2 Jan 2019

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Top 10 Cleansing Lotions Available in India, Online

Cleansing lotions come in handy for removing makeup as well as deep cleansing the face. Moreover the ingredients in the cleansing milk or lotion can also help in toning the skin as well as help in fading the acne marks. I like using cleansing lotions as part of my CTM routines and I often keep on trying new ones. Today let's take a look at top 10 Cleansing Lotions or Milks which are readily available on major shopping portals. Except the VLCC one all other cruelty free, paraben free cleansing lotions.

SoulTree Cleansing Lotion with Aloe, Rose and Skin toning Licorice
SoulTree Cleansing Lotion works amazingly well for oily acne prone skin and also helps in reducing acne marks and pigmentation. It contains Aloe, Rose and skin toning Licorice. It retails at 395 INR for 150 ml. It is also suitable for all skin types.

VLCC cleansing Milk
If you are looking for an affordable and effective cleansing milk, then go for VLCC Cleansing Milk. It is nice for CTM usages. I however doubt it's effectiveness in removing water proof makeup, since I hardly use any makeup. Overall a good to go cleansing milk. However the sandalwood fragrance feels a bit artificial. Retails at 140 INR for 100ml.

Iraya Cleansing Milk With Honey
Iraya has two types of cleansing milks. Iraya Cleansing Milk With Honey has sesame oil, honey, juices of cucumber and lemon. This cleansing milk wonderfully cleanses the skin removing impurities, dirt & grime. Retails at 445 INR for 150 ml

Iraya Lotus Seed Cleansing Milk
I have tried Iraya Lotus Seed Cleansing Milk long back. It is very gentle and works good to cleanse the skin. I don't know whether it will remove water proof makeup or not. I love it's fragrance. It is fortified with Lotus seeds and Liquoric extracts and retails at 445 INR for 150ml

Inatur Olive Cleansing Lotion
Inatur Olive cleansing milk is a creamy and nourishing cleanser which also assists in removing make-up and other impurities. It is enriched with organic Olive oil Chamomile, Geranium Oil, Honey, Lavender and is ideal for all skin types. It retails at 225 INR for 100ml

Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk
Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk removes oil, dirt and grime without over drying the skin. It has lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil and ylang ylang essential oil in cream base. Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk is an organic product. Retails at 545 INR for 100ml and suitable for normal to dry skin type.

Biobloom Cleansing Milk with  Lavender & Apricot
This lavender based natural cleansing milk delicately cleanses and hydrates the skin. It is Paraben Free and also contains apricot & jojoba oils that preserve skin's natural moisture and act as an emollient with restorative qualities. It retails at 440 INR for 100ml

Plum Hello Aloe Cleansing Lotion
Hello Aloe Gentle Cleansing Lotion is a lightly fragranced, gentle cleanser made with real aloe juice, natural oils and glycerin. It is great for removing makeup and grime from your face. It contains Aloe vera, sunflower seed oil and glycerine as main ingredients. It retails at 390 INR for 200 ml.

The Nature's Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion
The Nature's Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion increases blood flow at the skin’s surface enabling the ingredients to penetrate immediately and clean more effectively. It can also be used to remove both eye and face make-up. However if you rub this lotion very hard on your skin it might give a burning sensation. Fortified with White pepper extract, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Vegetable Glycerin, it retails at 545 INR for 100ml

Just Herbs Deep Cleansing Lotion
Just Herbs Deep Cleansing Lotion is fortified with Aloevera and rose oil. It is perfect for removing makeup as well as dirt and grime traces. Retails at 495 INR for 100ml.

I hope you find this post useful while getting a new cleansing lotion or milk. I personally love using them during winters since they help banish the dry patches of my skin. Also I find it beneficial to use them since I use light weight moisturizers on my skin since long.