13 Oct 2019

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Bon Organics Aloe Vera Face Wash Review


Today am reviewing the Bon Organics Aloe vera organic face wash. I have been using it on and off since past 6 months. I got it from a fellow blogger and friend Ishani from @earthymuse. Let's take a look at the review of the face wash.

Ingredients - Saponified Organic castor oil, Almond oil, Sunflower oil, Organic Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Extract of organic Lemon oil, Aloe Vera gel, Neem oil, Basil leaves & Demineralised water. Vegetable based Organic contents only. Contains No Harsh Chemicals, No alcohol, No animal products, or sulphates.

Packaging, Fragrance, Consistency-
The packaging is bit bulky, they have two sizes 200 ml and 100 ml. The face wash is housed in an amber coloured plastic bottle with a flip cap top. The fragrance of the face wash is exactly like the green medimix ayurvedic soap which I have used many years ago. The fragrance isn't lingering and not much bothering too. Coming to the consistency, the face wash is literally like water. If you dispense it, at one time you get too much quantity, or if you try to control the quantity you get less.

Bon Organics Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

When used as a single cleanse, it helps to clean the skin without any stretchy feeling. Although please remember to use less quantity and foam it as much as you can on your palm and then use. The foam disperses easily and it doesn't take too long to wash it off. When using in a double cleanse routine, make sure to use a little more quantity than usual. According to my experience I couldn't wash off my Neem balm properly with little quantity of Bon Organics Aloe Face Wash. Although this can differ in case of another balm or oil cleanser.

The face wash is a good option as a standalone product for combination, normal or oily skin type. You can also include it in double cleansing routine. I was too bored later on to use this big pack, so I might opt for Tea Tree and Neem variant they have in 100 ml 😅. Barring the consistency I don't have any complains regarding this face wash. It does not dry out the skin when used twice a day. Do not use more than twice a day as it may dry out the skin.

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 470 INR for 200 gms with a shelf life of 2 years from date of manufacturing. Available on bonorganics.com

Recommendation -  Bon Organics Aloe Vera Face Wash is a good organic face wash if you are looking for something to include in your skincare routine. It works well as a single cleanse as well as a good one in double cleansing as a second cleanser. Moreover the product is free from sulphates and is good to go. I was literally at wits end while finishing this huge quantity of 200 gms. I however do not like the runny consistency of the face wash. Barring that it is a good face wash. Pick it up if you have normal, combination or oily skin. I hope you find  Bon Organics Aloe Vera Face Wash Review helpful!

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3 Oct 2019


Best Makeup Removers In India

It is very important to take off the makeup and any traces of dirt, grime and sunscreen from face before sleeping. If the skin is not cleansed thoroughly, any further steps won’t be effective. Removing makeup becomes a tedious task if you are not using a proper makeup remover. A normal cleanser might not be enough to take off the stubborn waterproof makeup. Makeup residual left on skin can clog the pores further invite plenty of skin concerns. Oil based cleansers or Micellar water are designed to take off the stubborn makeup.

While there are so many commercial makeup removers in the market, not all of those are completely natural. Many of them contain mineral oil as well as micro plastic. These ingredients are neither good for your skin nor for this planet. When we have so many top notch natural options by our clean brands, what’s the need to go for such chemical filled makeup removers?

Let us see the Best Makeup Removers in India. The order is sorted in no particular format.

1) Just Herbs Sapta Jal Ayurvedic Micellar Water
This is India’s first ever Ayurvedic Micellar water. It has a blend of nurturing vegetable oils and 7 plant waters. This is definitely a revolutionary product in Indian market and one of the Best Makeup Removers in India. Plant based waters and nutrients take off the makeup effectively along with cleansing, toning and nourishing the skin.
Price: 845 INR for 200ml

2) Juicy Chemistry Fig, Maple & Damask Rose Organic Makeup Cleanser
Juicy Chemistry Fig, Maple & Damask Rose Organic Makeup Cleanser removes the gunk from pores along with nourishing and replenishing the skin. Maple syrup is a unique ingredient used in skincare, which acts as a cleanser and hydrates and tightens the skin. Astringent properties of rose help in taking off the gunk and toning the skin. Fig seed oil boosts collagen and elastin. Vitamin C enriched in fig oil helps in making skin soft, supple and brighter. Juicy Chemistry is the first-ever Indian brand with a complete certified organic products range by Ecocert (France) in accordance with COSMOS V3 Standard. This makeup cleanser is reasonably priced and is definitely one of the Best Makeup Removers in India.
Price: 550 INR for 100ml

3) Kama Ayurveda All Natural Makeup Remover
Kama Ayurveda All Natural Makeup Remover is blended with natural oils and butters to take off stubborn makeup. The natural formulation is suitable for skin types even sensitive. The delightful creamy texture buffers against dryness, stinging, redness and breakouts. The enrichment of decadent blend of olive, jojoba and castor seed oils along with shea butter replenishes dehydrated skin. It also prevents major concerns like premature ageing and gives skin the wholesome sheen. This makeup remover is undoubtedly a dream cleanser for all skin types – especially dry, dehydrated skin types.
Price: 1195 INR for 100g

4) Gulnare Skincare Flower Power Face Cream & Makeup Remover
Gulnare Skincare Flower Power Face Cream & Makeup Remover is a unique gel based formulation. It is enriched with hibiscus which helps in speeding up the cell turnover and encourages fresh, young, smooth skin. Apart from being a makeup remover, it also acts as a moisturiser and cleanser.
Price 700 INR for 60g

5) Imiana House Organic Makeup Remover
Imiana House Organic Makeup Remover is an effective yet gentle makeup remover. It takes off all traces of stubborn makeup leaving the skin hydrated and glowing behind. This non comedoegenic makeup remover is suitable for all skin types.
Price: 650 INR for 50ml

6) Ohria Ayurveda Papaya & Yoghurt Facial Cleanser
Ohria Ayurveda Ohria Ayurveda Papaya & Yoghurt Facial Cleanser is soothing and non-drying cleanser. It is enriched with papaya, rose water and yogurt. It softens, hydrates and nourishes the skin.
Price: 1190 INR for 200ml

7) Moolit Ubtan & Mylk
Moolit Ubtan & Mylk is a makeup remover formulated with just 4 ingredients california almonds, glycerine esters, lakadong turmeric & organic kashmiri saffron. It is a brightening cleanser cum mask cum makeup remover.
Price: 750 INR for 50ml available on instagram page @moolitbeauty

8) Sand for Soapaholics Wipe Out
Sand for Soapaholics Wipe Out is enriched with beeswax and oils of almond and peanuts. This makeup remover is suitable for all skin types. It has indeed some unique ingredients!
Price: 475 INR for 50g

9) Daily cleansers cum makeup removers by Lavenza
Lavenza has 3 different variants namely
Natural Cleansing Wash - Daily Face Cleanser + Makeup Remover (With Lavender Oil)
Natural Cleansing Wash - Daily Face Cleanser + Makeup Remover (With Orange Oil)
Natural Cleansing Wash - Daily Face Cleanser + Makeup Remover (With Ylang Ylang Oil)
These soap free cleansers are enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. It lathers up once in contact with water and leaves skin nourished, moisturized behind.
Price: 430 INR for 50g

10) Dot & Key Melt Away Makeup Remover Balm
This makeup remover balm is specifically formulated to take off the stubborn makeup. It cleanses the skin and nourishes it at the same time. It has no nasty chemicals and is enriched with the goodness of coconut, almond, macadamia and argan oils to nourish and hydrate skin deeply.
Price: 750 INR for 50ml

11) Bliscent Makeup Remover
This makeup remover is based on rose water to take off makeup gently. It leaves the skin nourished and moisturized. It doesn’t irritate eyes as well. Rose water with honey leave the skin toned and nourished.
Price: 300 INR for 50ml

12) Nirvana Botanique Eye & Lip Make Up Remover
This makeup remover is enriched with jojoba oil and vitamin e. It claims to remove the stubborn waterproof makeup effectively. Anti ageing properties of the makeup remover also helps in reducing wrinkles.
Price: 499 INR for 30ml

13) SAO 100% Natural Make Up Remover (Infused With Essential Oils)
This makeup remover has a beautiful blend of essential oils that will help deeply cleansing the skin by dissolving on surface impurities gently. It keeps the skin balanced, moisturized and supple.
Price: 575 INR for 30ml

14) Skin Yoga Makeup Remover (One Step)
This one step makeup remover removes all the dirt and makeup whilst purifying and soothing the skin. Moreover, it can be kept on skin without washing off.
Price: 495 for 100ml

15) Bare Necessities Rosy Cheeks Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser
This is again a multipurpose makeup remover. It lifts away dirt, grime and makeup, leaving skin thoroughly cleansed, toned and hydrated – thanks to rose water and coconut oil. It is powerful yet gentle refreshing cleanser.
Price: 175 INR for 20ml

All above products are available on Amazon and brand’s own websites unless mentioned.
I hope this post, Best Makeup Removers in India was useful to you!

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27 Sep 2019

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Biotique Bio Quince Seed Nourishing Face Massage Cream Review

A good facial massage helps to strengthens the facial muscle, increases blood circulation and promotes collagen production. It also detoxifies by draining the lymphatic fluid. It is a also a good anti-aging tool and relaxing at the same time. I have been doing a facial massage since 2 years and I have seen good difference in reducing the acne marks on my face.

Brand Claims and Ingredients

Quince Seed is rich in vitamins and minerals and is known for its moisture retaining benefits.

Biotique Bio Quince Seed Nourishing Face Massage Cream Review

The product is housed in a white, plastic tub with an inner double lid for preventing the product leakage. The product is white in colour and has a slippery texture to it. The fragrance of the product is like Bio Quince Seed I suppose, since I have never sniffed this particular ingredient. Also the fragrance is non lingering and non bothering.

The massage cream gets easily absorbed into the skin without any hassle. While doing a facial massage you shouldn't tug or pull your skin and this massage cream helps in giving a nice slip to your fingers for the massage. The cream isn't heavy or greasy at the same time which I why I actually enjoyed using this face massage cream. The cream suits my oily and acne prone skin perfectly and I didn't experience any breakouts while using this cream.

After massaging my skin with this cream my skin feels soft, smooth and glowing. I could actually see a difference in the reduction of some fine lines on forehead. The cream even doubles up as a nourishing hand and feet moisturizer which is how am using it now a days. If at all you end up using a little more cream than needed on your face, post massage you can just wipe it off using a damp cotton pad. Also the product claims to suit normal to dry skin types still it suits my oily and acne prone skin. Also this cream perfectly suits the face  massage technique wherein oil is used for face massage.

The fact that Biotique products don't reveal the full ingredients and claim to be preservative free maybe the only thing of concern for some people. I absolutely like using the cream and so am going to repurchase it soon.

Biotique Bio Quince Seed Massage Cream retails at 230 INR fo 50 gms with a shelf life of 3 years. It is easily available on discount here.
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Oriflame Love Nature Wheat and Coconut Shampoo Review

Guest Post
I have been using Oriflame Love Nature Wheat and Coconut Shampoo from quiet a long time now. Usual shampoos like Dove, Sunsilk, Pantene do not give me the desired results and hence I came across shampoos by Oriflame.

About Oriflame
Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetic company. The brand has nature inspired beauty products and their presence is in more than 60 countries. Their selling policy is quite different. You can purchase the products through appointed marketing agents only. There is no way to get the products directly from any shop. You have to go through the agents only. You won’t find brand’s flagship store anywhere.

This was a big hit in 90’s and 2000’s with a flood of lots of such brands. Many brands had targeted even doctors to promote the personal care products. Yes, even doctors were selling products to their patients and friends. Ladies found business in their kitty parties and social gatherings. But after the online shopping evolution in India, Oriflame hasn’t changed the policy. In fact almost none of the brands have. It is the biggest issue to avid online shoppers like me. You get this some products by the brand online during random deals though.

About Love Nature
Love Nature range by Oriflame is inspired by nature. The range has natural organic extracts and the products are completely free from paraben. All the rinse off products from this range are biodegradable, natural exfoliants and free from silicones. The bottles used are made from 40% recycled plastic. This is truly commendable!

About Oriflame Love Nature Wheat and Coconut Shampoo
This creamy shampoo with natural Wheat and Coconut oil gently cleanses hair and helps to combat dryness and future damage. Biodegradable formulation.

Packaging, Texture & Fragrance
Oriflame Love Nature Wheat and Coconut Shampoo comes in transparent bottle with white flip cap. It is quiet easy to take off the shampoo and see the quantity as the bottle is transparent. The bottle is sturdy and easy to travel with.
Shampoo is opaque off white in colour and the texture is thick just like any normal shampoo and the fragrance is of sweet tender coconut which is not overpowering.

My Experience
I take some shampoo and mix with water to generate lather. I use the foam on scalp and hair to cleanse. The shampoo is very mild. If I have done slight oiling, it takes it off very easily but if I have done champi or heavy oiling, my hair look fresh and scalp thoroughly cleansed but I do face itchiness. It is because the shampoo cannot take off everything on its own.

Oriflame Love Nature Wheat and Coconut Shampoo lathers less than normal shampoos so I end up using it more. With each wash I do get soft and cleansed hair but conditioner is required if you have dry hair. In case I overuse the shampoo, I do get very dry and unmanageably tangled hair.


Price & Availability
The shampoo is priced at 369 INR for 250ml bottle but it is often sold at discounted price which is around 250 INR . Availability of Oriflame products is the biggest issue. You have to rely either on certain websites or brand’s authorised members as they believe in direct selling. You can get it though amazon or flipkart during sale offers.

  • Affordable
  • Mild shampoo
  • Good for dry to normal to hair types if slightly oiled  
  • Good for dry to normal to hair types with no oiling or mild oiling
  • Free from paraben and silicones
  • Availability is the biggest issue
  • Lathers less
  • Contains SLS, artificial colours and fragrance
  • Does not cleanse heavily oiled hair
Oriflame Love Nature Wheat and Coconut Shampoo is free from paraben but it does contain the controversial  irritant SLS. The shampoo is not clean but something better than very strong or harsh shampoos. I would recommend it to normal to dry hair types only. If you have very dry hair, this would not be the right choice. Also, it is very mild shampoo so it isn’t effective on heavily oiled hair. If you are eyeing only clean and SLS free, artificial colour and fragrance free shampoo, you may skip this.

Author Bio
Hiral is a crazy skincare enthusiast. She loves finding and supporting sustainable and effective skincare products especially the small businesses owned by women. She runs her own blog pepilio.com where she shares every bit of her skincare love.

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22 Sep 2019

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Moolit Beauty Sunshine Drops Review

I vividly remember buying the first ever Moolit Beauty Product the Neem Gel to Milk Cleanser. After that I bought the 100x washed ghee ️and then the Rosehip oil. Hold on, none of these products are being made now. Today am reviewing the first permanent product of Moolit Beauty that is the Sunshine Drops.

I have truly enjoyed using all the products which I bought from Moolit Beauty. I bought the Sunshine Drops in July 2019 and am halfway through my bottle. Let's dive into the review without any further discussion.

Moolit Beauty Sunshine Drops Review

Brand Claims

A glow boosting serum for scarred & damaged skin

Ingredients - Organic rosehip seed oil, organic seabuckthorn berry pulp CO2 extract, organic sunflower seed oil, organic rosemary antioxidant CO2 extract.

Packaging, Fragrance, Texture - 
The product is housed in an amber coloured glass bottle with a plastic dispenser and you also receive a dropper along with the product. I didn't use the dropper since am okay with the dispenser itself. Since the product goes by the name Sunshine Drops, each time I dispense it I think of the sun and don't ask me why? The colour of the face oil (serum if you may say) is bright orange which reminds me of the sun . The fragrance of the serum is that of a Rosehip oil, since I have previously used Rosehip oil from the same brand, it smells exactly same.

The texture of the serum is astonishingly light and non sticky. You can definitely say like a dry oil. The product is perfect for skincare product layering owing to the texture.

My experience of Moolit Beauty Sunshine Drops

I have used Rosehip Oil from Moolit Beauty for the longest time and the same has happened with this serum too. As stated above I am halfway through the bottle. The serum is like a dry oil which when applied to the skin barely feels like it has been applied. When I touch my face after 1 hour of applying this serum I don't get any residual feeling on my fingers. Once you try to go overboard with more than 2 drops it is going to get wasted instead of doing any good to your skin. I have oily, acne prone skin and I use just 2 drops when using as a standalone serum. As mentioned by Utkarshini in her post on Instagram, I sometimes mix with half tbsp of aloe gel just one drop of it and my day time moisturizer is sorted.

Talking about the efficiency, the oil definitely gives a little glow to the skin and reduces dullness to a great extent. However the effects are seen when you regularly use it for around 6-7 weeks. It's not a one time effect or something which you can expect the serum to magically do. Although I do believe each Moolit Beauty creation is a magic itself. Sunshine Drops is a blend of light oils namely Rosehip oil and sunflower oil and has seabuckthorn berry pulp co2 extracts along with the rosemary co2 extracts.

The ultra non sticky, non oily texture can make the serum suitable for all skin types and dry/ normal skinned beauties might find the need to use a moisturizer underneath it. I am however not into skincare layering and so I use it as moisturizer during day (mixed with aloe gel) or as a serum at the night. If you are looking for a good serum to invest in then Moolit Beauty Sunshine Drops would be a good choice. I might pick up another bottle once I finish this one. Currently am also testing the Ubtan & Mylk so stay tuned for the review as well.

Night time/Swatch

Mixed with aloe gel

Price, Shelf Life and Availability - 550 INR for 10 ml with a shelf life of 6 months. Available on the link mentioned in Moolit Beauty Instagram page (@moolitbeauty).

Recommendation of Moolit Beauty Sunshine Drops

Moolit Beauty Sunshine Drops is a lightweight serum for day to day use. The serum gives a glow to the skin without any oily or sticky feeling. It can also double up as a moisturizer when mixed with aloe gel. It can also work well in skincare layering due to it's light, dry texture. I would recommend the Sunshine Drops to get rid of dullness with a regular usage of 6 weeks. However if you don't enjoy using Rosehip oil this one would be a skip for you. I am buying it again once I finish off my bottle of this serum and jar of Ubtan & Mylk.

*Product Purchased with my own money

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19 Sep 2019

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Dot and Key Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum Concentrate Review

Today am reviewing Dot and Key Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum Concentrate. I had received it along with the Dot and Key Clarifying Serum and somehow forgot to use it. Am penning down this review after using it for 10 days.

Brand Claims and Ingredients

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance 
The serum is housed in a blue, opaque, thick plastic bottle with a white dropper. The bottle has an inner rubber lining. The consistency of the product is a little thick but non runny. The product has a strong fragrance which is a bit bothering to the nose. I don't understand the addition of Parfum to the product when the brand claims to be a clean brand. I also don't like the artifical fragrance of these serums.

My experience
The serum has an opaque, thick yet slimy texture as stated before. No sooner you apply it on the skin than it gets absorbed really quick. It neither leaves a greasy feeling nor a watery feeling. I like the absorbing quality of the serum. It sinks into the skin giving an even toned skin. After some time you won't feel like you have applied something and yet get smooth and plump skin.

Now coming to the efficiency, my skin becomes plump when I use it night. I don't like using this serum during the day and have tested it for night routine only. I applied the serum for ten days (once a day) and felt smooth and plump skin. I sometimes feel dryness in the morning skin I can't  use an oil sealant to seal the goodness inside. My skin doesn't work well with skincare products layering, so I tried to mix the serum with a little aloe gel and an oil serum. This way it works quite ok for me as opposed to using as a standalone serum.

Initially when I applied the serum some days my skin would look parched and some days it would look plump. I think it was due to the weather conditions. Although am not a fan of skincare layering, this serum would work for those who use sealant oils in their routine.

Price, Shelf Life and Availability - 895 INR for 30 ml with a shelf life of 3 years. Dot and Key Hyaluroic Serum Concentrate is available on Dot and Key website, Amazon.in, Nykaa.com

I would recommend the Dot and Key Hyaluronic Serum Concentrate as a good option to plump up the skin and get even toned skin. However it would be best used when mixed with plain aloe gel for people who are acne prone and who aren't into skincare layering. This would be the best option for dry, normal and combination skin types who can add an additional layer of moisturizer above this serum.

*PR sample

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