I have an eternal love for cleansing milk or lotion. Applying the smooth lotion on my face and gliding it off with a moist cotton ball is my favorite thing to do. Plus most of the times (read all the time) I don't wear makeup so removing the dirt and grime from skin becomes more easy then. I have used quite a few cleansing lotions and loved each of them. But this one has bowled me over by it's amazing results. Let's head straight to the review.

SoulTree Cleansing Lotion Review

Brand claims and ingredients

SoulTree Cleansing Lotion Review

SoulTree Cleansing Lotion Review
My experience
The packaging is pump up which has a lock, so that we can lock it while travelling or when not using it. The pump works fine and is good at dispensing the right amount of cleansing lotion. The bottle in itself is bulky as it's a 200 ml lotion. But since this product has worked wonders for my skin I don't mind carrying it 😍.

Coming to the consistency of the lotion it is little runny and has milky texture. It has an amazing fragrance. The lotion being runny in consistency, very little needs to be applied on the skin and works well. While applying the lotion we need to massage the lotion well, but even then the lotion doesn't get absorbed on the skin and this is where the magic begins. 

The lotion easily glides on the skin surface and deep cleanses the skin very well as we remove it with a damp cotton pad. With a regular usage of 2-3 weeks I have seen my white heads, black heads, acne marks fade away. For black heads and white heads I did try some other techniques, but this one has kept them from coming back. Also the lotion has some serious toning properties and you will be amazed at how much difference it can actually make to your skin. I haven't used this lotion to remove makeup, although it does a decent job of removing bb cream which I use sometimes. I doubt the capacity of lotion in terms of removing eye makeup. 

Also don't expect the lotion to make your skin soft and smooth. Unlike other cleansing milks I have used this one works great on surface to remove the dirt and grime. I really appreciate the efforts put in by Soul Tree team to make such an amazing cleansing lotion. And the main thing is this lotion suits dry to combination skin and still works amazingly well for oily acne prone skin. I have never been so impressed with any skincare product like I have been with this product.

The In
  • Deep cleanses the skin to remove light makeup and dirt
  • Contains Aloe, Rose, Liquorice, Sesame oil, Apricot Oil
  • Has subtle floral fragrance which is soothing
  • Inspite of claiming to be suitable for dry, normal skin, perfectly suits oily skin
  • Gentle enough to be used on daily basis twice 💕
  • Fades acne marks and blemishes
  • Tones the skin to a certain extent
  • Has helped me keep my black heads and white heads away (it has that deep cleansing action 😍)
  • BDIH Germany certified, which needs renewal every year
The Out
  • I didn't find any

SoulTree Cleansing Lotion Review
Price, Shelf life and Availability - 395 INR for 150 ml with a shelf life of 30 months. Can be spotted on online portals and organic stores which stock up eco friendly products. I got mine from theecostore.in

SoulTree Cleansing Lotion Review

I would totally recommend SoulTree Cleansing Lotion to everyone who is looking for a good makeup remover and a good skincare product. SoulTree products are BDIH Germany certified, which needs renewal every year, so you can stay assured about the quality product you get. The product inspite of claiming to be suitable for dry to normal skin, perfectly suits oily skin. This is already on my repurchase, cult favourite, must haves and travel list ♥️.