12 Jul 2016

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Soap Square Banana and Oats with Shea Butter Soap Review

When I received the package from Soap Square few days back, I eagerly opened it. No sooner I opened it than I was greeted with fresh, sweet banana smell. The fragrance was like a smoothie, very sweet, tempting and all I wanted was to take a bite of the soap. Although I controlled my temptation, so that I could review it. So here toady am reviewing the Banana and Oats with Shea Butter soap.

Brand claims - Bananas are  excellent skin moisturisers with anti ageing properties. They help in oil control and treatment of acne. Oats is excellent for maintaining elasticity of the skin and helps in gentle exfoliation. Shea Butter is one of the best moisturising, anti ageing, regenerating and protecting natural agent for the skin.

Ingredients - Shea butter, hand pounded banana powder, banana extracts, oats, glycerin soap base, banana fragrance oil.

My experience
Similar to the previous review this soap is neatly packed in a plastic coating with name and manufacturing detail labels. However I would stress they have an outer cardboard packaging to prevent damage. But, most of the handmade soaps are packaged simply and more stress is on the soap. That's not a problem with me at all.

Now the business part, the soap smells like a banana smoothie or to be specific like a banana bubble gum. The fragrance lingers in the storage rack and every time I open it, I am greeted with the fragrance. However it doesn't linger at all after shower time. This may be a good thing for people with sensitive nose like me.

The soap lathers quite well and foam is frothy sort. In-spite of being a glycerin based soap the soap doesn't lead to wastage when used under direct stream or doesn't form a gooey liquid when stored post usage. The soap cleanses well and gets washed off easily.

There are two layers of oats in the soap, one being in the middle and another one being at the top. The top layer of the oats requires some usage to resurfaced. The oats grains help in mild exfoliation. However after a few days they simply fall off. Instead I would like a ground oats powder, all inside the soap to provide exfoliation. However I don't expect a soap to multi task and that's fine with me.

The soap doesn't dry out the skin and helps keeping the skin soft due to banana and shea butter.

The In
  • Foams quite well with a frothy foam
  • Gets washed off easily 
  • Doesn't dry out the skin 
  • Oats provide mild exfoliation
  • Skin friendly ingredients 
  • Amazing banana aroma which reminds of a smoothie or a bubble gum
  • Doesn't lead to wastage even after using under direct stream of water
  • Doesn't form a gooey residue behind 
  • Non lingering aroma which is preferred by my sensitive nose

The Out
  • Didn't find any

Price, shelf life and availability - 250 INR for 100g with a shelf life of 2 years. Available at soapsquare.in

I would highly recommend the soap for it's unique flavour and banana and Oats combination. The soap doesn't lead to wastage is a very good thing. The soap provides enough moisturisation so as to skip a moisturiser for a normal skin. Soap Square Banana and Oats with Shea Butter is a winner for Skincare Villa