25 Jul 2016

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Himalaya Herbals Foot Care Cream Review

I totally ignore my feet, apart from applying a lotion whenever heading out, that's it, all I do. No exfoliating, no pedicure nothing. I also have severe cracked heels due to the hard water supply here in Bangalore. Cracked heels take time to cure, although with the right foot cream the curing process can be sped up. Today we will be discussing the Himalaya Herbals Foot cream which claims to cure dry, rough, cracked heels. Let's head on to the review to see how it helps.
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22 Jul 2016

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Types of Printed Sarees Which Can Make Your Day

Sarees are the dearest things hold by every woman close to their heart. Their drapes, mysterious pleats, dreamy pallu, designer blouse to match up, catchy prints and creative patterns are few features or say advantages sarees have over other type of ethnic wears. We know that sarees grab the keen interest of every other woman in not only India but also around western countries. And prints are main fascination which draws attention to every lady but still there are some specific prints and designs which can actually make your day like a blast.

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19 Jul 2016


My one day fruit diet experience

I am very happy to share with you all that I have successfully completed one day fruit diet. By the way this attempt is highly inspired by Ankita from Life With Herbals water fasting. Although I couldn't try a full fledged water diet, I started baby steps with fruit diet.

Firstly let me tell you all, my diet has a major part of carbohydrates and the credit for this goes to my undying love for rice. Never ever till date my week ( now day) is complete without eating rice. My mind, heart and stomach all had agreed upon this that I can never ever follow water fasting. So to control my eatings, I started fruit diet. Before starting this let me tell you, my heigh is 5'3" and weight is 58 kgs. I have been under weight all of my life before becoming a mother.

I started my fruit diet on 11th July 2016 Monday. I had made up my mind to follow a fruit diet on Sunday morning that is 10th July. In the evening my husband had ordered KFC burger and asked me whether I wanted one. Keeping aside my liking of junk food I declined his offer. My decision was a sort of a warm up which we do before exercises.
Monday morning, as usual I had my tea. Yes, I get severe headache if I don't have my morning tea. Again thanks to carbohydrate dependent diet. Next thing breakfast, was one small sized apple. After some 1 hour I was hungry. I had lots of water, around 2 glasses and I was full.

Then lunch time, again 2 small sized apples. In between breakfast and lunch I fed my son some curd rice and was badly tempted to eat it. Still I didn't give up, ignored the rice and fixed my eyes, ears, stomach on apples in the rack. Still my mind was wandering near the thought of eating rice. I clearly told my mind, not to tell my stomach what to eat and what not to eat, let the stomach decide whether it is hungry or not.

After lunch I was totally full so hunger, no cravings for the food. Now it was 4 pm, my favourite tea time. Again, I resisted, as I had tea in the morning. My mind kept wandering, wanting to drink tea. My stomach too :(. So to divert them I had one cucumber with 2 teaspoons of curd, half a pinch of salt and sugar. This made me full, no cravings, nothing at all. In between the whole day whenever I felt hungry I had a lot of water. At this time I realised, how little water I used to have when I had full meals. Dinner time was same, two cucumbers with 2 teaspoons curd, dash of salt and sugar. I was full. Slept quite okay but my mind was wandering about this blog post what all I wanted to write and what not.

At first I had thought, I wouldn't even continue my fruit diet for half day. Am glad I completed it for one whole day. The best thing to happen was my son who hates eating apples has started eating them from this day. The next day I felt light in every sense. No laziness, no yawning, no heavy feeling in the stomach. I was sort of energised the next day. I hope to continue fruit diet once every week. Water fasting is not my cup of tea but fruit diet definitely is.

Disclaimer - This post in no way intended to inspire people lose weight or become skinny. Also please consult your doctor before proceeding. If you are on medication or have had a operation or surgery recently then please refrain from this diet.
It is personal experience of a foodie who has discovered a way to control her food cravings.
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16 Jul 2016

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Haul featuring Auravedic, Himalaya Herbals

Hi gals,

How's the weather in your city? Here in Bangalore it's not raining at all. The weather is all parched and hot. But bloggers, be bloggers! Back to business, am doing a haul post after a long long time. I like to empty a lot of products and then shop for something new, which I haven't tried and which also ends up being loved by my acne-prone skin.

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14 Jul 2016

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Garnier Ultra Blends shampoo of Soy milk and Almonds Review

Hey gals,

I recently got my hands on Garnier Ultra Blends shampoo of Soy milk and almonds variant. I am glad that Garnier has come up with a paraben free formula. Since I hardly use conditioner today's review will be only about the shampoo.

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12 Jul 2016

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Soap Square Banana and Oats with Shea Butter Soap Review

When I received the package from Soap Square few days back, I eagerly opened it. No sooner I opened it than I was greeted with fresh, sweet banana smell. The fragrance was like a smoothie, very sweet, tempting and all I wanted was to take a bite of the soap. Although I controlled my temptation, so that I could review it. So here toady am reviewing the Banana and Oats with Shea Butter soap.

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10 Jul 2016

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Top 4 save and splurge facewash picks according to skin types

Facewashes are basic skincare products which are meant for delicate facial skin. Choosing the right facewash according to the skin type helps better in taking care of facial skin. Read on to know some affordable as well as splurging options according to your skin types to try out.

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6 Jul 2016

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Ethicare Remedies Z-Block 25% Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Gel Review

Sunscreen protection is very important to prevent premature ageing of the skin. Sun damage can have severe effects on the skin. One of the popular and effective sun protection product is sunscreen. Toady we are looking into the review of Z-block sunscreen from Ethicare Remedies.

Brand claims and Ingredients on Ethicare Remedies website

My experience
The packaging is tube with a twist cap and is white coloured with nice blue imprints. It's not glossy and is matte which seems to be very luxurious. The tube was sealed with a silver foil so as to know about tampering.
The sunscreen is milky white in nature with a subtle hint of yellow in it. It spreads seamlessly on the skin and gets absorbed very easily. The sunscreen doesn't give a patchy look to the skin but does give a shiny sheen. It is non sticky, non-greasy and non-oily in nature. I like how it gets absorbed easily without any efforts.

Regarding the SPF, it has SPF 58 which I think is more than enough with frequent reapplications. Moreover it has zinc oxide which the safest and most effective active sunscreen ingredient. Recently on the occasion of our anniversary, I roamed a lot and used this sunscreen and found almost no tanning on my hands. With regular usage the tanning of my feet has reduced considerably. My feet are more tanned than my hands since I tend to ignore them.

The In of Z Block Sunscreen

  • Lightweight formula with non greasy texture 
  • Spreads easily on skin and gets absorbed very easily 
  • Gives a velvety finish without a patchy look 
  • Protects skin from tanning 
  • Contains zinc oxide which is the safest and effective sun protecting ingredient 
  • Contains SPF 58
  • Preservative free
  • Travel friendly size and packaging

The Out Z Block Sunscreen

  • Didn't find any

Price, shelf life and availability - 599 for 50ml with a shelf life of 2 years. Available on Ethicare Remedies website or on Amazon

Recommendation of Z block sunscreen

I would totally recommend the Z block sunscreen as it contains zinc oxide which is safest and effective sun protecting agent. The sunscreen is totally lightweight and spreads easily on skin. It gives a velvety touch without a white cast or patchy look. Highly recommended for sunscreen lovers.
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5 Jul 2016

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Soap Square Fresh Coffee Brew Soap Review

The name is so exotic and immediately makes me want to drink a coffee :). After trying around many handmade soaps this is first of a kind coffee soap am reviewing. I am as excited as you are to review it, so let's get started.

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3 Jul 2016