26 Mar 2015

Super quick and easy recipe - Chocolate toast

Hi All,

Having a chocolate toast at an eatery is my inspiration behind this. You can make this dish in no time. It's ideal dish if you have a friend meetup at home or if you are in a real hurry or you want to impress your love or simply want to treat your taste buds.

- Bread slices (Brown or white bread )
- Amul butter (you can use home made butter)
- Chocolate bar (you can use Cadbury)

Cooking time - 3 minutes
Preparation time - 5 minutes

1) Take two slices and make them crisp by heating on a medium flame.
2) Apply butter to one side of the bread covering the whole slice. Make sure the butter melts and the bread doesn't get crisper. If the bread is getting crisper take it off from flame.
3) Now grate chocolate bar, cut the bread slices in triangle shape.
4) Spread the grated chocolate on the buttered side of bread slices.
5) Put the garnished sides onto each other so that chocolate side is inside like normal sandwiches.

That's it your dish is ready.Tell me in comments section how your dish turned up or if you have any other super quick recipe.

Cut bread in triangular pieces

Garnish with grated chocolate

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25 Mar 2015

Silver Lace Children's clothing store

Hiya folks,

     I am excited about sharing today's post with you all. Today's post is about Silver Lace, a children's clothing store.
    Silver Lace started when Kavitha Devaiah decided to turn her passion for embroidery and sewing into reality. As her children started schooling, she wondered if she could do something to keep herself busy. And so she started with one tailor to do the tailoring and she used to do all the smocking and embroidery. As people got to know about her venture through word of mouth she started getting more orders and had to find people to do the extra smocking etc. Fortunately she found one and after that, she also started training a few too. And here she is today after 13 years, very happy to be doing something to keep herself busy and also helping a few women run their families.

    Silver Lace offers simple, beautiful and comfortable dresses for your little girls. The material used for making frocks is mostly cotton or artsilk and if required silk. From hand smoked cotton to elegant party wear to summery tops they offer all. With summer around the corner you can rest assured your little princess is comfortable in dresses offered by Silver Lace.
    You can view some of their collections in the pictures below.

      The cherry on the top of cake is that Silver Lace is open for exhibition this March with their summer collection on the 26th, 27th and 28th March 2015. They have Trendy clutch bags for mommies too!

Details are as follows
Dates - 26th, 27th and 28th March 2015
Venue - A-012 Classic Royale garden apt. Hennur main road, Bangalore -560043
Contact - Kavitha on +919448108250 for further details.
Timings - 10.30 am to 5.30 pm 

So happy shopping folks with trendy clothes for your princess.
Till then cya. Have a great day ahead.         
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24 Mar 2015

Gift ideas for husband

Hiya folks,

It's my husband's birthday next month and am thinking about what to gift him. It has always been a tough situation wherein I find it difficult about what to gift my hubby on anniversaries and birthdays. I Googled for it and I just get the e-commerce websites selling gifts and no website with gift ideas.
So I decided to write a post about gift ideas for husband and I came up with a few gift ideas.

1) Travel pouch/bag
      If your man is a travel junkie he would surely love a travel pouch or a travel bag. You can gift a travel bag of his favorite brand to give a personal touch to your gift.

2) Gym bag
     A gymaholic would definitely need a gym bag and here lies the answer to the question of gifting your gymaholic husband.

3) Pen holder/stand
     I know it sounds like a bit boring gift idea, but believe me whenever he would look at the pen holder on his office desk he would think of you. And I guess this reason is enough for you to linger on his mind even when he is in the office ;)

4) Spa session
     Nothing can be more relaxing than a spa session. What can be a better gift on his b'day than him being content and relaxed. To make his day relaxing you can book a spa session in his favorite salon or at a spa.

5) Skin Care products
     Another boring option right. But we women are so obsessed with our own beauty regimes and all that we forget men too need to take care of their skin. There are many options when it comes to men's skin Care range. You need to look out and choose the ones which suit your husband.

6) Hard disk (I don't mean a CD)
   Your hubby is a movie buff and loves watching movies again and again. So a hard disk can be your gift so that he can save data or movies on it.

7) iPhone/Nexus mobile cover
      Trendy covers for phone can be a gift option when no other option is left. Indiacircus.com offers nice covers.

8) Photo album/ frame
     I particularly like this option. What is a better gift than memories which we cherish for life? Some favourite pictures of your marriage, honeymoon, random clicks arranged in a photo album would make a nice gift. I usually prefer Archies albums or frames.

9) Coffee Mug
     He will definitely love sipping his cuppa of tea or coffee in a coffee mug gifted by you.

10) Bath robe
      You know his favorite colour, so go in for a bath robe of that colour. I am sure he will definitely like this hatke gift.

      I usually prefer giving a greeting card along with the gift. It speaks thousand words. The feelings which we are unable to express find words through a card.

What is your idea of gifting your husband, boyfriend or brother? Tell me in comments section below.
Till then have a great day ahead.
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Hairfall : The horror story of my life

Hiya folks,

Today I am going to share with you the horror story of my life, my hairfall. My hairfall haunts me till date.

It all began when my parents were searching alliance for my marriage, when this dreaded hair fall started. Initially I ignored it as the falling strands were less. After 2 weeks or so the hair fall increased two fold. After 2 more weeks I was worried to death. Initially only 25 approx. hair strands would fall every time I combed my hair. Now it was 100 strands per combing :(.
To tackle the hairfall with home remedy I started eating one pomegranate every day and I followed this for almost 3 months. To add to the hairfall mayhem my marriage also got fixed around the same time. Now again I was worried as my hair had been very thin and volume less and I wanted to flaunt my thick, curly hair but couldn't do so. Still I continued with my home remedies :(.

After my marriage my hairfall was a bit ok( bcoz of pomegranate I guess ). My hair growth was good. Again after 5 months of marriage, I underwent a major surgery wherein prior to the surgery my haemoglobin level was as low as 6.5. After the surgery I was prescribed 3 IV iron shots which were to be taken on alternate days. At the time of surgery my hairfall had become serious and I feared I would become bald. I still ignored my hairfall :|.

After that, I got a job in the Bangalore city where I had shifted after marriage. My hairfall started haunting me again. This time I decided to ask my friend who is a doctor. She prescribed me some iron tablets and told me to consult a gynac.

Finally I visited the gynac as hairfall was severe by this time. I told her that I had suffered hairfall twice. She prescribed me two tests TSH and Iron Profile viz.. I feared that my hairfall was due to hormonal changes. But it was the other way round. My iron profile was very very poor. The iron reserves of my body were very less and so the hairfall kept on recurring after a lapse of few months.

My gynac prescribed me iron tablets and the dosage was very high. But the results were fascinating. My hairfall reduced by 50% in flat one week. My gynac advised me to continue with the treatment for next three months so as to build up the iron reserves of my body.

Now I pay attention to my diet and try to include iron rich food in my diet so as to maintain the iron reserves. I will share the iron rich foods which I include in my diet in another blog post soon.

And so this is my hairfall story, which is a horrible one, I know. Share with me your hairfall story and solutions in the comments section below.
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