4 Jan 2015


When in doubt

When in doubt everything seems to be wrong

Even small things bother and irritate you

The way you react, you act, handle things changes

The moment of life yet to be lived holds secrets

Which we want to know desperately

But we have to dwell in our doubts and wait for life to unfold its secrets

Be it good or bad or worse!

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2 Jan 2015

I want to

I don't want to spend my evenings worrying about situations turning ugly.

I want to visit quiet places without the fear of getting lost.

I want to walk on the road without the fear of being stalked.
I don't want someone with me all the time as I am a woman.
I want to roam around freely.
I want to explore places all by myself without the fear of untoward situations.
I just don't want to analyze my life, I want to live my life.
I want to lead a normal life, worry free, hassle free.
I want to live and not just survive.

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