for 100ml

Mantra Indian Rose Water Refreshing Toner

Mantra Indian Rose Water Toner is made from Indian Rose extracts and is a herbal product.
Price - 625 INR for 250 ml

Vya naturals pure rose water toner

Vya naturals rose water facial toner- 100% natural rose water mist, alcohol free - hydrating & calming treatment for all skin types.
Price - 399 INR for 100ml

BONSOUL Rose Water Distillate

100% Pure & Natural, Steam Distilled, Preservative Free Steam distilled from Rosa Damascena Rose flower and is Custom made for Bonsoul.
Price - 300 INR for 100ml

Pahada rose water

Pahada rose water is made from Damask Roses by a process of steam distillation. The roses are cultivated in Joshimath at an altitude of 7000 ft
Price - 299 INR for 100ml

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