Red Ginseng prevents aging, provides anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and immunity improving effects.  Also, cells are invigorated through blood circulation for healthy and smooth skin. Today's review is about another Korean mask which is Four Season Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask

Brand claims
The whitening functional mask sheet contains concentrated Red Ginseng which replenishes the skin with nutrients, moisture and leaves skin shiny.


Directions for use
Put on the mask for 15 -20 minutes after thorough cleansing. Discard after single use.

My experience
As soon as you open the mask package you are greeted with a strong Ginseng fragrance. The fragrance fades as soon as we put on the mask and is not bothering. As always the mask doesn't fit properly. The essence is opaque in colour with a little runny consistency.

The essence is very sufficient for face as well as hands. The essence as always mositurizes and hydrates the skin intensely. The mask after dabbing the essence I removed it and let the essence dry up. After some time I rinsed the essence and it got washed off easily.

The skin feels soft, smooth and clean. The mask contains Ginseng which has anti aging properties so using this mask over and over will have more effects than just using one mask. The mask gives a subtle glow to the face, temporary though, which makes the skin look a little bit of fair. The mask cures the dry patches on the skin.

The In
  • Travel friendly and compact packaging.
  • Budget friendly 
  • Intensely mositurizes the skin
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Gives a subtle temporary glow to the face
  • Contains Ginseng which has anti aging properties 
  • Cures the dry patches 
  • More suitable for use in winters.

The Out
I didn't find any

Price and Shelf life - $0.85 on and shelf life not mentioned.

Overall thoughts
The mask intensely mositurizes and hydrates the skin. The mask gives a subtle temporary glow to the skin. The Ginseng contents of the mask have anti aging properties so using the mask over and over will have more effects.

Repurchase - Yes would love using it again.

Recommendation - Yes totally recommended to use at least once.

Tell me your thoughts on the Korean skincare.