25 Mar 2016

Win a jewellery box in Facebook giveaway

To Time for a giveaway to win a jewellery box (without jewellery ofcourse). We will have 1 winner and will win one box shown in pic (whichever is available at the time of dispatch), winner will be announced after giveaway is over. Read the rules as well as terms and conditions before taking part.

1) Like Paper Concepts on Facebook

2) Like Golden Rim on Facebook

3) Share the giveaway post on your profile as public.

4) Tag 5 friends in comments section below and answer the question 'Why would you like to win the jewellery box?'

Terms and conditions
1) No tagging celebrities, inactive accounts.

2) Giveaway runs for 8 days from 25th March 2016 till 1st April 2016.

3) The giveaway is sponsored and am not sending the prize. I won't be held responsible for any inconvenience faced by the winners.

4) Plus hate comments, rude behavior will get you blocked.

5) Winner Decision will be final by sponsorer team and you cannot challenge it. In this case you will be barred from future giveaways.

So take part and have fun. You never know you might be the winner :) :)