5 Jul 2016

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Soap Square Fresh Coffee Brew Soap Review

The name is so exotic and immediately makes me want to drink a coffee :). After trying around many handmade soaps this is first of a kind coffee soap am reviewing. I am as excited as you are to review it, so let's get started.

Brand claims - Coffee is an excellent astringent  making cellulite less noticeable. The coffee grounds help in skin exfoliation and massage. Coffee also boosts blood circulation in the skin.

Ingredients - Coffee grounds, coffee extracts, shea butter, coconut oil, Glycerine soap base, coffee fragrance oil

My experience
The soap is neatly packed in a plastic sheet with the name, ingredients, shelf, life, brand details, contact details and price. I like how simple and neat their packaging and printing is. However I would have loved an outer cardboard packaging to prevent direct damage to the soap. The shape of the soap is square and as you know the soap is from Soap Square :)

Now coming to the fragrance of the soap, it is exotic but not at all lingering (I like such kind of non lingering fragrances) and at the same time the exotic fragrance is not at all bothering. I had earlier games in my mind that the coffee soap will smell very strong, buy it is exactly the opposite. Now the cleansing job, the soap performs it job very well and gives a subtle glow to the skin after the bath, which lasts around few minutes. The soap lather well and lather is of bubbly nature as it a glycerin based soap. But unlike other soaps this soap doesn't lead to wastage.

Even if you rub hard all you would get is ground coffee and amazing aroma. The ground coffee also helps in exfoliating the skin to a little extent. Also as stated in my previous reviews, I use handmade soaps on my face during shower time and it imparts a glow to the face as well. Also the soap doesn't dry out the skin and am totally skipping my body lotion these days :)

One more thing I would like to mention is that after having a shower, I climbed my building's stairs up and down for some groceries. After coming up when I sweated, I smelled a little bit like coffee and not at all like a sweat. This means even after washing the soap away the goodness of coffee still remains onto the skin. This soap is a big yayyyyy from me and highly recommended for all handmade soap lovers.

The In
  • Exotic, one of a kind flavour and fragrance 
  • Inspite of being exotic fragrance it is not at all bothering rather mild enough to feel it's presence 
  • Soap lathers quite well and gets washed off easily 
  • The soap doesn't lead to wastage even when used under water stream
  • The soap makes the skin odour free even after sweating 
  • Affordable price and quantity offered
  • Gives a subtle temporary glow to the skin 
  • Makes facial skin glow
  • Doesn't dry out the skin 
  • Impressive ingredients list

The Out
Didn't find any

Price, shelf life and availability - 200 INR for 100g with a shelf life of 2 years. Available at soapsquare.in and Facebook page

I just love, love, love this soap. It is a highly recommended soap for handmade soap lovers as you would like the fragrance, after effects and cleansing qualities of this soap. The soap has one of a kind flavour of freshly brewed coffee. Even after sweating, post some time using, it makes the skin odour free. Highly recommended and a winner for Skincare Villa.

NB - Product sent by brand for review. Honest review.