24 Jul 2017

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Blue Nectar Shubhr Ayurvedic Sandalwood Brightening and Radiance Cream Review, Price, Availability

I have long back skipped using moisturiser due to the fear of getting acne (silly me πŸ˜›). But after realising my mistake, I never do so. Recently I received the Blue Nectar products. I have read some rave reviews of the Blue Nectar face wash. I was excited to try this cream from them. Let's hop on to the review to see if it lives upto the claims or not.

Blue Nectar Shubhr Ayurvedic Sandalwood Brightening and Radiance Cream Review

Brand claims - Blue Nectar Shubhr Ayurvedic Sandalwood Brightening and Radiance Cream is a powerful Ayurveda based formula created from the finest of Sandalwood. Rich Sandalwood along with 13 other Vital herbs helps to lighten and brighten the Uneven Skin, Reduce Dark Circles and Pigmentation Marks. Apply the cream after cleaning and toning.

Directions for usage - Take a small quantity of cream and apply on face and neck area with upward strokes for 1-2 minutes.

Key Ingredients - Aloevera, Mulethi, Yashad Bahsma, Manjistha, Haldi, Glycerin, Sandalwood Oil, Ashwagandha, Kewra Flower, Khumani Oil, Til Oil, Coconut Oil, Apple Juice.

My experience
The product is packed in a square, plastic packaging with golden colour lid and jar. I find an uncanny similarity in the packaging with Votre Advanced Multi Vitamin Night Crème. The jar isn't heavy though, as it seems. The jar also has an inner lid to prevent product spillage. The jar is safe enough to carry during travelling, but due caution is to be taken of not dropping the jar.

Coming to the consistency of the cream, it is of medium consistency, neither being too thick nor too runny. The cream spreads easily and gets absorbed in the skin absolutely in no time. It instantly evens the skin tone by plumping up the skin with it's moisture content. The cream doesn't leave behind a film or any creamy feeling either. The cream is cream coloured with a slightest hint of orange colour.

The fragrance is mesmerizing since it contains Sandalwood oil. The fragrance lingers for around 1-2 hours after which it fades away. If I use the cream during day time, the fragrance doesn't bother me ( I have super sensitive nose 😭). If I use the cream at night time, instead of sleeping peacefully, I tend to sniff the fragrance endlessly and tend to lose my sleep. I have regularly used the cream for over 3 weeks (during day time and some days at night time). However with the night time experience, I make it a point to use it during day time only. Although it is advisable to use at any time or both day and night time.

Now the claims, the cream has given me a glowing skin with regular usage of 2 and half weeks. I do find my skin a bit brightened (don't confuse this with fairness). The skin feels instantly refreshed and smooth. It provides sufficient moisturization to the skin without causing any white heads. If you have oily skin, you can relate to what I am saying. Most of the creams I have used cause white heads with regular usage. But this one is an exception.

I would specially like to mention here that the cream has a potent formula of staying true to it's claims while not making the skin oily or causing white heads. However the cream would suit only oily to normal skin beauties. But the cream doesn't claim to suit dry skinned beauties so that's not a problem at all. However having a sensitive nose I couldn't use the cream at night. Since this is a personal preference it doesn't mean you will mind it, many people enjoy fragrance of oils in products.

The In
  • Secure packaging makes travel friendly
  • Sufficiently moisturises the skin without being oily or causing white heads
  • Makes the skin smooth and even toned
  • Perfect consistency of cream
  • Gets absorbed easily into the skin
  • Provides radiance and glow to the skin with regular usage of a minimum 2 weeks
  • Has mesmerizing fragrance of Sandalwood which lingers a bit
  • Suits normal to oily skinned beauties
  • Small quantity is needed, so the product lasts longer

The Out
  • I find the fragrance of Sandalwood a but problematic for night time use
  • High price point (courtesy Sandalwood oil), can be spotted on discount price at Amazon
  • Only key ingredients are mentioned

Price, shelf life and Availability - 1295 INR for 50 gms with a shelf life of 2 years from date of manufacture. Available on Blue Nectar website, Amazon as well Nykaa. You can get at discount here

The product lives upto the claims and helps in giving a glowing skin with regular usage. The high price point of the product can be attributed to the Sandalwood oil, which itself is costly. However good the product is, I wouldn't tag it as a must buy, but it's definitely recommended if you are into luxury skincare products.

*PR sample
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21 Jul 2017

Skincare Shopping : Essentials plus Wishlist

Hi All,

How are you all? I had been a bit unwell with the recent weather changes. I had bad dry cough and so it was really difficult to keep up with the blogging and pending reviews. If you have been following me on Instagram you might be knowing that I purchased some products.

Wait, before you make me feel guilty with the another shopping haul thought, let me clarify. I have stocked up some essentials and some products I had been longing to get hold. The pre GST sales were everywhere but I somehow ignored them. But not when my wishlist products were on sale. Let's hop on to the products I purchased

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream in shade Bronze (275 INR)
The CC cream and concealer I bought before going on the vacation. I had to attend two weddings and thought of doing some something to hide my pigmentation below lower lip. However I ended up using just the CC cream on the wedding function day ☹️. With my acne marks and pigmentation being a bit lightened up, Lakme CC cream suits me.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer stick in the shade Toffee Caramel (330) (550 INR)
The shade initially didn't suit me, but now since my pigmentation has reduced a bit it blends okay sort. I wanted a liquid concealer from the Maybelline Fit Me range, however the SA at Health n Glow outlet handed me this and I bought it 😁😁😁.

Bon Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo (124 INR for 100 gms)
I recently found my HG shampoo and have restocked it. I want to do a full review on this one. This is a long pending review from my end πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ.

Blend It Raw Apothecary Rosehip Seed Oil (530 INR for 50ml with shipping)
After hearing some amazing things about Rosehip oil, I always wanted to try one. With the pre GST mayhem, there was a flat 50% sale and I immediately grabbed this one. I also got a good quantity at the price, but later on realised that finishing 50ml will take up a lot of time. Anyway amd happy I grabbed it.

Tosave.com sling bags
I go out a lot these days, and I needed some sling bags (I didn't own any till date πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™„). I was offered free shopping from tosave.com to pen down my shopping experience. I was pretty happy with my shopping experience and I bought two doing bags, one is leather material and other one is cotton. I totally like both the sling bags.

So summing up, these are the products I bought in past few months apart from some other shopping which I have already blogged down. Do let me know what all you have been loving lately.

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17 Jul 2017

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Radiant In Rain - VanityCask July 2017 Edition

Am back with another Unboxing of VanityCask Box and this is the Fifth Edition of VanityCask. The box is named Radiant In Rain, which is curated, so as to leave you glowing in this gloomy weather. I really like how they name their editions keeping them in accordance with the contents. VanityCask box is priced at 999 INR for one month. You can also subscribe to the other plans which offer a discount.

We all know how the rainy season is, especially for our mane. It makes our hair dull and limp due to the humidity. The humidity weather also calls for rapid bacteria growth which when not eradicated turn into moth formation, yucky right?? That's why VanityCask have curated the products keeping all this in mind. They have included a leave in conditioner, volumizing shampoo, two scrubs and an oil. Let's see the details of the box contents.

BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave in Cream
I have never used any leave in conditioner apart from the Garnier one, let alone BBlunt. I always wanted to try the brand BBlunt and am gald I received this cream. I recently chopped off my hair to shoulder length and not all times I like to apply oil. This one seems good and am excited to try it out. This is a full size product in the box and priced at 250 INR for 75 gms.

TNC Barley Volumizing Hair Cleanser
I never used to believe volumizing shampoos until I used one and that is Bon Organics shampoo. This one also sounds amazing and I have read some of my fellow bloggers good experience with this product. The size of the product is 50 ml and full size of 250 ml retails at 695 INR

Votre Advanced Gel Exfoliance
I have used this product after receiving the box. It gives a nice smooth finish to the skin while removing the dead skin cells. It also adds a glow to the face. The product quantity in the box is 30 gms and full size of 100 gms is priced at 850 INR.

Gulnare Zesty Lemond Face Exfoliator
After using the Gulnare Aloe Vit E Face cream from the Flawless Edition of VanityCask Box lats month, I have high expectations from this one. I haven't used it but the scrub is in dry form and I love using dry form products. Full size product of 100 gms retails at 650 INR. In the box the quantity of the product is 30 gms.

MoroccanOil Treatment
The star product of the box, Moroccan oil. The box has the quantity of 10 ml. The product is infused with antioxidant rich argan oil. It can be used as a conditioner, styling product or finishing one. I am excited to try out the product. The full size is priced at 2880 INR for 100 ml

VanityCask box also has launched a referral program wherein if two of your friends buy the box with your referral code you get one box for free. If 4 friends buy the box, you get 2 boxes free. So is login to your VanityCask account on VanityCask.com to share and claim your unique referral code.

All in all I liked this month box keeping in mind the weather and the brands included. I always wanted to try BBlunt and Moroccan treatment products which wouldn't have been possible due to the high price point. But VanityCask has come to the rescue. Get your Radiant In Rain Edition before it's sold out.
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14 Jul 2017

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Skincare and Haircare Empties #6

I have been struggling to empty some products. Finally managed to empty some products, some are favourites, some are just there, some are of no use and I think why did I buy them? Also I have mentioned whether it's worth buying or not. So let's get started with the list.

Bon Organics Jasmine Water
I thoroughly enjoyed using this face mist, the fragrance lingers and tightens the pores a bit. I also liked how it doubles up as a hair mist also. But I feel the price is a bit hyped and I would expect some extra quantity at the current price. But it's totally worth trying once and am sure beauties who like floral musts would definitely won't be disappointed.

Bon Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo
My favourite shampoo, I have already purchased another bottle and gonna use it till eternity. Sorry till, Bon Organics makes this shampoo. It cleanses the hair nicely, adds volume and is free from harmful chemicals, what to ask for more. Detailed review coming soon.

Rustic Art Aloe Vera gel
I didn't find any special effects of this aloe vera gel. It's not a water of money though, but I would have bought something else instead of getting this. Totally skippable.

The Body Shop British Rose Body Scrub
I had won this one in an Instagram giveaway and I liked how it works as a good body scrub. Although ignoring the price I would rate it as a good scrub and must try for TBS fans. I know TBS fans out there have already tried this one. But high price point is a strict no-no to me 😣😣. And yes, forgot to mention this was mainly used by my husband 😁.

Rooted Store Rose Water Hydrosol
Another floral water which  works great as an astringent as well as toner. However I share the same views as Bon Organics Jasmine Water. They would have offered little more quantity at the current price.

Forgot to take a pic of this one with all others

Lakme Clean Up Face Wash
I bought this one as I hadn't tried any lakme product except the Compact, so i ended up emptying this one, although i have switched to powder cleansers some months ago. This made my skin dry when I switched back to this post powder cleansers. But ahoy, it's over, happy skin days are here again.

Forgot to include this one in above picture,
but it surely needs special mention

Artisanal Skincare Orange Blossom Face Cleanser
My ultimate favourite powder cleansers! I thoroughly loved using this one and I would highly recommend oily skin and sensitive skin beauties to try this at least once. I will be repurchasing this one for sure.

Iraya Lotus Seed Cleansing Milk
Another favourite product, I so wish I hadn't emptied it. The fragrance is mesmerizing and it doesn't sting my sensitive nose area. Currently I have two bottles of VLCC Sandalwood Cleansing Milk, one purchased by me and another one received in the VanityCask June Box. So am awaiting them to be used to before repurchasing this one.

In short only three products are worth buying from the above list, the shampoo, the powder cleanser and cleansing milk. What all have you emptied in the past few months?
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8 Jul 2017


Colour your life featuring Pantone Graphics System

Have you ever thought that the pasture is greener on the other side or have you ever painted the town red??? After reading this you know what I mean and here I am not talking about colours, literally!! Such is the impact of the colours on our lives that we have ended up forming idioms based on colours, be it black is the new red or go green with envy. In both the above sentences red colour is associated with happiness or freedom whereas green has been associated with lushness or being envious. Colours define the way we perceive things and the way we take actions.

Colours influence, impact and evoke emotions and guide behaviour. With the world being more and more digital with each passing year, visual cues are often used for getting across the message or for communicating. Bright and bold shades of colour are attention grabbing whereas pastels often cheer up our mood and are quite refreshing. Colours also have a psychological effect on human minds. Each colour carries a message and has a meaning. In a digital world where visuals are used to stimulus, choosing the right colour as well as the right shade is very important. Let's take a look at the important things which impact our daily lives and where in colours play a major role.

Product Packaging or Labelling
Product packaging or labels can make or break a product. Studies show that often a colour coordinated packaged product ends up getting picked. Let me explain with an example regarding a skincare product. If a skincare product has a coffee or coffee infusion as the main ingredient in it, chances are I would pick it up instantly if the packaging shows coffee beans or is brown coloured as opposed to the green, pink or yellow. Here also visuals come in picture and help me make a decision. How? The packaging itself screams or says that I have coffee ingredient. Would it have been green or some other coloured I would have felt being deceived?

Website designing and colour schema
How often do you end up visiting a website and then immediately closing it most of the times? Having a good colour scheme along with a balance of white space makes a website stand out. Some websites are so alluring that we end up browsing them for hours. Good websites often have a balance between colours and white space and send out vital information to the end user helping them make a decision. Being a developer, I would often end up working on my code whereas I would ignore the designing part, although we had a dedicated design team. My manager would often laugh at me saying 'Who will use the functionality of the website when the design of the website is goofed up?' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Logo Designing and Branding
Logo designing makes a brand stand out from their competitors. The logo is the piece of visual which makes us remember the brand or its products. It has to be unique, specific to the brand and its purpose. As logo is a small visual, what makes it stand out is the right shade of the colour, which acts as stimulus making us think of the brand. Let's see the example of Facebook or Twitter. Whenever we see a simple lower case f in a blue colour we think of Facebook, whereas when we see a chirping aqua blue bird or t we think of Twitter 😁.

Now comes the big question how to choose the right shade of colour or which guide to use. You all might be aware that colours often change in visuals or graphics or textiles depending on the material they are being printed. Here, the Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated comes to your rescue. It is the most popular guide in the world for brand guidelines and spot colour printing. It has the largest colour range in the Pantone Graphics System with 1,867 spot colours, including 112 new colours released in 2016. It is most commonly used for logos and branding as well as in marketing materials. Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated is available at Textile Design Studio
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5 Jul 2017

Taste the best Indian snacks!

Being a true Punetie, I have literally gorged on local sweets whether it's Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale Pedha or Shrewsbury Biscuits. Whenever we visited the Camp Area for my dentist appointment we used to pick up Shrewsbury Biscuits and Budhani wafer. Although my dentist appointment was just an excuse for all of us in the family to gorge on the iconic Shrewsbury Biscuits. Those native to Pune will know what Shrewsbury Biscuits means to a true #Punekar.

After getting married and shifting base to Bangalore, I rarely get an opportunity to eat my favourite biscuit, unless someone travelling from Pune carries it. Local snacks have a charm of their own be it their taste, the memories associated with them or the sheer art of the chefs. Recently I came across a website where I can order my favourite biscuits from the comfort of my own home. I no longer have to wait for someone to bring down Shrewsbury Biscuits, as I can just order it with a click and have it whenever I want. I am talking about the website Place of Origin, which stocks up India's Favourite Food Online.

Place of Origin is a Craftsvilla Unit which has 4000+ specialities from 375+ famous brands all over from India. The foods or snacks to be specific, are 100% authentic and prepared by original master chefs. What's unique about them is, the foods are shipped individually from the original producer to you.

The website also stocks up a variety of snacks ranging from namkeens to ready-to-cook breakfasts. Irregular and/or long working hours, chaotic traffic, far workplaces, tiring travels make it difficult for us to have healthy, home made meals all times. Results binge snacking. With more and more people being health conscious these days, healthy snacking has been quite a talk of the town. Let's take a look at some healthy, iconic snacks sourced from the original makers available for ordering online with Place of Origin.

A typical feature of Gujarati meal, thepla is a chapati, flavoured with spices which can be eaten as is or with vegetable or curd. It is a good breakfast option and also serves the purpose of a kid's tiffin item.

Wheat, rich in protein, fibre and carbohydrates is a popular grain in India. Choosing a snack of whole wheat roasted in sunflower oil is definitely a good choice. So go ahead and order this organic puffed wheat for a quick tea snack.

Enjoy this guilt free snack which is free from refined flour, refined sugar and iodised salt. Moreover, it is made up of the humble moong dal and doesn't contain any preservatives or additives. This too makes a great companion for tea time.

Onion moong chatpati is a twisted version of traditional moong and has a unique taste. It is a popular street food in Surat which can be savoured at home itself. It is a perfect snack as a healthy option as well as for entertainment purposes.

Lite Chiwda made with rice flakes is a popular one among the people who like to consume less oil. The salty, sweet flavour adds a charm of its own to the chiwda making it wanting for more.

Apart from this Place of Origin also stocks up pickles, jams, sauces, mixes, masala and much more. And yes I have already added my favourite biscuits to the cart. When are you ordering with them?
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4 Jul 2017


Aster Charismatic Oudh Liquid Hand Wash Review

Today I will be reviewing a hand wash from a premium brand called Aster Luxury. We all know how important it is to wash our hand before we cook or take our food. After becoming a Mommy, I have been extra careful of washing hands before eating food. Let's head straight to the review and check how this hand wash performs.

Brand claims 
Enriched with the goodness of Oudh which cleanses, moisturises and smoothens your hands. It's sweet woody aroma exhilarates your senses.

Cocamido Propyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl Taurate, Capryl Glucoside, Glycerin, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E Acetate, Aqua, Fragrance

My experience
The hand wash is housed in a plastic packaging with a square shape and pumo up packaging. I especially like the square shape since unlike round or other fancy shape it occupies minimal space near the sink or wash basin. The packaging works fine in dispensing the right amount of the product.

The hand wash is light yellow coloured and has a mesmerizing fragrance. The fragrance is Oudh, guessed it from the variant name. The hand wash foams quite well and a very less amount of hand wash is required for each usage. For washing hands just one pump is enough. The product doesn't dry out the hand skin no matter how many times you wash your hands. I have kept this hand wash near my kitchen skin and whenever cut onions or some other vegetables or non veg etc I wash my hands.

Moreover, the product is free from SLS, SLES and parabens so we need not worry about these nasty chemicals. I would highly recommend the Aster Charismatic Oudh Liquid Hand Wash for it's efficiency in cleansing the hands while not drying them.

The In

  • Amazing fragrance
  • Doesn't dry out the skin no matter how many times you use
  • Travel friendly square packaging
  • Pump up packaging works quite well
  • Cleanses the hands while leaving a good fragrance behind
  • Fragrance is pleasing and non bothering
  • Free from SLS, SLES and parabens.

The Out
  • I didn't find any

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 199 INR for 300 ml with a shelf life of 2 years. Available on Amazon as well as Aster website.

Aster Charismatic Oudh Liquid Hand Wash is a commendable product which cleanses the hands while leaving a great fragrance behind. The fragrance is the UPS of the product and I totally love the fragrance. Moreover it's SLES, SLS and paraben free product so it's a recommendable one for regular use.
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