19 Apr 2019

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Fiducia Botanical Skincare Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion Review

I received Fiducia Botanical Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion by Utkarshini as a New Year gift. I was honestly very surprised, happy and grateful at the same time when I received it. Initially I didn't use it as I was testing out some other products. Now after using it for a few weeks I am ready to post my experience.

Brand Claims
Made with hemp seed oil , black cumin seed oil and pure hydrosols of rose otto and tea tree. This lightweight lotion is ideal for oily and acne prone skin , it helps in replenishing lost moisture and prevents further acne and soothes inflammation due to it being rich in linoleic acid. Also , its non comodogenic , so it wont clog your pores. Enriched with licorice and hibiscus extracts , this also helps in lightening of acne scars.


The product is housed in an amber coloured pump up glass bottle. I never had a problem with the packaging and it works fine for me. I prefer such small packaging since they are easy to travel with, although with glass you need to be little careful. The nozzle dispenses correct amount of facial lotion. All you need is one pump of facial lotion for entire face and another one for neck and decollete area.

Texture and Consistency
The name says it all, it's a lotion. It's a creamy lotion, I would say and not the runny one which just hydrates your skin. The consistency is on the creamier side with texture being of lotion. It easily dispenses via the pump.

My experience
The fragrance of the Fiducia Botanical Skincare Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion is little nutty and am not very fond of it to be honest. Although the fragrance isn't much lingering or over powering.

The facial lotion gets absorbed in the skin like a charm, just a couple of light massage and boom it disappears into the skin without any stickiness and greasy feeling. I like how just one pump of product is enough for the whole face and another one for neck and decollete area. The product required for exactly usage is very, very little and hence the product lasts longer than thought.

Coming to the efficiency, the facial lotion has immense moisturizing properties so if you apply more than one pump at a time be ready to sweat a lot. I sweated a lot initially when I used more than one pump of lotion. Also according to me the lotion in itself is so moisturizing that you won't feel like using a serum underneath it.

Now coming to the claim made by the brand, the product really does calm acne and the inflammation. While initially I didn't notice a difference in the acne or anything. After having a cystic acne on cheek and forehead I really cannot stop raving about the lotion. While my cystic acne was big and under the skin and about to surface, I applied the lotion during day. I almost forgot about the cystic acne on my cheek only to realize that it vanished without a mark. How cool is that 😀. Again when I had some acne on forehead, cystic acne vanished and the ones which had already developed (due to not using the lotion regularly) matured in one day and then vanished slowly. The product helps in healing the acne fast and helps in prevention to some extent.

So in my case acne developed due to non consistent skincare routine and were reduced by Fiducia Botanical Skincare Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion. So overall speaking if you have oily acne prone skin and if you get breakouts often then do give Fiducia Botanical Skincare Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion a try.

Price, Shelf Life and Availability - 950 INR for 30gms with a shelf life of 6 months. Available online for orders.

Fiducia Botanical Skincare Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion is good moisturizer for oily acne prone skin as it moisturizes the skin while reducing the breakouts. It also helps in healing the cystic acne faster than thought. The only thing you need to keep in mind while using this lotion is that very little goes a long way in moisturizing. So beware of using more than one pump for face. Overall a moisturizer which can be used during day as well as night for oily skinned beauties. Am currently eyeing their Lavender Cream Cleanser so this will be repurchasing once I finish my current stash.
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15 Apr 2019

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Dot & Key Hand Cream: Sanitizer+Moisturizer (Mandarin & Lime) Review

I often carry a hand sanitizer with me while going out, but I seldom carry a hand cream. Rather to be honest I don't own a single hand cream till date. I do apply body lotion on hands but often forget to take care of them. You bet I have even applied a mask to my hands in ages. Talking about a hand sanitizer and moisturizer from Dot and Key in today's post.

Brand Claims and Ingredients

My experience
The packaging is cute and handy to carry. Packaging is similar to the overall packaging of Dot and Key brand with pastels and light colored theme product packaging. The tubs packaging is good to use since most hand creams have tub packaging which I don't prefer.

The cream has a subtle fragrance which is citrus and not too overpowering or lingering. I like how the fragrance isn't strong and non lingering as well.

Coming to the consistency of the hand cream it's more of thin consistency and light weight in texture too. The hand cream is more on the hydrating side rather than the moisturizing side. It spreads easily on the skin and gets absorbed even more quickly as we slather it.

Now the main part, the brand claims this hand cream to be a sanitizer plus moisturizer for hands as am not so happy with this. A normal sanitizer itself has many chemicals and when it comes to moisturizing the hands I prefer a normal hand cream or body lotion. However the hand cream is a rescue when you don't carry a sanitizer or forget to carry a separate hand cream. Especially during travels the product can be very useful since it doubles up as a sanitizer as well as a moisturizer for hands. The moisturizing effect lasts for about 2-4 hours depending on how often you wash your hands on how frequently do you use a hand cream. I would recommend the Dot & Key Hand Cream: Sanitizer+Moisturizer as a travel companion rather than a day to day product.

The In
  • Contains anti-bacterials as well as moisturizing jojoba and shea actives that offer hydration
  • It is an alcohol free sanitizer formula which also prevents hands from drying out
  • Citrusy fragrance of mandarin and lime makes hands smell and feel fresh
  • No parabens, sulphates, alcohol & other nasties
  • Cruelty Free, Dermatologist Tested and 100% Skin Safe
  • Cute packaging
  • Non lingering and not overpowering fragrance
  • Doubles up as a sanitizer as well as moisturizer

The Out
  • Contains parfum
  • Would recommend the product as a travel companion and not day to day usage product
  • Isn't much moisturizing

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 395 INR for 50ml with a shelf life of 2 years. Available for sale online on Nykaa, Amazon and Dot and Key website

Dot & Key Hand Cream: Sanitizer+Moisturizer is good option as a product since it serves dual purpose of sanitizer as well as moisturizer for hands. This especially comes in handy while travelling since we tend to carry light during travels. I would recommend the Dot & Key Hand Cream: Sanitizer+Moisturizer as a travel companion rather than a day to day use product.
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10 Apr 2019

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Satthwa Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review, Price

I have had chronic dandruff for years. And I wouldn't lie that I was scared to get rid of it by using commercial anti dandruff shampoos. The amount of hair fall commercial shampoos give post using on scalp did scare me. After having a good experience with Satthwa Moroccan Argan Shampoo Oil I didn't even think for a second before ordering the Satthwa Anti Dandruff Shampoo. After using it for around 1 month (2 washes per week) here is my review.

Brand Claims of Satthwa Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Our anti-dandruff shampoo is made from the goodness of Argan oil, Almond oil, Jojoba oil etc and is also infused with essential oils like Lemon oil and Tea Tree oil. These natural ingredients will keep your scalp nourished while being tough on dandruff.

We have used 100% pure Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca oil) which is known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties & Lemon oil which is known to fight dandruff since ages. Together they help fight dandruff and nourish your scalp.

Ingredients of Satthwa Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Let me first let you know that my hair is dry, frizzy, thick with oily scalp. I wash my hair twice a week without oiling my hair. If I apply any oil to the scalp it becomes excessively oily and requires lot of shampoo to wash off the oi. So I don't oil my hair before a wash.

The product is packed in a plastic see through bottle. When I received my order today from Amazon, the pump was separate and we needed to remove the cap and assemble the pump on bottle. Overall it's a good packaging wherein we can see the quantity of the shampoo.

Consistency and fragrance
The shampoo has a citrus fragrance and is very runny in consistency. The texture is gooey with opaque colour.

My experience with Satthwa Anti Dandruff Shampoo
While using for the first time, I diluted the shampoo in water and it just cleaned the scalp to some extent and I could notice reduced flaky scalp. Second time as usual I used diluting the shampoo so the effects weren't much visible but I could notice slightly reduced dandruff. Third wash I decided to directly use the shampoo on my scalp and see the effects. The shampoo reduces the dandruff effectively and slowly. I noticed that the dandruff on the back side of my head was totally gone but crown part of my head still had some dandruff.

Again for another hair wash cycle I used the shampoo on my crown area and it totally reduced the dandruff and I couldn't help but praise the brand to come up with such an effective product. Every time I washed my hair, I used the shampoo twice on my hair and I shampooed my scalp and not hair. Although the product reduces dandruff effectively, it leaves the hair rather in weird condition. I could notice how my hair is neither clean nor dirty. I mean am unable to understand the condition of my hair.

Also when I massage the shampoo on the scalp a good amount of hair fall is experienced. I find this pretty normal thing, whenever I used to oil my hair, I experienced the same thing. Plus many commercial shampoos bring in a lot of hairfall. So compared to the hair fall which commercial anti Dandruff shampoos cause, Satthwa Anti Dandruff shampoo doesn't cause much hairfall.

Also once I have a gap of 5 days or more in between two washes, my scalp becomes oily and I can notice some dandruff already. So keeping the dandruff in check is basically what Satthwa Anti Dandruff shampoo does. Also the brand claims to that the product is tough on dandruff and gentle on scalp which is very true in my case. Overall am happy that my hair is dandruff free and am on my way to get rid of it by using this shampoo continuously. If I don't wash hair for many days the dandruff and itchiness returns to some extent which am ok as my dandruff was very chronic.

The In of Satthwa Anti Dandruff Shampoo
  • Product stays true to it's claims for being tough on dandruff and gentle on scalp
  • Contains Almond Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Aloe Vera Extracts, Glycerin, Lemon and Tea tree essential oils
  • Doesn't give much hairfall compared to commercial anti dandruff shampoos
  • Free from parabens, sulphates
  • Doesn't have any lingering fragrance

The Out of Satthwa Anti Dandruff Shampoo
  • Consistency is very runny, which makes diluting in water utterly useless

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 499 INR for 200ml with a shelf life of 2 years. Available online on Amazon.in as well as Satthwa website. Buy on discount here

Recommendation for Satthwa Anti Dandruff Shampoo
If you are looking for an effective, safe yet affordable anti dandruff shampoo, then give Satthwa Anti Dandruff shampoo a try. It will reduce the dandruff gradually without causing much hairfall. Moreover the formula is paraben, sulphate free, so if you are into sulphate free shampoos they this is a must try for anti dandruff.
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8 Apr 2019

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Review | Vya Naturals Caffeine Under Eye Cream With Green Coffee Extracts

I have dark under eye area since long time. Due to reduced eye sight, my eye area was strained since years. After getting operated for the specs my under eye was darkened a bit. I tried a couple of under eye creams to reduce the darkness but to no avail. Moreover I often forgot to use an eye cream so buying another one wasn't on priority list. Vya Naturals recently has an offer on the trial packs of their products wherein this under eye cream was at just 100 INR for 10g with no free shipping and no COD charges, you bet i immediately availed the offer. After using the cream for 40 days here is my review.

Brand Claims
  • POWERFUL LINES AND PUFFINESS REDUCTION: Vya Naturals Caffeine Eye Cream reduces puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate skin around the eye area.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY BRIGHTENING AGENTS like caffeine rich green tea and green coffee extracts de-puff and reduce swelling while increasing circulation to alleviate and brighten dark circles
  • RESTORE & REJUVENATE - Moisturize and hydrate under eye skin with rosemary oil and avocado oil while fighting signs of aging.
  • ANTI-AGEING BENEFITS: Thanks to presence of Vit E and Rosehip Oil.
  • 100% PURE - no petrochemicals or other toxins
  • PERFECT FOR: All skin types, lines and wrinkles, dark circles


My experience
The trial pack of under eye cream is in plastic tub form whereas full size is available in a UV protected amber coloured pump up bottle. The full size pack is 30ml.

The cream has a medium consistency which is neither too thick nor too thin. The colour is creamy which no added fragrance and no essential oils. The cream glides easily on the under eye area and gets absorbed as we glide the fingers in circular motion on the under eye area. If we apply the cream in excess quantity, it takes some time to sink in but still leaves no sticky residue or oiliness. The best part of the eye cream is that it is fragrance free, which means it might suit sensitive eyes too, although am not sure.

Coming to the efficiency, as stated before I have dark under eyes which are very prominent, so I didn't expect the cream to reduce the darkness or do something miraculous to the under eye area. After about having zero expectations from this cream and still using it continuously for 40 days, my under eye area darkness has reduced by 45-50 %. The under eye area is no longer that prominent as it was earlier. I have oily eye lids and they too were dark before using this cream. I can clearly see the difference in the reduced darkness of my eyelids. The puffiness of eyelids and waterline has also reduced to a great extent especially when I get up in the morning, am able to notice a good difference. Although the overall appearance of my under eye area is same, just reduced darkness is all I can notice. I can't see any visible effects on fine lines of my eye area.

My mom was here with me for one week and she too could notice reduced under eye bags and darkness. So a big yayyy from my Mom and am all happy about the effects this cream has no my under eye area. Let's check the other details of the same.

The In

  • Glides easily on the eye are
  • Gets absorbed easily into the skin
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the eye area well
  • Can be worn under eye makeup
  • Reduces the darkness considerably
  • Reduces puffiness to a good extent
  • Has zero fragrance and tint or colour
  • Super affordable trial pack available currently

The Out

  • 30ml of full size eye cream is too much quantity

Price, Shelf Life and Availability - 750 INR for 30ml, 275 INR for 10g with a shelf life of one and half year. Available online and Vya Naturals website.

After having zero expectations from Vya Naturals Caffeine Under Eye Cream With Green Coffee Extracts am happy to see visible changes in the darkness and puffiness of my under eye area. Moreover I picked up the cream at just 100 INR with free shipping and no COD charges so it's like a cherry on top of the cake to be honest. My only concern was reducing the darkness of under eye area and that is what this eye cream has provided. So I would recommend picking you up the trial pack to see if this cream suits you and solves your under eye area problems. I will stock up trail pack again.
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4 Apr 2019

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Best Light Weight Moisturizers For Oily, Acne Prone Skin

If you have oily skin you might find any other cream to be heavy. I recently have written a post about getting rid of white heads, black heads and pores. Ever since switching to light weight moisturizers or aloe gel my skin has been in a great condition. Also this change has reduced my white heads and pores. So today am listing down the light weight moisturizers for oily, acne prone skin. This is a requested post so please feel free to send the post to friends and share on social media.

Gulnare Aloe Vitamin E Cream
Gulnare Aloe Vitamin E Cream is perfect for day to day use in summers. I have used this cream last year and I swear by it's ultimate hydrating effects. It is fortified with aloe, vitamin E and cucumber extracts. The product is organic and easily available on major shopping portals as well as on gulnareskincare.com
Price - 700 INR for 60 gms

ENN Rose Ultra Light Hydrating Creme
I haven't personally tried this creme but looking at the ingredients list the creme seems like a winner for oily acne prone skin. It is fortified with Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin, Jojoba oil, real rose oil and Vitamin E. Am sure it is a light weight gel like Gulnare Aloe Vitamin E Cream
Price - 750 INR for 50 gms

Mcaffeine Neem Caffeine Glow Gel With Aloe Vera
The Mcaffine Neem Caffeine Glow Gel is exactly like an Aloe Vera gel, gets absorbed instantly into the skin without leaving any sticky or greasy feeling. This gel imparts an instant glow to the skin and hydrates extensively. The ingredients include Argan Oil, Neem, Cucumber Extracts, Gel base, Aloe Vera. I however don't like the fragrance it has, some might find the fragrance to be overpowering. If your skin is sensitive as well I would suggest skipping this one
Price - 449 for 50 ml

SoulTree Tulsi & Sandalwood Moisturizing Gel
My ultimate favourite day time gel has to be SoulTree Tulsi & Sandalwood Moisturizing Gel. I have used it during rough phase of my skin and it has proved to be beneficial. I am about to buy another one once I empty current one. It contains neem, sandalwood, lodhra, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel. The price point is a bit high according to the quantity of the gel. However, I have also experienced the tightening effects of this gel on my skin. So if you don't mind the price would suggest picking up.
Price - 450 INR for 40 ml

Plum Green Tea Clarity Renewed Night Gel
This is a night gel recommendation and if your skin isn't sensitive would suggest giving Plum Green Tea Clarity Renewed Night Gel a try. I have been using this since past 4-5 months and my skin actually experiences lesser breakouts as compared to other night creams I was using. Fortified with aloe vera juice, Glycolic Acid, liquorice extracts, Green Tea extracts, Willow Bark extracts and Goji Fruit extracts, this night gel is a dream come true for oily skin.
Price - 575 INR for 50 gms

Apart from the above list am listing down some popular light weight moisturizers for oily skin which are hit among the masses. Suganda White Lotus Moisturizer didn't suit me much as it caused a lot of purging. However many oily skinned beauties like this moisturizer a lot.

Another moisturizer am testing out currently is Fiducia Botanicals Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion. It is a good light weight moisturizer with organic ingredients. Another one which I like is Votre Absolute Hydration Moisturizer which is parabens free and is pocket friendly as well.

Another one is Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream. I love to use this once in a while or as a break to gel moisturisers.

So these are my picks for light weight gel moisturizers for oily, acne prone skin. Using gel moisturizers has been a game changer for my skin and I would suggest you to make a switch as well if you are looking for reducing white heads and pores.
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