25 Sep 2017

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Quinta Essentia Organic Rose and Vanilla Face Scrub Review

Today we will be checking a review of Quint Essentia Organic Rose and Vanilla Face Scrub which claims to be good for skin and is made up of all organic ingredients. Let's head straight to the review.

Brand claims and Ingredients

My experience
I have received the product in a cut out packaging which isn't resealable. So we need to store the product in another empty jar or in an air tight container. However this is a sample size product, so I ain't complaining. Although I didn't find any information regarding this scrub on their website as well as the full size packaging details.

Now coming to the product, the scrub is grainy in nature which isn't harsh at all when rubbed vigorously also. The scrub has a sweet vanilla fragrance coupled with a hint of rose. The fragrance is beyond description and you should feel or experience it to believe how amazing it is.

Now coming to the effects of the scrub, the scrub, it effectively removes the dead skin cells and makes the skin smooth each usage. After scrubbing we get a clean and fresh feeling to the skin. I tried applying it like a face pack also, after recently being obsessed with multi tasking products (read powder cleansers). But application of a scrub as face pack is a but difficult as the grains keep on falling, still I did and I was pretty impressed with the results.

Using it as a face pack for 2-3 minutes and then scrubbing revealed a very soft and smooth skin. Also the skin gets a very nuce glow which lasts some 1 or one and half hour. Overall I was pretty impressed with the Quinta Essentia Organic Rose and Vanilla Face Scrub as a good face scrub for all skin types. Moreover the ingredients are natural and organic so we don't have to worry about any nasty chemicals being used up on our face.

The In

  • Contains skin loving ingredients which are organic
  • Gives an instant glow to the skin which lasts for around one hour
  • Has mesmerizing fragrance of rose coupled with vanilla
  • Will suit all skin types although it's meant for dry/mature skin
  • Can be made into a face scrub according to the skin type by adding with milk, rose water, plain water etc
  • Acts as a cleanser as well as scrub also
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth
  • Product is value for money

The Out

  • Would be great if the quantity offered at the current price would be a but more
  • Convenient and reusable sample packaging would also be an added advantage

Price, shelf life and Availability - 525 INR for 50 ml. Shelf life not mentioned. Can be checked on http://www.quintaessentiaorganic.com/

Quinta Essentia Organic Rose and Vanilla Face Scrub would be aptly called food for skin after taking a look at the ingredients. Moreover the ingredients are organic in nature and the product performs a dual job of cleansing as well as scrubbing. I will recommend the product if you are into organic skincare as very few brands offer totally organic skincare.

*PR sample
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22 Sep 2017

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Svayam Natural Glow Face Pack Review

Today's review is about Svayam Natural Glow Pack. I have read some really nice reviews by my fellow bloggers about this brand. So when the brand got in touch with me for a review I was excited to try out the range. The product is a very versatile one since it's in a dry form, leaving room for usage as per our convenience and preference.

Brand Claims - Skin Radiance | Blackhead Removal

Ingredients - Moong Daal, Rose Petals, Sandalwood Powder, Haldi

My experience 
The product is packed in a glass jar with a metal lid. The packaging is convenient to use and not heavy also. We can easily scoop out using a wooden spoon because of the wide jar. I will be reusing the jar once the product is emptied.

Coming back to the review, the product has all the information printed on the jar. The product has a mesmerizing rose and sandalwood fragrance. The moment you feel you are sniffing rose fragrance Sandalwood takes over your sense and vice versa. The experience of this fragrance is truly amazing!

The consistency of the face pack is a bit grainy. The face pack is versatile as we can add milk, rose water or curd according to our preference as well as skin type. I like exactly this fact about the ready-to-make face packs unlike the ready-to-use ones. After applying a thin layer all over the face, as the face packs dries the skin gets a stretching feel. Nothing to worry, it's all about moong dal in the face pack. Once we splash water and start removing the face pack (which is quite task as the pack becomes little hard) all we can feel is soft and smooth skin. After removing the face pack the skin gets an instant glow on the face. Also the face pack helps in gentle exfoliation due to grainy consistency. Overall I liked this face pack for it's cleansing as well as glowy after effects.

The In

  • Gives an instant glow to the skin which lasts couple of hours
  • Made up of skin loving ingredients
  • Has mesmerizing fragrance of rose and sandalwood
  • Convenient and reusable packaging so that a spoon can be used to take out the product
  • Can be made into a face mask according to the skin type by adding with mil, rose water, plain water etc
  • Acts as a cleanser as well as scrub also
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth
  • Product is value for money
  • Good quantity at the price offered

The Out
  • Would be great if the grainy consistency can be reduced to a little milled one
  • Didn't find any effect on black heads

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 415 INR for 100 gms with a shelf life of 2 months. Available on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues. Although I feel if we don't let water enter the jar, the product would definitely last longer than 6 months.

I would definitely recommend the Svayam Natural Glow Pack as a face cleanser, scrub as well as a face pack. Looking at the ingredients list I would say beauty is simplicity caption would be appropriate for this product. It cleanses and makes the skin glowing. It is definitely a good option to treat your skin to some real ingredients which are beneficial to the skin. I would love to repurchase once this is over 😊.

*PR sample
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18 Sep 2017

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Gulnare Pumpskin Face Wash Review

If you all know me or follow my blog, you may be knowing about my switch to powder cleansers. After making the switch very few foaming cleansers (of course the SLS and SLES free ones am talking about) impress me. Recently I had reviewed the Auravedic Kumkumadi Pulpy Face Wash which is my go to face wash when am lazy to use powder cleansers. Another one favourite we will be talking about it today. I had received the Gulnare Pumpskin Face Wash in one of my VanityCask box. Read onto know more.

gulnare pumpkin face wash

gulnare pumpkin face wash

Brand claims
Made with pumpkin, honey & rosehip oil, this natural, all-purpose daily cleanser contains Vitamins & exfoliating enzymes from Honey & Pumpkin that help revitalise your skin.  It is gentle enough for ultra sensitive skin and works double duty by washing away surface impurities and protecting your skin’s moisture balance.

Pumpkin seeds, Rosehip oil, Pumpkin seed oil, honey, Castile Soap

My experience
The face wash is packed in plastic bottle with a metal lid. Packaging is convenient to use as well as sturdy. I have dropped it quite a few times and it has been strong enough not to break. Also I have carried it with me during my current travels, and it's totally travel friendly.

Coming to the face wash fragrance, it has an aroma of pumpkin which is kind of sweet, edible and fruity sort. Sometime I feel like eating it, but then I think about my skin and brush off my thoughts. Also the consistency of the face wash is thick and it takes time to dispense from the bottle. I like this consistency so that in a hurry we don't spill the product. The texture face wash is a bit pulpy sort, like some pumpkin puree. Nonetheless I love everything about this face wash right from its fragrance, consistency and texture.

The face wash nicely cleanses the skin while removing all dullness and dirt, sweat from the skin. The face wash doesn't dry out the skin at all, no matter how many times we wash our face. As you all know Castile Soap is used as a gentle cleanser for face which is 90% olive oil. Moreover the face wash gives an immediate glow to the skin after washing the face. The glow lasts for about one hour. It also makes the skin soft and smooth and I keep on touching the face as I couldn't resist touching my soft skin. Overall am really happy with the face wash and may buy the full size when spotted on discounts.

The In
  • Very impressive ingredients list
  • Face wash gives a nice glowing skin with each use
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Face wash cleanses the skin nicely
  • Organic product
  • Doesn't dry out the skin no matter how many times you wash your face
  • Cruelty free
The Out
  • A bit pricey

Price, Shelf Life and Availability - 650 for 100 ml. Shelf life not mentioned.Available on major shopping portals with free shipping, check out here

Recommendation of Gulnare Pumpkin face wash
Gulnare Pumpskin Face Wash is the face wash you need if you want glowing, smooth and soft skin without any nasty chemicals. Although I would agree that it is on a pricer side, but keeping in mind the ingredients in mind, the price is justified. I would totally recommend the face wash to all skin types.
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13 Sep 2017

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VanityCask Vegan Edition September 2017 Box Review

I hardly ever buy a subscription box. Half of them have a makeup item in it, half of them have some jewellery in it. Although I like wearing jewellery sometimes, but I am not at all a makeup person. The last and first subscription box I had tried was Blend It Raw. I like subscription boxes who send skincare with some hair care products. Today we are going to talk about one such subscription box which has come a long way with each passing month, sending products from luxury skincare brands.

Today am unboxing the VanityCask Vegan Edition September Box. I am not much into veganism, although I do believe that plant derived skincare is way better for skincare. Also I like the signature black box of VanityCask which is luxurious as well as reusable. So let's directly jump into the box and see what it as to offer.

1) Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash
2) Votre 5 in 1 Skin Perfecting Cream
3) The Nature’s Co White Rose Under Eye Gel
4) Votre Crème Body Scrub
5) Mom’s Therapy Herbal Hair Oil

Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash
In the Vegan Edition we have received two facewashes of 10ml size. These are handy during travelling when we don't want to carry our usual bug size face washes. I have used this face wash quite a times and found it to be ok sort. Since I am not much into foaming ones, this sometimes tends to dry up my skin.
Price: Rs.195 for 100ml. 2 sample sizes of 10ml

Votre 5 in 1 Skin Perfecting Cream
Votre is a luxurious brand which has almost many of it's samples in VanityCask box. Votre is a vegan, certified and luxurious skincare brand. I am executed try out each Votre product received in VanityCask till date, and believe me this one is amazing of all. I used it quite a many times and it gets absorbed like a charm in the skin. It is especially suited for the coming winters. I will post a full review on this soon.
Price - 585 INR for 30g. Full size

The Nature’s Co White Rose Under Eye Gel
TNC is also a luxurious brand and it's products are out of my budget. It's a good thing that VanityCask has added this full size product of the Vegan Edition, as well know TNC is a proud Vegan brand.
Price- 495 INR for 20ml. Full size in this month 

Votre Crème Body Scrub
I was delighted to see another Votre product in this Box, but oh how I miss Gulnare this month. This scrub is also a good one, rich and creamy, perfect for coming winters.
Price - Available on request. 30 gms quantity this month

Mom’s Therapy Herbal Hair Oil
This is a total new brand to me, but going by the ingredients list of the oil it sounds good. Last month also there were two hair care products from a new brand. To be honest I rarely experiment with my hair. So I don't know if I will use this or will end up giving it to my haircare freak friends or not.
Price - 150 INR for 50 ml. Full size

Apart from these we have received some spa vouchers from Loccatine and similar. However I would really appreciate if we get TNC or Gulnare vouchers for shopping on their website or some websites which sell some skincare or haircare products. VanityCask also has referral program wherein when your friends buy VanityCask box with your referral code you get a free box. Head the website to know more VanityCask.com

Overall speaking and comparing the box with the previous ones, I am gald that at the box price point we receive Votre, Gulnare, TNC products which aren't budget friendly brands and are a class apart on their own. But I would definitely not like to use some new brands on my hair, although this is a personal choice. This month box is okay sort with me. It's a good choice to try out luxurious skincare products which aren't budget friendly. And how I miss Gulnare in this month ☹️.
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8 Sep 2017

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Auravedic Kumkumadi Pulpy Face Wash

No matter how much I brag about powder cleansers, foaming cleansers are here to stay. The alluring packaging, the fragrance and oh my! the variety with different ingredients. I agree they are cheap (some are super expensive too), travel friendly and easy to use, no denying the fact. Today I am reviewing one such foaming face wash which is by the brand Auravedic. I love exploring Auravedic range as it's affordable and effective at the same time. I had bought it last year, you can check the post

Brand claims and Ingredients -

My experience
The product is packed in a double lid plastic tub like most of their tub packaging is. I own a handful of Auravedic products and I find this packaging travel friendly as well as no leaking. Coming to the consistency of the product it in in a balm consistency and it foams as soon as you add it with water and run between your palms. The colour of the product is nice light orange and it has an earthy, oily fragrance. Nonetheless I like the fragrance very much. Sometimes I feel like eating the face wash. But I try not to eat it πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚.

Now they say that we need to massage it on face by dampening the face. I was doing it whole wrong by making a foam first and then washing the face. Either eays you do it the face wash instantly lightens up your skin and makes it clean and glowing. I majorly like this face wash as the first ingredient in the list is Kumkumadi oil, as if it's more of washing your face with oil and I absolutely love this idea. The face wash doesn't remove makeup and all but, it's good as a morning cleanser as well as night time cleanser if you double cleanse at night.

The face wash didn't dry up my skin even after using almost 4 times a day ( yes I do that sometime). The face wash makes the skin plump for a while and makes it oh so glowing 😊. The face wash didn't cause me acne breakouts or didn't even sting my sensitive nose area like other foaming face washes. I absolutely adore this face was, but saldy this one has been discontinuing by Auravedic and I would like to take this opportunity to tell the brand to bring the product back in stock, or else send me two tubs 😁😊.

The In
  • Majorly made up of Kumkumadi oil ( if we go by the ingredients list)
  • Gives an instant glow to the skin after using which lasts couple of minutes
  • Amazing fragrance
  • Doesn't contain SLES, SLS, parabens or mineral oil
  • Makes the skin clean and soft
  • Doesn't dry out the skin even when used 4 times a day
  • Affordable price and travel friendly packaging
  • Doesn't sting sensitive areas of face

The Out
  • Some may find tub packaging non friendly

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 150 INR for 50 gms with a shelf life of 2 years. It's been discontinued by the brand 😭😭.

I wish this product would be back in stock as I immensely like this product. I highly recommend this product for it's ability to clean the skin without drying and having Kumkumadi oil as one of the ingredients.
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3 Sep 2017

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Mamaearth Under Eye Cream Review

After being a skincare blogger, I have been serious about my skincare routine. Although before this, I used to follow a CTM routine. That's it! I never used to apply face masks and et al previously when in college and office. But one thing I still regret is, not using an under eye cream during my 20s (yes I just entered my 30s 😭😭😭). Even today while applying my night cream, I need to remind myself to reach out for an under eye cream. And then laziness takes over and I sleep without applying an under eye cream. How nice it would be, if the cream you use can double up as an under eye cream as well. Today's review is about

Mamaearth Under Eye Creme

which can also be used as a face cream. Read the review to know more!

Mamaearth Under Eye Cream

Brand claims
Being a new mom can be hard, and I understand that. Tiring days and sleepless nights can harm your beautiful eyes and make you look dull and tired. Don’t worry, I am here for you. Turbo charge your daily morning and night skincare routine by using me and give your eyes lasting energy all day and restorative benefits throughout the night. With a unique blend of Vitamin C, Peptides, Caffeine and plenty more, your eyes will be fully loaded to fight against dark circles, puffiness, bags and wrinkles.

Purified Water, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Calendula Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Caffeine Anhydrous, Hydrolysed Collagen, Rockweed Extract, Mulberry Extract, Cucumber Extract, Papaya Extract, Green Tea Extract, Allantoin, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Glycerol monostearate, Isopropyl Myristate, Glycerin, Carbomer & Potassium Sorbate.

My experience  with Mamaearth Under Eye Cream

The packaging is similar to the Mama Earth C3 Face Mask, although being a little small. The packaging is secure enough to be carried around, but the cream may spill if you tilt the jar while opening. I like the packaging of all Mama Earth products to be honest.

Now coming to the consistency of the cream it is a bit runny sort although not gel. The cream is beige (very light beige) coloured with milky consistency. I like the consistency as it's easy to spread and beneficial for my oily acne prone skin. The runny consistency is a bit problematic once you open a jar and try taking the cream out. Due care has to be taken not to tilt the jar as it may lead to spillage. The fragrance of the cream is light floral which isn't over powering as well as non lingering. The fragrance fades away as soon as we apply and isn't that noticeable. I have a pretty sensitive nose which when introduced to strong or lingering fragrances sneezes a lot. So this cream is a perfect fit for my taste and choice of fragrance. I find a little similarity between the fragrance of Mama Earth Nourishing Body Lotion and this cream. Nonetheless both have nice fragrances.

The cream sufficiently moisturises the under eye area as well as the face when used as a face cream. The cream gets absorbed faster than thought. It is not a light weight cream. When applied during day time, it doesn't give an oily feeling or greasy feeling. But we do feel that we have applied something. I get too conscious while using it as a day treatment for both under eye as well face. I prefer using it as an under eye as well as face treatment as a part of my night care routine.

The cream instantly gives a little glow to my skin and gives a little mattifying effect. The under eye area feels smooth and hydrated. I have noticed very small change in the fading of dark circles in the past 2 and half weeks. However while curing dark circles we also need to pay attention to our sleep hours, diet, gadgets' usage time. My dark circles are mainly due to lack of sleep and screen time (πŸ™☹️). So this cream is helpful in hydrating the under eye area as well as reducing dark circles over a period of time. I really like how this cream doubles up as a face cream as well. So while travelling we don't need to carry separate creams.

The In of Mamaearth Under Eye Cream

  • Contains Coffee, Cucumber and White lily extracts
  • Free from Parabens, Mineral oil, Phthalates
  • Doubles up as a face cream as well as an under eye cream
  • Has a pleasant floral fragrance which is non lingering as well
  • Sufficiently hydrates the under eye area while plumping up any fine lines
  • Doesn't sting the under eye area
  • Gives a mattifying effect when used as a face cream
  • Spreads easily and gets absorbed even more easily than that
  • Travel friendly compact packaging

The Out of Mamaearth Under Eye Cream

  • I didn't find any
Price, Shelf life and Availability - 500 INR for 50ml with a shelf life of 2 years. Available on discount here.

Recommendation of Mamaearth Under Eye Creme
I would totally recommend the Mamaearth Under Eye Cream as it doubles up as a face cream as well. This is specifically helpful for lazy people like me who often forget to take care of under eye area inspite of taking enough care of face. The cream also makes travel packing lighter as it can be used as both. And being available on Amazon is definitely an In for people who frequently buy on Amazon (Like me πŸ˜€). This is a definite repurchase for me!

*PR sample
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