12 Feb 2017

DIY Oats Almond Cleanser, Facemask All in one recipe

We all love budget friendly yet effective skincare products. Moreover with the new surge of organic, natural products we even live splurging few bucks more. But let's be honest, each and every product cannot be replaced by a natural, organic product. Some products with chemicals also work well on our skincare. We cannot ignore chemicals but we can certainly reduce then by using products with lesser chemicals and trying some simple yet effective DIYs.

Today am going to share a simple cleanser DIY plus face mask plus exfoliater recipe with you all. I have earlier written a post on Oats and Cocoa DIY. This one is on similar lines with some twist and essential oils. Let's get started with it and see what all we need. Some ingredients are purely optional and you can tweak the recipe as per your choice. The main Ingredients however are not be changed. I have used this recipe daily for around 3 weeks and currently as I write this post its my 4th week of usage.

We will require

  • 2 parts of oats (finely ground)
  • 1 part Almond (finely ground)
  • 2 parts dried rose petals (optional)
  • Pure Almond oil as per your requirement
  • Rosemary Essential oil (optional)

I have finely ground all the dry ingredients and added some Almond oil to it. But the Almond oil just gets soaked up.

How I use it?
1) As stated earlier I have added some Almond oil to the cleanser. I take a small quantity around just two pinches and add water to make a paste and use it as a cleanser at night. Post that I apply my night cream.

2) Sometimes I add some Almond oil to two pinches of the cleanser and add some water as well. I massage my skin lightly and wash with water and skip my night cream.

3) I take some amount of cleanser and add milk to it. I apply a mask of it and leave till it's semi dry. I wash it with water while gently massaging my skin.

4) Sometimes I take around half a tbsp of cleanser and add only 1 drop of rosemary essential oil and massage my skin and wash it off, leaving it overnight.

The effects
1) I have experienced fewer breakouts after using the DIY for around 1 week regular usage.

2) My skin is a bit even toned on the cheeks where it is very bumpy.

3) It gives a smooth and soft finish to my skin when used as a mask.

4) It has also helped me reduce the sensitivity around the nose which gets irritated with artificial scrubs sometimes.

While using essential oil make sure to test for sensitivity and add only one drop to some amount of the cleanser. Do not add more quantity. The Rose petals, essential oil and Almond oil are purely optional. But oats tend to dry out the skin sometimes so I have added the moisturising agents. You can even take more quantity of Almonds to oats to reduce the drying effect if you have dry skin.

Enough of my blah now, let me know if you try this or are up for orders of this cleanser 😉😉😛😛!!