Hiya folks,

Today am going to share with you a natural and pretty simple way to reduce the dark spots from your face. I have been using this technique to reduce Darkspots from my face for years and I swear by it.

Things you will need
- Oil, basically any oil, baby oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil or almond oil. I used to use coconut oil but as I have oily skin, now am using Johnson's baby oil.
- Tissue Paper
- Gram flour

Now coming to the procedure
1) Before going to bed, take 4-5 drops of oil. Dip the tips of your fingers in the oil and apply on the dark spot area.
2) Now, gently massage the oil into the skin wherever applied. Massage in a circular manner. Rubbing or upward downward massage should not be done.
3) The massaging should take place 4-5 circles in clockwise direction first and then 4-5 circles in anti clockwise direction.
4) If you feel there is excess oil use tissue paper to soak the excess oil.
5) Once the massaging is done don't wash the face. The oil should be absorbed by skin overnight.
6) In the morning, wash off the oil using gram flour and cold water. The oil should not be washed off using soap, face wash and/or any other foaming thing and water. Even lukewarm water or hot water is not to be used for washing off the oil.
7) Repeat the process everyday till you see visible reduction of dark spots.

1) If you have oily skin then avoid repeated usage of this technique. Have a time gap of 2-3 days in between your massage days.
2) If you have pimples with dark spots reduce the massage time.
3) Use of lukewarm water or hot water for cleaning the face may dry out the skin and do harm the skin rather than help.

So that's it. Simple yet effective method to reduce dark spots. Hope you try it and tell me in the comments section your results. Cya :)