19 Apr 2019

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Fiducia Botanical Skincare Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion Review

I received Fiducia Botanical Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion by Utkarshini as a New Year gift. I was honestly very surprised, happy and grateful at the same time when I received it. Initially I didn't use it as I was testing out some other products. Now after using it for a few weeks I am ready to post my experience.

Brand Claims
Made with hemp seed oil , black cumin seed oil and pure hydrosols of rose otto and tea tree. This lightweight lotion is ideal for oily and acne prone skin , it helps in replenishing lost moisture and prevents further acne and soothes inflammation due to it being rich in linoleic acid. Also , its non comodogenic , so it wont clog your pores. Enriched with licorice and hibiscus extracts , this also helps in lightening of acne scars.


The product is housed in an amber coloured pump up glass bottle. I never had a problem with the packaging and it works fine for me. I prefer such small packaging since they are easy to travel with, although with glass you need to be little careful. The nozzle dispenses correct amount of facial lotion. All you need is one pump of facial lotion for entire face and another one for neck and decollete area.

Texture and Consistency
The name says it all, it's a lotion. It's a creamy lotion, I would say and not the runny one which just hydrates your skin. The consistency is on the creamier side with texture being of lotion. It easily dispenses via the pump.

My experience
The fragrance of the Fiducia Botanical Skincare Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion is little nutty and am not very fond of it to be honest. Although the fragrance isn't much lingering or over powering.

The facial lotion gets absorbed in the skin like a charm, just a couple of light massage and boom it disappears into the skin without any stickiness and greasy feeling. I like how just one pump of product is enough for the whole face and another one for neck and decollete area. The product required for exactly usage is very, very little and hence the product lasts longer than thought.

Coming to the efficiency, the facial lotion has immense moisturizing properties so if you apply more than one pump at a time be ready to sweat a lot. I sweated a lot initially when I used more than one pump of lotion. Also according to me the lotion in itself is so moisturizing that you won't feel like using a serum underneath it.

Now coming to the claim made by the brand, the product really does calm acne and the inflammation. While initially I didn't notice a difference in the acne or anything. After having a cystic acne on cheek and forehead I really cannot stop raving about the lotion. While my cystic acne was big and under the skin and about to surface, I applied the lotion during day. I almost forgot about the cystic acne on my cheek only to realize that it vanished without a mark. How cool is that 😀. Again when I had some acne on forehead, cystic acne vanished and the ones which had already developed (due to not using the lotion regularly) matured in one day and then vanished slowly. The product helps in healing the acne fast and helps in prevention to some extent.

So in my case acne developed due to non consistent skincare routine and were reduced by Fiducia Botanical Skincare Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion. So overall speaking if you have oily acne prone skin and if you get breakouts often then do give Fiducia Botanical Skincare Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion a try.

Price, Shelf Life and Availability - 950 INR for 30gms with a shelf life of 6 months. Available online for orders.

Fiducia Botanical Skincare Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion is good moisturizer for oily acne prone skin as it moisturizes the skin while reducing the breakouts. It also helps in healing the cystic acne faster than thought. The only thing you need to keep in mind while using this lotion is that very little goes a long way in moisturizing. So beware of using more than one pump for face. Overall a moisturizer which can be used during day as well as night for oily skinned beauties. Am currently eyeing their Lavender Cream Cleanser so this will be repurchasing once I finish my current stash.