Garnier has brought a revolutionary product which it claims to be oil replacement cream. Let's find out whether it can really replace oil or not? Read Garnier Oil-in-Cream Review

We all know how boring it is to oil your hair and head out for shopping, attend a function, attend an important interview et al... I too hate oiling my hair and heading out. Since I have dry hair I cannot venture out without oiling my hair.

Brand claims-
- Nourishes hair and makes them feel stronger
- No stickiness
- Long lasting pleasant fragrance

How to use it?
- Before wash- massage into scalp and hair
- Overnight- massage into scalp and hair and leave overnight
- After wash- Use on hair lengths after washing your hair.

I have thick, dark black, curly and medium length hair. I used Garnier oil-in-cream and am amazed with the results. I used the after wash method as I didn't have the guts to massage it into my scalp. My hair did feel soft after using the product but it didn't make it look soft. I had to use a little extra cream to manage my hair. I headed out after using the product and didn't find my hair frizzy and sticky. But at the end of the day my hair were back being frizzy and dry. And this came as a no surprise to me as the same thing happens when I oil my hair.

It gives a pleasant smell to your hair and hair feels soft. The texture is similar to that of other Garnier Fructis products. Those who have used the other products may relate to this sentence of mine.

The In

  • Makes hair feel soft
  • Leaves a pleasant smell
  • Non sticky
  • Non messy
  • Fights frizz and dry hair (in my case for one day)
  • Affordable price
  • Travel friendly packaging

The Out

  • Not a total oil replacement cream
  • For severe dry hair need to apply frequently in a day

RecommendationHighly recommended

Price : 60 INR for 100g

Overall a nice revolutionary product when you don't want to flaunt your oily hair. I can say the Garnier oil-in-cream is here to stay in my life. But still for overnight oiling and before wash oiling I wouldn't use it. But whenever I have to venture out I will surely use Garnier oil-in-cream.

But remember it's still made with chemicals and a partial oil replacement cream. Of course for those who hate oiling overall, this product is really nice.

Final word is it is a highly recommended, nice, affordable product which you can use on a regular basis.

Leave a comment below if you have used the product or wish to use it.