18 Dec 2014

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DIY face cleaning

Today we will see how to do DIY face cleaning. You can follow this skin care regime once or twice a week.

Things you will need

  • Deep pore cleansing milk
  • Mild ex-foliating scrub
  • Astringent / toner according to your skin type
  • Moisturiser or face cream
  • Ice cubes
  • Cotton balls
  • Blackhead remover
  • Hair belt
  • Hair clip
  • Napkin (cotton or paper preferably cotton)

Step 1) Remove any earrings, chain etc. if you are wearing (not a problem if you don't want to remove :) ). Wear hair belt to keep off your hair falling on face. Wear a hair clip to tip up your hair high in a bun.

Step 2) Take deep pore cleansing milk on your palm and apply in the form of dots to your face.

Step 3) Apply the cleansing milk in small circular and upward motion. Don't force the cleansing milk into the skin massage gently. Wait for a minute or two.

Step 4) Take cotton ball and dampen a little with water. Squeeze water out of cotton ball if excess.

Step 5) Wipe out the cleansing milk in upward direction. Change cotton ball if previous one has dirt and grim in excess.

Step 6) Now apply cleansing milk to neck and gorge area (throat area). Repeat the steps 2 to 5 for neck and gorge part.

Step 7) Wash face, neck and gorge with water and pat dry with napkin.

Step 8) Scrub your face, neck and gorge area gently with the scrub. Massage it gently on wet skin in small circular motions for about one or two minutes.

Step 9) Remove the scrub with moist cotton balls or wash it off and pat dry your skin.

Step 10) Take the blackhead remover and press by putting little pressure and moving downwards on nose area. Please do not use the blackhead remover on any other part of your face. After you are finished with the blackhead remover wash your face if required.

Step 11) Take astringent on cotton ball and apply to face. Do not rub the astringent, apply gently. A slight irritation or tingling sensation may be experienced. If you have dry or normal or combination skin apply ice cubes or toner instead of astringent.

Step 12) Apply your favourite moisturiser or face cream.

You are done!
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16 Dec 2014


Love is the tightest hug when you worry
Love is the 'Had your lunch?' when lunch box you dont carry

Love is the red roses bouquet when you want a pamper
Love is the feeling you want to hanker

Love is a catalogue of feelings
Love is a stack of kissed sealings

Love is the feeling of losing you
Love is the moments I think of you

Love is the light which brightens my day
Love is the hope I woke up today

Love is the feeling of being lost without you
Love is the world which revolves around you

Love is the forgiveness you offer to your loved ones
Love is the attention when you need for closed ones

Love is unrequited and rare
Love is to care and to share


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