I love using powder cleanser and face packs since ages (lol, not ages, since many years). The versatility of dry powder face packs and cleansers is unmatchable by the ready made one. Being said that, you need to shrug off your laziness to mix in the water to a powder cleanser or face packs and use them 😛. Today am talking about Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask. Did I like using this product as a cleanser or just a face packs? Read to know 😛.

Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask Review

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My experience
The product is housed in a square, plastic bottle which has a screw cap. This sort of packaging is easy to use. The product doesn't spill or leak from the container.

Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask has a typical green tea fragrance. I myself make powder cleansers, and have been making green tea mint cleanser since 2 years so I can immediately tell it's green tea fragrance. The product has rice powder as a major ingredient and hence the texture is of that kind. The other two ingredients green tea and neem, are very fine powders.

I used this Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask as a mask only once. Applying this mask was a bit messy as I couldn't apply a uniform layer on my face. As is I love using powder cleansers so I use it instead of a face wash at night and am very happy with the effects it gives to my skin.

Firstly the mask has tiny granules in it which makes it easier to use as a scrub and I mildly scrub the white heads on my skin with this. Regularly using this for 1 weeks has helped me get rid of my white heads along with my regular routine. The mask nicely scrubs off dead skin cells also and you don't need to use a separate scrub. After washing off, the skin feels brightened, smooth and soft. I like the instant brightening effects rice powder gives to the skin. Skin feels squeaky clean and gives a soft glow to the skin regular usage. The tiny zits I had on my skin calm down and start healing immediately after 2-3 days and their size is considerably reduced with regular usage of the mask as a cleanser.

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 750 INR for 60 gms of the product with a shelf life of 2 years. Available on Suganda website

Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask is a good product to use as a cleanser cum mask cum scrub. I love this quality of the product of doubling up a job in skincare. Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask worked better for me as a cleanser than a mask. Moreover with regular usage it has helped me to get rid of my white heads along with my skincare routine. I would highly recommend Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask to oily, acne prone skin types to use this product as a mask cum cleanser cum scrub. It also gives instant brightening effects and heals acne. Also keep in mind, not to rub harshly while using any powder cleanser.