Hiya folks,

We often hear that we should save electricity, water etc. But how many of us actually follow it. I am one of those who likes to save water ( I do bathe regularly :P).

Now am thinking that I should save electricity too. So am going to follow efree days.

Am putting my efforts of saving electricity in the following ways:

- I refrain from charging my mobile often, I charge my mobile phone only when it's battery is low. This also extends the battery life.
- I put my washing machine's spin on a lower rotation in summer. I occasionally wash clothes by hand.
- I switch the tv off while surfing internet on laptop or mobile.
- I don't watch tv while eating.
- I switch off the gadgets in the home when not in use.

These are the ways I have come up with. Will update the list when I find some other ways too.

Till then drop in your comments as to which are the ways of saving electricity according to you and which are the ones you follow. Would love to hear.
Cya folks. <3