16 Mar 2019


Nature's Destiny Products' Review


Am back with another review of a brand named Nature's Destiny. Some months back I had received some products from them which I really liked using. I also ordered a few soaps and Kumkumadi serum from them and have also ordered some products for my Mom. I really like their simple approach towards the products and their pricing range. Let's head to the review of the products which I have been using over few weeks now.

 Mint Morning Body Wash
I like using body wash as much as I love using handmade soaps. Body washes are handy during travels. The Nature's Destiny Mint Morning Body Wash is packed in a sturdy plastic bottle with a flip cap top. The body wash has a fresh minty fragrance, it instantly reminds me of fresh peppermint mint leaves we get to smell in the market. Yes it's that fresh fragrance. The body wash has a gooey consistency and has opaque colour. The body wash cleanses the skin nicely with the urge to excessively wash off the residue. Overall I like the body wash and might pick again next time.
Ingredients - Saponified Neem oil, Ricebran oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter, Peppermint extracts, Water.
Price and Quantity - 125 INR for 200 gms

Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion
Another favorite product from Nature's Destiny, it's light weight lotion which perfectly hydrates as well as moisturizes the skin. The product is packed in a pump up bottle. The lotion is little runny in nature and gets dispensed easily. It gets absorbed into the skin easily without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling behind. I love using this one and after using this I also ordered one for my mom. The lotion smells amazing and the fragrance is absolutely no bothering.
Ingredients - Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, flaxseed oil, lavender extracts oil, emulsifying wax, rose water
Price and Quantity - 150 INR for 150 gms

Detox Clay Mask
I have a fetish for masks and Clay mask is like cherry on the cake. Nature's Destiny Detox Clay Mask is meant for dry, sensitive skin. So when I applied the mask I was surprised to the amount of hydrating and moisturizing effects it gave to my skin, so much that I skipped using a moisturizer. This one will be perfect for dry skinned beauties as it moisturizes the skin. The consistency of the mask is soft which makes applying easy. The product is housed in a plastic jar with a metal lid. After washing off the mask skin feels soft and brightened. I really would like to try something for oily skin from their range of masks.
Ingredients - French pink clay, Rose Clay ,Shea butter, Soybean oil, Kaolin Clay, Almond oil, Flaxseed oil, Emulsifying Wax, Water, Preservative.
Price and Quantity - 150 INR for 50 gms

Overall Thoughts - I have used many products from the brand Nature's Destiny and have liked each of them. Rather I keep on reaching out to their miracle lip balm every now and then to keep my lips hydrated and moisturized. I would like to highly recommended the brand for the simple yet effective yet afford to product range that they have. I will soon be posting the review of the Kumkumadi Serum I purchased free months back from them.

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1 Mar 2019

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Skincare, Haircare, Bodycare Empties #15

So this year I have been successful enough to write an empties post each month. Although some products take time to empty, more than one month to be specific. Let's head to the post and check what all I have emptied over last month.

Greenie Mill Rose & Vanilla Body Lotion
With the summers approaching this lotion is a good time to pick up this lotion. It will easily last you one month. The fragrance of this lotion is of rose and it feels authentic rose fragrance. I really liked the lotion. I might pick up once my current body lotion is over.

Sachi Rituals Dynamic Charcoal Calming Body Wash
I liked the cleansing efficiency of this body wash. It like a normal body wash which doesn't strip moisture from the skin. Overall I like it but won't be repurchasing.

Satthwa Argan Shampoo
My cult favourite shampoo which am using from the past 10 months. A 200 ml pack lasts me 3 months so the price is fair enough. This shampoo reduces the amount of hair you shed in the shower. I have considerable amount of hair growth while using this shampoo. I might change to another brand soon, but will keep on coming back to this.

Plum Green Tea Clear Mask
Another favorite mask to keep acne at bay. I have used many jars of this mask and I keep on repurchasing this. I already have a back up of this.

Plum Green Tea Clarity Renewed Night Gel
Another favorite from the brand's Green Tea Range. I love it's light weight texture and the way it sinks into the skin. I have already repurchased this one.

Sand Soapaholics After Glow Face Cleanser
Sand Soapaholics products were sent to me by Archangel from IBeautySpy as a Xmas gift. I liked the way this cleanser gives a glow to the face. However the granules are too big to scrub on your face. Plus you cannot even use as a mask. Little goes a long way in terms of usage with Sand Soapaholics products. I might not pick this up again.

So from the above list Plum products are my favorite which I have already stocked up. Shampoo is also cult favourite and I keep on repurchasing it,
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