24 Jun 2016

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Ethicare Remedies Epi Plus Lotion Review

I like cleansers which are mild in nature yet effective in cleansing. I have hardly used SLES/ SLS free products. However we all are so used to foaming thing that a product feels incomplete without foam especially the facewashes. Today's review is about one such cleanser. Let's see the review of Ethicare Remedies Epiplus Lotion. Unlike the name this product is cleanser for sensitive skin.

My experience 
The product is packaged in a white tube with black flip cap tube. The black and white combination is super duper glossy. Overall an attractive and travel friendly packaging.

The cleanser is white in colour and little creamy in nature but not at all heavy. The cleanser has nil fragrance. Considering the claim of being fragrance free, it holds true. The lotion doesn't foam at all so the soap free claims or I think SLS/ SLES are also true. The cleanser does a good job of cleansing the skin without removing the oil. The cleanser gets washed off easily without any residue. Since it doesn't foam I tend to use a lot of quantity out of habit :D. It also effectively removes dirt, sweat from the skin, however a little oiliness will be felt by oily skinned people like me :D. However the skin feels smooth and soft post usage.

There is no question of stripping the oil as it doesn't contain any soap ingredients. The cleanser is highly suitable for sensitive and normal skinned people. Oily skinned people may find it a less cleansing because we are so used to stripping the oil from the face. The cleanser is a winner only from the sensitive skin view.

The In
  • Soap free, fragrance free
  • Cleanses the skin nicely
  • Removes dirt and sweat
  • Very suitable for sensitive skin
  • Creamy texture
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Can be used as a body cleanser
  • Budget friendly

The Out
  • Contains parabens
  • Full ingredients list not available

Price, shelf life and availability - 180 INR for 100 ml with a shelf life of 3 years. Buy on ethicare.in

If you have a sensitive skin then this is a highly recommended cleanser for you. The claims of being soap free and fragrance free are true and sensitive skin will benefit from it. However for oily skinned people this can be a mild cleanser which removes dirt but not the oil. The face is cleansed thoroughly yet feels like still oil is present on face. On and on a cleanser only for sensitive skinned people.