28 Jun 2015

DIY Satin lace flowers

Currently am obsessed with satin laces. How cute gift bows they make and how cute flowers? Today we will learn a simple DIY satin lace flowers.

For making the flowers you will need
- A satin lace of any colour, probably pink or red satin lace
- Tooth picks
- Glue
- A small cup or a container to hold the flowers

1) Take a satin lace of about 10 cms and fold the center as shown below.

2) Go on folding the satin lace as shown in the pictures below till 7-8 folds. The trick is to fold the stain Lace in the opposite direction. That is fold the satin lace down if it's up and if it's at the right fold it to the left. Take a look at pics below carefully.
First take the satin lace end which is at top, make a fold at the place where the triangle was made in step 1. Now take the satin lace end which is at right and fold it to the left side. Now again take the satin lace which is down to the top and the satin lace which is at left to the right.

3) Now hold the satin lace where you have stopped folding and release the first fold and hold it tightly.

4) Now pull one end of the stain lace keeping the other end firmly in place, to make it look something like this. The pulling of the lace is to be done gently as it can be tricky.

5) Take a tooth pick and glue the ends of the stain lace properly. Cut the remaining part of the satin lace. Tada, your flower is ready.

Make around 5-6 to make a bunch and arrange in the container. We will also be coming up with a DIY showpiece based on this.

Meanwhile tell me how cute do these look?
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21 Jun 2015


Fuschia by Vkare Giveaway 3 winners

Hiya folks,

I am very excited and happy to announce a sponsored giveaway by Vkare Fuschia. Three lucky winners stand a chance to win hampers from Fuschia by Vkare. Please read the rules as well as the terms and conditions before entering the giveaway.

Rules to be eligible for the giveaway

1) Like Golden Rim on Facebook (mandatory entry)

2) Follow Fuschia by Vkare on Twitter and Facebook (mandatory entry)

3)  Comment below the blog post the answer to following (mandatory entry)
     If you win the hamper would you keep it for yourself or gift it to someone and why?!

4) Comment on any two blog posts of your choice (optional entry, but gives you bonus points) (Comments should be mindful thoughts and no one word comments)

Please make sure you comment on the blog post the answer alongwith your Email address, Twitter handle and Facebook name.

The image is for representation purpose only and the actual product may vary on the availability of stock at the time of dispatch.

Terms and conditions

- Giveaway will run from 21st June 2015 till 11th July 2015. Winners will be announced after that.

- 3 winners will be selected randomly.

- Winners will be announced on blog and Facebook.

- Winners should contact within 48 hours to claim their hampers otherwise another winner will be chosen.

- This is a sponsored giveaway and am responsible only for holding the giveaway. HAMPERS will be sent by FUSCHIA team and not me.

- Giveaway is open to Indian residents only with a valid Indian postal address.

So what are you waiting for, take part in the giveaway and stand a chance to win awesome hampers. Because you never know, you might be the lucky one to win the hamper.

Good luck everyone :)
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11 Jun 2015

Simple ways to beat the blues Part II

I recently posted a blog post on how to feel happy instantly. I hope you all have liked the article. The list is just small and I have come up with some more way of becoming happy instantly. Ofcourse these require some efforts and money from your side.

Hair makeover
Remember how I told you people, one of my best friends enjoyed all the attention she received when she had a haircut. Go in for something different and flaunt it. Your attention  would instantly shift from being sad to looking at the glaring faces. Choose what looks good on you and enjoy.

Wardrobe makeover
Flaunt the dresses which you have not used more often or which you save for special occasions. This will also help you in ignoring your low feeling and get you into the groove.

Wardrobe colours
Sometimes changing the colours you wear can also change your mood. For example sporting a floral print dress is summer can cheer you up as well as people around you. So flaunt the colours and prints accordingly and keep away your blues.

A very well known therapy to beat the blues :D. Money cannot buy happiness but then who believes in this saying?! And with shopping you can always bring a smile on your face. Humans love materialistic things. So go on a shopping spree if you as feeling very very low.

Makeup works for some girls very well. Am not a makeup junkie but just using a different lip balm cheers me up sometimes. So I can imagine the effect of trying the whole makeup and what effects it can have on your mood. So go and flaunt the makeup you always wanted.

That's it girls, this is my list of getting out of the blue. Tell me yours in comments section below.
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4 Jun 2015


Coffee toppled with grated chocolate


The post is pretty simple. I made this drink one afternoon after I was bored of drinking tea and coffee.

For this drink you will need
- Instant coffee
- Sugar
- A glass of milk
- Chocolate bar

1) Prepare a glass of coffee as you make normal coffee for yourself according to your taste.
2) Keep the coffee for chilling in fridge.
3) After the coffee is sufficiently chilled take it out from fridge and grate the chocolate bar.
4) Now put the grated chocolate over the coffee and mix well and have it.

Your choco coffee delight is ready. Make sure to add a little less coffee than you would make for normal coffee. Because the coffee overpowers the chocolate taste then.

Tell me in comments section how's this drink and whether you would try it?!

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