19 Feb 2015

Book review: Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora

Hiya folks,

Today we will talk about a book which has really touched my heart and would like to share the review too. Did I forget to tell you that am a voracious reader? I can read anything, be it a newspaper, calender articles or any article. I recommend this book as a must read book.

So coming back to the book, Lemon Girl is written by Jyoti Arora. The book addresses grave issues which we witness today in our society. It is the story of Nirvi and Arsh who are the lead characters of the story. It is about a rape victim who thinks it's her fault that she got raped. It is about a question raised by society on rape victim and how the victim faces trauma and suffers emotional and mental turmoil.

“When it’s time for you to fall in love, even a lemon can become the cause of it,” says Arsh.

About the author
The author of the book is Jyoti Arora and this is her second book. The author has brilliantly handled sensitive subject. I would specially like to mention that I liked the language, word usage and quotes from the book a lot. All the best for your future work Jyoti and keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more of your writings.

You can contact Jyoti Arora at www.jyotiarora.com or connect with her on Twitter @Jy0tiAr0ra

Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora
Total pages- 165
Price- Rs. 255
ISBN- 978-93-5174-962-2

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