6 Feb 2016


5 snacks in under 15 minutes or less

We all get hungry and crave for a snacking time; mine is no different story. I often reach out for noodles, biscuits, chips when am too lazy to cook and eat something. But that again satisfies our hunger and piles up on the weight. We all know junk food harms our body still we find ourselves reaching to them. So today's post is about quick snacks to make in under 15 minutes to crave pur hunger and still be healthy. Of course you have to cook and they require little efforts as they are not ready to cook types :P

1) Spiced potato slices
     This recipe is perfect for potato cravings and can replace chips. Recipe requires big potatoes, oil, chilli powder and salt. It not only cookies faster but also tastes awesome wanting to make it again and again.

2) No-cook Poha
     I so so hate the routine breakfast of cooking poha and upma, that sometimes I eat noodles for breakfast. So lazy and unhealthy right. But this recipe comes to my rescue at that time. It just requires a tadka and that's i, everything else in it is raw.

3) Poha vada
    At times we feel like eating fried food. I usually prepared this recipe as high tea when am in not the mood to prepare the dinner or just plain lazy you can say. I have this and for dinner just rice. This again is a healthy recipe provided you soak the excess oil in poha tikkis.

4) Chocolate toast
Instead of boring bread, butter, jam I thought of trying this plus a recipe eaten at an eatery inspired it. It pretty easy and can be made in under 5 minutes and however lazy you are, you will prepare this, take my word :D

5) Corn balls
Another recipe for satisfying the cravings of fried food. It requires veggies alongwith corn so can be a healthy snacking option. Requires pretty less time than cooking boring poha and upma.

Tell me your snacking favorites!!!
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