27 Jul 2015

SoulfulSaai - Handmade Fashion Accessories Brand

I have directly mentioned the above venture as brand because once you take a look through their collections you cannot stop raving about the products. And believe me, at one go you cannot tell that they are all handmade because each and every piece is well crafted to perfection.

So lets get started with SoulfulSaai a venture by Saai Venkat a textile and handicraft enthusiast.

Hand twisted wire tiara

What is Soulfulsaai?!
Having started off with the idea of giving shape to the umpteen ideas that were all this while churning in my head, I am Saai Venkat, the brainchild behind Soulfulsaai.
Soulfulsaai is hoping to eventually become a platform for the less privileged women to earn a livelihood for themselves. We're the first Indian brand to be featured on FirstCry Premium Store, along with other foreign brands. One of our product has been featured in FirstCry ads who as Amitabh Bachchan as their brand ambassador here.

Pearl and crochet accessories

Barefoot sandals

Different types of baalis or earrings

How was Soulfulsaai started?
I was brought up in a traditional South-Indian family and had always been good at and loved art. So I decided to secure a degree in Home Science from Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai and specialized in Textiles and Clothing. After which I completed my post-graduation and started teaching at Nirmala Niketan.

It didn’t feel right to teach without practical knowledge and experience. I quit my teaching job and in the mean time got married and moved to Vasai from Malad. I took up a job with a fashion magazine at Goregaon which helped polish my technical knowledge in my field. Later I worked with The Times of India Retail department followed by a stint at Explocity.com. Eventually I got an offer to be part of IDIVA but turned it down due to personal commitments. In a few months’ time, I refocused on my career.
An introspection of what my dreams and aspiration were and joys in creating beautiful products made me think "Could I convert a hobby into a career?" A visit to etsy.com was the beginning to everything that followed. And there has been no looking behind since.

What all fashion accessories or products you make?
Since we started with kids accessories, that’s our forte. Besides that we have an enticing range of handmade jewellery for adults like the Baalis, Jhumkas and necklaces which are a super hit with our customers.

How people approach you and a brief of process related to work?
Ideally we come out with a collection, showcase the images on Facebook page and people interested book the pieces, pay online or deposit the money and we dispatch the products to them.
On seeing the collection, some ask us to customize them in the colours of their choice and we make them accordingly
People come to us to make something unique, give reference images, we try our best to make  what they wish. Like recently, a kathak dancer, Shoma Kaikini, designed a sari for herself in the theme of her dance school Nrityanidhi and she wanted me to design the accessories for her. It needed to be in white, large pendant, delicate chains and must have mirror work.

Best seller ethnic necklace

Drapes range

You can get in touch with Soulfulsaai email at soulfulsaai@gmail.com

Future Plans
Get more young women to earn their independence through Soulfulsaai. Now I have 3 women working for me. Talks are on to start teaching at an aashram where there are young girls and eventually when they grow up and want to be financially independent, Soulfulsaai could be one of the option for them.

We are associating with top kidswear portals like Hopscotch, Firstcry, mybabycart as well as approaching shops that stock handmade products. Right now we are retailing at Sanctum Mumbai, Whims n Fancies Chennai, Curious Village Ludhiana and talks are on with Vintage Earth, Timri among others. There are customers who like to touch, feel and wear the product before purchasing and we want to cater to them too.

Other specialties of SoulfulSaai
Now that it’s the rakhi season, we have created some special rakhis.Quilling rakhis were a complete soldout on Hopscotch last year. Metal Charm rakhis are a all time favourite since 3 yrs now.
New designs this year are Dolki bead rakhis, crochet bread rakhis, fabric rakhis all made inhouse

Some current goals of SoulfulSaai
There are adults, who want to own a Soulfulsaai product. I make it a point to create unique products for them in this already crowded jewellery market. Like the Drapes collection which I dedicated to the #100sareepact was sold out in 48 hours. And taking my love for saris ahead, we are working on a line of saris with crochet designs on it. There have been many challenges making these saris, but I’m proud seeing the first piece, my mom instantly asked to take one for herself.

Soulfulsaai hopes to be a onestop point for Kids accessories and not ignoring the adults we would work on to make exclusive products.

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22 Jul 2015

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nYah - Dark Chocolate Natural Face and Body Bath Gel Review

Today am sharing my experience of using a dark chocolate face and body bath gel. The brand from which I have bought this is nYah. nYah makes natural, animal friendly, Ayurvedic, eco friendly and pure products. As of now their website nyah.in is down due to some reasons. But you can buy their products from online beauty stores.


Price- 110 INR for 70 ml with a Shelf life of2 years

Directions to use- Pour a little gel onto a loofah or hands.  Massage to work up a lather on face and body scrub down and rinse off.

My experience
The bath gel comes in a packaging as shown in the pic with the shell and label attached to the neck of the bottle. The chocolate gel is made with antioxidant rich dark Belgian chocolate and Hawaiian kona coffee.

It is an exotic shower gel which smells like chocolate with a subtle smell of coffee in it. The gel is liquid sort as a molten chocolate looks. You feel as if you are massaging melted chocolate and the aroma is just yuumm.. Leathers quite well and is is easy to wash off also. Moisturises the skin very well ( at least for me). The scent lingers for a good 4 hours even after using it. Truly it transforms shower into a fragrant foam soft delight. It gently cleanses the skin leaving it with a soft silky feeling..

Caution - DO NOT eat it, you will be tempeted to do so. You will smell all chocolaty so be prepared if people ask you whether you baked or had chocolate.

The In
  • Affordable
  • Natural
  • Exotic smell
  • Lathers well and is easily washed off

The Out

  • I didn't find any!!!!
Highly recommended due to exotic experience and affordable price

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13 Jul 2015

1 Jul 2015

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Garnier Oil-in-Cream Review

Garnier has brought a revolutionary product which it claims to be oil replacement cream. Let's find out whether it can really replace oil or not? Read Garnier Oil-in-Cream Review

We all know how boring it is to oil your hair and head out for shopping, attend a function, attend an important interview et al... I too hate oiling my hair and heading out. Since I have dry hair I cannot venture out without oiling my hair.

Brand claims-
- Nourishes hair and makes them feel stronger
- No stickiness
- Long lasting pleasant fragrance

How to use it?
- Before wash- massage into scalp and hair
- Overnight- massage into scalp and hair and leave overnight
- After wash- Use on hair lengths after washing your hair.

I have thick, dark black, curly and medium length hair. I used Garnier oil-in-cream and am amazed with the results. I used the after wash method as I didn't have the guts to massage it into my scalp. My hair did feel soft after using the product but it didn't make it look soft. I had to use a little extra cream to manage my hair. I headed out after using the product and didn't find my hair frizzy and sticky. But at the end of the day my hair were back being frizzy and dry. And this came as a no surprise to me as the same thing happens when I oil my hair.

It gives a pleasant smell to your hair and hair feels soft. The texture is similar to that of other Garnier Fructis products. Those who have used the other products may relate to this sentence of mine.

The In

  • Makes hair feel soft
  • Leaves a pleasant smell
  • Non sticky
  • Non messy
  • Fights frizz and dry hair (in my case for one day)
  • Affordable price
  • Travel friendly packaging

The Out

  • Not a total oil replacement cream
  • For severe dry hair need to apply frequently in a day

RecommendationHighly recommended

Price : 60 INR for 100g

Overall a nice revolutionary product when you don't want to flaunt your oily hair. I can say the Garnier oil-in-cream is here to stay in my life. But still for overnight oiling and before wash oiling I wouldn't use it. But whenever I have to venture out I will surely use Garnier oil-in-cream.

But remember it's still made with chemicals and a partial oil replacement cream. Of course for those who hate oiling overall, this product is really nice.

Final word is it is a highly recommended, nice, affordable product which you can use on a regular basis.

Leave a comment below if you have used the product or wish to use it.
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Maybelline Baby lips Spiced up in Tropical Punch Review

Maybelline baby lips has new variants to suit Indian skin tones. Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up is launched in three flavors Spicy Cinnamon, Berry Sherbet, and Tropical Punch.
I tried Tropical Punch as I liked the name more than the other ones :P

Brand claims
- Flavors especially created to suit Indian preferences.
- Deep shades for sun-kissed Indian skin tones
- Formula with coconut oil, Vitamin E and SPF 20
- Moisturizes lips for 12 hours

I was not very happy with the previous Baby lips lip balms. So earlier I was reluctant to use them. But I recently bought it and am in love with the Spiced up variants. I will be trying the other two variants soon. First let's see the in and out things of Tropical Punch.

The In things
- Tinted effect which is great for regular use
- SPF 20
- Affordable price
- Travel friendly package

The Out things
- Doesn't stay longer than 3 hours and you need to reapply it.

Price, Shelf life - 175 INR with a shelf life of 3 years

My experience
I used it before heading out in the evening and applied 2 coats. Initially my lips felt supple and moisturized with a little tint. But as time passed by the moisture just wore off and after 3 hours I had to reapply it. Reapplying is not a problem as it comes in travel friendly, tiny package.
Why I liked the Spiced up variants is you can give lipstick a break and use tinted lip balms. I did like the tint which is not shimmery at the same time sufficiently tinted.

For a change to give lipstick a break it's highly recommended.
But if you are looking for intensive moisturization then this surely is not the product.

Have you used this product? Do you like any other tinted lip balms?! Tell me in comments section below.

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