22 Mar 2016

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Kallos Chandan and honey facial cleanser Review

Today we will be talking about Kallos Chandan and honey facial cleanser. Let's directly go to the review.

Brand claims
Ingredients and direction for usage

My experience
The Chandan and honey facial cleanser is housed in a normal facewash packaging is very bright orange. I liked the colour of the packaging. The facewash is tangy orange in colour. The facewash smells like incandescent stick of Chandan. The fragrance doesn't linger much though.

The facewash foams well and cleanses the skin quite well. But it is not at all drying. But may strip oil for dry skinned beauties. It aggravates the dry patches if you have already. I have a dry patche near my nose and that was dried further after using the facewash.

The In
  • Attractive colour packaging 
  • Travel friendly and budget friendly 
  • Contains honey and Chandan oil
  • Removes excess oil from oily skin

The Out
  • It would be good if it doesn't contain artifical colour
  • Not for dry skinned beauties

Price and Shelf life - 75 INR for 60 ml with a shelf life of 2 years

Availability - Available on major shopping portals.

Yes if you are looking for affordable facewash and have oily skin and you want to try out different facewash. Dry skinned beauties may skip this.

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