10 Mar 2016

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Kallos Apple cedar exfoliating face scrub Review

Many people avoid scrub in skincare routine. It's important to scrub once in a while and at the same time not overdo it. Let's see the review of Kallos Apple cedar exfoliating face scrub.

Brand claims
Apple extract has an effective anti ageing, anti acne & brightening effect on the skin layer. cedar oil has a sedating & toning ability that is great for oily skin. (information taken from product label)


My experience
The scrub is creamy in nature which doesn't require water for usage unlike other scrubs. The creamy texture of the scrub makes it a great exfoliant.

I massaged the scrub slowly till it dried up. The granules are tiny enough for the scrub effect. They are not at all harsh and do their job perfectly well. The density of the scrub particles is also good as they are not dense as well as scarce.
The scrub is tub packaged in a plastic tub and has a foil and then the screw lid. I have totally removed the foil so that it's easy to take the product out.
Now coming to the effects of the scrub, the scrub perfectly removes dead skin cells, oil and white heads. It leaves the skin smooth and evened out. Although it didn't dry out my oily skin, it may, in case of, dry skinned beauties. The whitening effect lasts for a while after using the scrub and am least concerned about this claim.
The scrub has a fresh green apple fragrance which sometimes might feel artificial. After using the scrub the fragrance doesn't linger much, so isn't bothersome. The scrub lathers a wee bit while washing off and that's evident by the SLS in the ingredients list. The product claims to clear the pores and does remove white heads. But black heads are reduced by a considerable amount. Some may find chemicals bothering but the scrub is perfect.

The In
  • Creamy scrub can be used without water
  • Scrub particles are small, so no harsh effects on skin
  • Scrub particles' density is perfect
  • Removes dirt, dead cells and oil effectively 
  • Leaves the skin smooth and evened out.
  • Don't dry out oily skin 
  • Budget friendly 
  • Product is value for price
The Out
  • Contains parabens and SLS 
  • Some may prefer tube packaging
Price and Shelf life - 100ml for 150 INR with a shelf life of 2 years.

Availability - Available on major shopping portals.

Overall it is a very good scrub at the price it is offered. The scrub effect, the consistency , the fragrance everything is good. At such a cost not much is expected, still the product does does an excellent job of a scrub. I would definitely recommend to use this scrub if you looking out for a new scrub.
Tell me your favourite......

NB - Product sent by brand for review. Honest review. 
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