2 Dec 2015

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Ben & Sera Ampoules

Today's review is about the ampoules I received from skin18.com as a sample for review. The samples had three ampoules namely Ben & Sera 15 days anti aging wrinkle Taeng Taeng Serum, Ben & Sera 30 days anti aging Serum, Ben & Sera 7 day whitening Serum

Ingredients - ingredients are not listed but major ingredients are given on the website.

Directions for use
Cleanse face, pat dry and dispense one drop and use on face from jaw to upwards direction

My experience
First and foremost the packaging is very difficult to dispense one drop of serum. When it says only one drop and you carefully try to dispense you end up wasting the serum.
The serums are colorless, fragrance less and non sticky. The serums are glue sort but extremely non sticky and trnapsreny. When you apply on skin you feel like putting on baby oil. It gets absorbed very easily without any sticky residue or feeling.
As far as usage is concerned I end up wasting more than using. So far I have used the Ben and Sera whitening serum and it hasn't shown any effects on my skin.
I used the other 2 serums only once as I am not concered about anti aging. I might give them to my mom :D

The In
Non sticky
Doesn't leave any residue
Easily absorbed even if applied in excess
No fragrance
No colour

The Out
Packaging is hard to use
Haven't seen any effects so far

Availability- available on Skin18.com website

Price - currently as a freebie on website. Visit the product link about to see the exact prices of full sized product
Shelf life - not mentioned on samples or website either

Overall thoughts
Overall people more inclined towards whitening and aging effect might find them to be effective. I personally didn't like them as I would prefer whitening and anti aging masks as they are quite hassle free. You may try it once to see how you find the effects.

Repurchase - Nope as I love hassle free masks more than serums.

Recommendation- Maybe not because of packaging.