They say birds of a feather flock together. Similarly, in our life we tend to mingle and spend more time with people who share similar interests and hobbies like us. A fine example of this can be how easily a foodie person can have conversation with people who have the same interest in food.

After becoming a Blogaholic (like literally) I have been friends with my fellow bloggers who share the same interest in skin care like me. After being in contact with them through all social media platforms, I have been in touch with them through personal messaging. And believe me, some of my fellow bloggers are gem of persons, who not only help me with blogging, but also help me in increasing my knowledge base regarding blogging.

Now you might say why am stressing this point today on my skincare and beauty blog. The reason being, I have come across a social blogging platform Affimity is a concoction of two words Affinity and Amity. What an innovative name is the thought that struck my mind when I first read the name. It only implies that we have a special affinity towards our friends. Absolutely true, right?

So now let's head on to know how Affimity works and how you can discover like minded people or to be specific bloggers in your niche.

The website is very attractive and user friendly with an orange, white theme. Moreover the website is mobile friendly and they also have an app for application lovers. You need to register on the website to start sharing your interests and discover like minded people. The registration process is very fast and is finished within a blink of an eye. After registering you need to click the verification email, however still you can post on the platform.

Some pointers to get you started are
#1 Share what's new by posting a photo or a video with a thought or a link, ask a question, or conduct a poll. Send to everyone, or just your friends. What's more? Throw in a topic or hashtag too.

#2 Click on Friends and Follows to see stuff just from the friends you trust, or folks you follow. Or, Questions to see all the Q&A in the channel. Make it better by adding your wisdom to the mix.

#3 Browse the topics via channel to narrow the focus if you wish, or click on a particular post to comment or like.

What I liked about Affimity is :
  • Update profile picture with some inbuilt peppy profile pictures. Mind you that have plenty and you will be spoilt for choices.
  • Channel surfing to find something which interests you
  • Easy profile update with just texting. No need to click submit button and wait. Yayyy!
  • Buddy level is which I liked. I don't know how the score is calculated but I guess it is based on your interaction level
  • You can add a friend as well as follow people.
  • There is a provision of Save posts which can be read afterwards
  • Top influencers in all channels are listed at the top
  • For each post you can quickly comment as well as like while browsing a channel. No need to click on every post

The User Interface makes you save time and post quickly. They also have settings tab which can be set to show things to all people or just your friends. All in all what I liked the most about Affimity is channel surfing (channel browsing). Just click on the channel and voilĂ  you have posts which interest you, posted by like minded people.

So how about joining me there? By the way, my username on Affimity is skincarevilla, just search and add me or follow me. See you all there. Have a great day ahead.