22 May 2018

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VanityCask Summer Romance Edition

By now you might be aware of the luxurious subscription box named VanityCask wherein we get to try some luxurious brands which otherwise are a bit costly. I really like the black box which in which all the  products are housed, plus not to mention the silky pink potli which carries the products. Today ee will be checking out the Summer Romance Edition which is curated keeping in mind the summer season. Read on to know the curation story and the contents of the box.

Curation Story 
Come summer time and most of India is taken over by hot weather, and the first to feel the heat is our skin. Team VanityCask and our in-house specialists have spent the last few months researching the best way to fight the heat, while giving you a taste of a premium luxury vacation. We worked towards creating a box that would cater to every problem that your skin and hair face during the summer. The idea was to fulfill your needs while giving you the exotic experience you deserve. Th result is our VanityCask Summer Romance Edition, the ultimate guide to summer luxury!

Votre Day Moisturising Gel SPF-25
Summer calls in for some light weight gel based moisturisers for oily skin types. Sinceany of use sweat a lot during the summer season, a gel based formula is quite apt. I like using Votre Day Moisturising Gel while heading out during day and I like how it hydrates and moisturises my skin while not being sticky at all.
Brand Claims: This product is a blend of gel moisturizer with sun-protection that protects your skin from harmful UV rays. This moisturising gel gets easily absorbed into the skin, controls oil and gives a non-greasy glow. It keeps you hydrated all throughout the day. It protects your sensitive skin from the harmful UV rays with SPF 25. It revitalises your skin, adds a natural glow and is dermatologist tested.
Ingredients: Licorice, Blackberry, OMC, Tea Tree, Neem, Base q.s

Sova Shea Butter & Kumari Body Lotion
Summer season doesn't mean we have to skip body lotions, and to make the skin feel moisturized without any stickiness this lotion comes to the rescue.
Brand Claims: Woven with the wisdom of the traditional Kumari plant to replenish your skin and rich Shea Butter to make it divinely silky, this lust-worthy lotion with soya extract, macadamia nut, and jojoba oil leaves your skin illuminated and youthful for all the years to come.
Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Macadamia Nut Oil, Shea Butter, Soya Extract, Beetroot Extract

MCaffeine Liquid Funk Caffeine Shower Gel
Who loves bathing with cool water and a shower gel. I really liked the idea of a shower gel in the summer edition of the VanityCask Box as we tend to sweat a lot and for a quick shower, shower gel is very handy.
Brand Claims: Get acquainted with the whirlwind of energy with this Caffeine infused shower gel. MCaffeine Shower gel keeps you refreshed, energized and charged. Caffeine infused in the gel, removes the dead cells and gives your skin a healthy glow. It cleanses the skin while its bubbles and intoxicating minty scent will leave you feeling refreshed and revived.
Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Taurine and Vitamin E

Mom’s Therapy Herbal Hair Pack
Hair, from my point of view needs extra care during summers as we sweat a lot and dust pollution tends to accumulate and wreak havoc of the hair texture. Hair packs go a long way in maintaining the texture of the hair just like a face pack for face. I am really happy to receive the product in the box.
Brand Claims: Mom’s Therapy hair pack with the power of 9 herbs, nourishes the hair and enhances hair growth. It is an effective remedy for common hair problems like dandruff, hair fall and premature graying. It revitalizes the hair, making it healthy and lustrous.
Ingredients: Amla, Neem, Reetha, Fenugreek seeds and Rose petals

Mond'sub Sheet Masks
Cherry Brightening Facial Mask and Anti-Wrinkle and Moisturizing Facial Mask
Facial masks are a good way to prep up your skin when you are on the go. Since during summers most of us plan for vacations and outings, using sheet masks is a good way of pampering the skin while travelling. This way you carry less and still pamper your skin without disturbing your skincare routine.
Brand Claims of Cherry Brightening Facial Mask : Cherry containing abundant vitamin C which is 50 times tomato’s, this product can soften and beautify skin. Together with several essences and moisturizing ingredients, this formulation can penetrate into the skin, moisturize, smoothen and brighten skin.
Brand Claims of Anti-Wrinkle and Moisturizing Facial Mask : It balances skin nutrients and replenishes skin, nourishing & hydrating skin and increasing skin’s vigor. Formulated with several plant extracted essences, this formula is specially designed for dry skin, mature or prematurely aging skin.

Overall Thoughts
Speaking of the theme, the products chosen are good, right from body care to hair care and face care. Each and every product is useful for the ongoing summer season. I especially like the addition of the hair pack in the box. I would still look on for a full size product from any Indian brand in the box. The black box isvery useful for storing your essential be it skincare or makeup. I am so loving this box at the moment, but I would also look forward to one full size product of any Indian brand at a price point of 999 INR

*PR sample

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8 May 2018

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Bliscent Lip Care Products Review

Bliscent is a brand I always had thought of trying but never got a chance, all thanks to some impromptus shopping online as well as offline. I received Bliscent Hot Chocolate Lip balm and Pineapple Kiss lip scrub in two VanityCask Boxes. So today am going to review both these lip care products. We often fail to scrub our lips but we shouldn't skip doing that. Okay, onto the review now.


My experience
Both the products are housed in SAN jars which have a double lip plus are very sturdy. I sometimes keep on dropping my stuff and these beauties were strong to resist the drops without a single damage. The products carry ingredients list as well as price on lables, which are in bottom of the jars.

The lip scrub is good and has very small sugar granules so as to exfoliate the tender lip skin. The lip scrub does a decent job of scrubbing effect without being too harsh. Due care is to be taken so as not to scrub too harshly as it might hurt. On one occasion I had a mild irritatuon on my lips and this scrub burned that particular area a lot. Nonetheless the fragrance or flavour of the product is amazing and feels like real pineapple, like real, freshly cut pineapple.

Coming to the lip balm, again it's fragrance is amazing, like fresh host chocolate. The lip balm is very moisturising and soothing for chapped lips. It instantly puckers up the lips making them soft, smooth and supple. The moisturising effects last upto one day if you don't lick your lips often or are not into applying lip balms often. This is the best part I feel as I tend to forget reapplication of lip balms.

Now the main part, both the products use lip safe flavour oil, I don't know if it is oil or just flavour or just a chemical. Even though the brand mentions it lip safe, I don't know who marked it is as lip safe (if you know what I mean). According to me mimicking a real fruit or chocolate fragrance can be done only via a chemical. But if we need some lip smacking flavors like hot chocolate or pineapple in our products we have no option other than using some lip safe chemicals. Overall speaking the products are good to use if you don't mind using some lip safe chemicals!

Price, Shelf life and Availability - Lip balm 150 INR for 5 gms, lip scrub 200 INR for 10 gms. Shelf life of lip balm mentioned as 6 months. Avukabon Bliscent website

I really like the cute, sturdy, double lid jars. I like the efficiency of the products as well as the fragrance. If you are someone who is into total synthetic, chemical free lip care products then Bliscent lip care products are not for you. But if you don't mind any chemicals and are a sucker for fragrance of hot chocolate and fruits then these are just perfect for your taste. I would rather skip repurchase due to the lip safe flavour oils used in them.
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3 May 2018

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Top 5 Powder Cleansers to Use + DIY

Powder cleansers are my whole and sole skincare products without which my skincare is incomplete now. If you love using foaming cleansers, the incomplete feeling you get or something is amiss feeling you get when you don't use foaming cleansers, I get the same feeling if I don't use powder cleansers. So now you can really call me a powder cleanser addict and am going to list down my favourite powder cleansers which you cannot miss out at any cost.

The best part about powder cleansers is that you they need no foaming agents and no preservatives. You can choose from a range of products to suit your skin's needs. They also act as a cleanser, scrub and a face pack. What's more you don't need more water to wash them off (water saving tip, bad joke I know 😣). But am truly obsessed with powder cleanser and here is a list of my top picks (which will be updated in future too)

Although a little pricey for the quantity offered, I like the instant glow and freshness this powder cleanser gives. The product also works as a face scrub and gives soft and smooth skin.

I love how simple yet effective this powder cleanser is from the house of Artisanal Skincare. With each use my skin was left glowing and the end of emptying my tub I could see the pigmentation aorund my mouth was reduced. 

This one is a current favorite and helps in diminishing the appearance of black heads plus helps in combatting acne. It gets washed off easily and lasts more than thought.

Diya Naturals Cleansing Powder
I like the earthy fragrance of this powder cleanser, I mostly end up using this one at night due to the presence of lemon peel powder and lemon essential oil in it. Nonetheless I am in love with the packaging of this.

Embar Store Cleansing Grains can be immediately applied as face pack while washing your face. The product dries up quickly too so you don't end up waiting for the face pack to dry. I like the fragrance of the product and end up sniffing it most of the time.

If you want to read a detailed review of the powder cleansers plea click the title of each to read the review. Now it's time for a DIY. For this DIY am going to link up the first ever product of my shop and to top it all this is the best seller product till date. So here the DIY of Oats Almond Cleanser. I hope you all enjoyed the post. If you have any queries or doubts please comment below and I will try my level best to solve them.
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30 Apr 2018

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Skinsense Natural Luxury Tejas Skin Glow Cleanser- Face Pack Review

Hi All,

I am excited to write a review about another amazing powder cleanser which I have been using for a much longer time than thought. Let's hop onto the review to check whether the product lives upto it's claims or not.

Brand Claims - Tejas - Vettiver root and Ranawara flower Exfoliating Cleanser cleanses and nourishes to reveal a clear, radiant, glowing complexion. Formulated with Indian ranawara flower, Indian sweet rose and botanicals,  this face cleanser offers astringent benefits to tighten and diminish the look of pores, while it effectively removes dead dermal cells and impurities, while also hydrating as it locks in moisture to revitalize and promote healthy, supple skin.

Ingredients - Ranwara flowers, mulethi, better, hrnsh and Lentuks

Ideal for these concerns : Free radical damage, acne, sun-tan, large pores. Ideal for these Skin Types: Oily skin, normal skin,combination skin, Acne-prone skin, Mature skin.

My experience
As seen in the pictures, the product is housed in a plastic tub which is reusable once the product gets over. I have had no problem while using the tub. Rather I like how sturdy it is.

Coming to the texture of the cleanser, it's a finely milled one with rice powder like texture. When mixed with water it doesn't form a smooth paste it forms some chunk sort as the cleanser tends to soak up the water. We need to add more water to make a smooth paste. 

After using the product as a cleanser the skin feels clean, soft and smooth. I have even seen reduction in white heads due to mild scrubbing effect of it, when used regularly for 2 weeks. The cleanser has a good texture which is neither all powdery which just glides on the skin nor is just chunks of scrub particles which just end up scrubbing without cleansing. The cleanser does a good job of cleansing without stripping the face sebum and without being harsh at all. It leaves the skin smooth and soft.

I have even used the cleanser as a face pack, as a thick layer. After leaving the face pack for a good 20 minutes the appearance of black heads significantly lessens, skin becomes clear and radiant. I like using the product both as a cleanser and face pack. The product has even reduced my under the skin acne (new skin tantrums 😣) which is a hormonal thing for me every month.

The In 
  • Dual Purpose product, can be used both as a Cleanser or/and Pack /scrub
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth
  • Reduces white heads with regular usage
  • Reduces appearance of black heads when used as a face pack
  • Removes dead skin cells and worlds great as a scrub
The Out
  • I didn't find any reduction in pores as per brand claims, but I never expected the product to do it, so it's not a con for me
Price, Shelf life and Availability - 485 INR for 80 gms with a shelf life of 4-5 months. But I think it will last longer if we don't let water enter it and keep away from moisture.

As a powder cleanser lover, I love everything the Skinsense Natural Luxury Tejas Skin Glow Cleanser- Face Pack has to offer, it's fragrance, it's texture, it's double duty efficiency. Moreover I liked the fact that it helps in minimizing the appearance of black heads. I like to use it both as a cleanser as well as face pack equally. If you are into powder cleansers go grab this fast and even if you are not into, I would recommend grabbing this.
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25 Apr 2018


Sort your personalized gifting woes with Canvas Champ

We all know how difficult gifting is! At least for me it is. How and what gift to choose, wether the person whom am gifting will like it or not? Sometimes I like some gifts but not the colour combination they have, sometimes they are out of my budget, sometimes I run out of gifting ideas. Recently I thought of gifting my husband something, because of my fractured leg, he had a busy and hectic time and was juggling his office and my doctor appointments and all. 

I earlier had a chance to get our wedding picture printed on a canvas amd I thought of giving it a try. Since with a fractured leg I couldn't go out and but something I opted for online gifting solution. I had always wanted to gift my husband a customized my with his picture or a T-shirt. But then t-shirt does wear off and with a little kid in the home the mug too might break. So I thought of gifting him a pillow with his own photograph.

I placed my order on Canvas Champ and headed straight to the pillow section. Since we travel a lot I thought of gifting him a pillow so that his neck doesn't pain. I selected a small pillow 12"X12" pillow so that it would be easier to carry around while travelling. Canvas Champ also has an option to select the pillow size according to your preference. I then selected the image which I wanted to be printed on it. Once we select an image, we can also choose the back colour of the pillow. The options to choose back colour of pillow are white, yellow and grey (not dark colours though, we get to see the actual colour while making a selection). Afterwards we will also be shown a previous of the pillow so as to get an idea. After selecting everything, we proceed to checkout.

I placed my order on 8th March 2018, the pillow went for production house on 10th March and my order was shipped on 15th March 2018. I received my order in 2-3 days after shipment was dispatched. At every point of product status update, I received an email which kept me updated about my order. The product came in safely packed box and to my surprise my husband was at home to receive the pillow. I told him to open the package, else otherwise my son does that, lol. He was taken aback and happy after seeing his favourite picture on the pillow. My son immediately grabbed the pillow and was onto bed acting like he had fallen asleep πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Overall speaking my shopping experience with Canvas Champ was very easy and smooth. I had even called their customer care number as my friend also wanted to place an order for the printed pillow, I was happy with the interaction of customer care. I would highly recommend you all to give Canvas Champ a go for your personalized gifting solution.
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23 Apr 2018

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VanityCask Shades of April Edition 2018 - Unboxing

Another month brings in new VanityCask Box. VanityCask box is a luxurious beauty subscription box which allows us to try some luxurious brand products before trying out the full sizes. Let's head start to the curation story and the contents.

Curation Story
Get rid of all your beauty woes with VanityCask's Shades of April Edition! Boost your gorgeous skin with Sova Chamomile and Coorgi Narangi Body wash. Brighten up your lackluster skin with Mcaffine Uplift Trance Face Cream. Indulge and pamper your skin with Mond'sub 3D Pearl Mask with Vitamin C and Deep Brightening and Whitening Facial Mask and The Nature's Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash. Finally, get the ultra shiny glamorous and sensational nails you have always wanted with Myglamm Two Of Your Kind - Long Lasting Enamel Duo.

So am not going to talk about the ingredients and how well the products fare and what all they cost, I would like to write this post a little bit differently this time.

With the summer being around, The Nature's Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash is a perfect product for the VanityCask Box. The body wash from Sova, a luxurious brand, is also a good pick keeping summers in mind. The Mcaffine Uplift Trance Cream is a light weight cream which gets absorbed easily into the skin without leaving an oily or greasy residue, this again is a perfect pick. The Mond'sub masks are also amazing keeping in mind the suntan and scorching summer in mind. The Myglamm Long Lasting Enamel Duo shades are quite good keeping the theme in mind.

The VanityCask Boxes, are packed in a sturdy black box which are very useful and reusable for storing your skincare or makeup or haircare products. They make a perfect travel companion and not to mention the pink, silk potli bag. What I would like to suggest to VanityCask Box team would be including a variety of products from different brands as well variety of products. From past three months we have received the Nail Enamel Duo and mask sheets. There are many other unexplored brands and types of products like Facial serum or Lip serum or some other interesting types. Including those might create a curious component for the subscribers. The brands choice and all is entirely good, especially The Nature's Co, Sova and Mond'sub brands. What is lacking is different type of products, something exciting and worth the 999 INR price tag.

*PR sample
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22 Apr 2018

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Skincare Empties #8

Hi All,

According to the Instagram polls am posting an empties post first. I am so into powder cleansers that I ended up using two of them both are my favorites. Let's head to the post

Bliscent Daily Cleanser
I like the subtle fragrance of the cleanser, however I don't like the addition of essential oils to cleanser which I end up using twice or thrice a day. Overall a good cleanser to start with the powder cleansers.

Ida Naturals Natural Skin Glow Pack
My all time favourite and a cleanser which makes the skin glow instantly. I might repurchase this once I empty all of my powder cleansers.

TNC Multi Vitamin Massage Cream
I love love love this massage cream. It's amazing chocolate fragrance not only make you feel good but the cream also works from within to give you a youthful skin. The cream also reduces acne marks drastically. I am going to stock up on this soon.

Biotique Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Wash
I love the refreshing fragrance of this face wash but at the same time I also love how gentle yet effective the cleanser is. I would like to try a new variant next time.

Uvmed Tinted Sunscreen
I am currently using this sunscreen even when am indoors. The sunscreen is good with SPF 50 and has suited me well. It goes well with the W2 Peach Moisturiser as well as any light weight moisturiser. I have already stocked up two tubes of this sunscreen.

Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask
My holy grail face mask for deep cleansing and acne reducing. I have another big tub of this mask to empty and am not stocking it up again.

So that was my tiny empties list. Hope to empty products over a couple of coming weeks. Till then you all take care and enjoy life.
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10 Apr 2018

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Bliscent Daily Cleanser Review

My undying love for powder cleansers is increasing day by day with each new cleanser am trying. The more variety am trying the more am convinced about the benefits of powder cleansers. Today we will be talking about Bliscent Daily Cleanser which I had received in one of the VanityCask Boxes.

Brand Claims and Ingredients

My experience
I love the packaging, classy and simple at the same time. The packaging carries all the product information with it. I like the spill proof extra lid with the tub.

The product is majorly white in colour with some light pink particles into it. The product is grainy in texture wherein we can find while rolled oats too. I couldn't use the cleanser nicely due to the big oats particles, wish they were a little bit milled. The fragrance of the cleanser is exotic and is due to the Frankisense essential oil in it. Once mixed with water the cleanser forms a smooth paste but when we try applying it to our face, it keeps on falling.

The cleanser does the job of cleansing  very perfectly while leaving a smooth and soft skin. It removes dirt, sweat as well as excess oil. It gives a hydrated look to the skin while making it fresh and clean. Due to it's slightly grainy texture it acts as a mild scrub too. It's a good cleanser if you are looking for a budget friendly one, however I don't like the addition of essential oils in a daily cleanser given the fact that I end up using powder cleansers three times a day now. 

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 350 INR for 75 gms, Available on bliscent.com

As a sucker of powder cleansers I love using the Bliscent Daily Cleanser. But if you are new to powder cleansers then this might disappoint you in terms of fragrance or in case of product texture falling down while applying the cleanser. I also like to avoid essential oils in cleansers, as I use them thrice a day. If you like using powder cleansers then go for it.
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6 Apr 2018

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W2 Orange Face Spa Foaming Wash Review

Time surely flies, look we are in April already. Lately my skin hasn't been fazed much due to weather changes as well as hormonal changes. I recently shared a post wherein I shared a list of products which have helped me give a clear and bright skin. So the product we are reviewing today is W2 Orange Face Spa and the product has also made to the above list am talking about. Let's dive in right into the review.

Brand claims and Ingredients

My experience
The product packaging is simple, sleek and travel friendly. Once we pump the face wash it dispenses foam face wash. The packaging is black colored plastic bottle with a tight fitting cap. The black packaging is signature packaging of W2 brand. 

Now coming to the fragrance, the face wash has a fragrance of orange, like some orange cold drink. It's neither too bothering nor is pleasing. As soon as you dispense the face wash it's exudes thw fragrance which fades out immediately once you start using it on  the face. The face wash doesn't disperse on the face after coming in contact with water.

Coming to the effectiveness of the face wash, the face wash cleanses the skin while leaving it clean and soft without drying out. I have experienced zero breakouts while using this face wash, although to be honest I use it only once a day at night when I am too lazy to use powder cleansers. I like the way this face wash immediately brightens up the skin and gives a squeaky clean skin as well. Overall speaking a nice face wash to try out by all as it will suit all skin types.

The In
  • Sleek, compact and travel friendly packaging
  • Pump packaging works fine and dispenses right amount of product
  • Makes the skin bright and clean
  • Doesn't dry out the skin neither does it irritate the skin
  • Doesn't breakout or make skin itchy
  • Leaves the skin soft and smooth
  • Will suit all skin types
The Out
  • Incomplete ingredients list
Price, Shelf life and Availability - 200 INR for 50ml with a shelf life of 3 years. Available on Amazon and W2 website

If you are looking for an affordable face wash to try out then go for it. It not only cleanses the skin but also makes it bright. Moreover it will suit all skin types. I might repurchase on sale πŸ˜€.

*PR sample
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4 Apr 2018

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W2 Ivory Peach Moisturiser Review

Long back I had tried W2 Facial Kit and it has given me a glowing skin. As usual I forgot to review the facial kit on my blog. So when I received some products from the brand I was really excited to use and review them. So let's get started with the review. Also let me tell you all I have used the W2 Ivory Peach Moisturiser for one month evedyday during day and sometimes at night.

Brand claims - Why stay content with dull and dry skin when you can look like peaches-and-cream instead ?
A natural source of Vitamins A, C, K, Mg,Beta Carotene, Peach removes dark spots and dark circles naturally. It also fights and prevents acne and gives protecton against UV rays. Combined with the rare species of mushroom Tricholoma Matsutake, a 100% natural skin-whitening and anti-ageing agent, this lotion, true to its name, will leave you with a peaches-and-cream complexion.

Peach extracts (0.20%), Wheatgerm oil (0.10%), Olive oil (0.50%), Almond oil (1.0%), , Base :q.s

My experience
I am not going to talk about the packaging, as I have a lot to tell you about the effectiveness of the product.

The product is milky white in colour and has a little runny consistency. It is neither thick nor thin in consistency. The product gets dispensed easily and I need just 2 pumps for my face and neck. The product gets absorbed easily and even works good underneath a SPF (I use UVMed SPF 50). The moisturiser doesn't feel greasy or oily on the skin and sinks instantly into the skin.

Now coming to the effectiveness of the moisturiser, I am taken a back by it's performance. I experience 1-2 breakouts each month as my acne is hormonal. So I don't expect any product to prevent my acne 100%. But this moisturiser after using for one month, I experienced zero breakouts, it prevented even the hormonal acne which I get no matter what I do. Also the moisturiser gets absorbed easily into the skin and immediately gives a plump and even toned skin. Sometimes the I add 2-3 drops of Prakrta Serum in the moisturiser and still the moisturiser doesn't feel heavy. I was surprised by this performance of the moisturiser also.

I cannot say anything regarding the anti aging and UV protection of the moisturiser, I don't have any fine lines or wrinkles on the face and I use a separate SPF on top of a moisturiser during day. 

The In
  • Compact, Travel friendly packaging
  • Leak proof and hygienic pump packaging
  • Has amazing peachy fragrance
  • A little product goes a long way in moisturising oily skin
  • The moisturiser sinks immediately into the skin 
  • Gives plump and even toned skin 
  • Doesn't leave an oily or greasy residue even when applied in excess
  • Product works great in layering of Skincare products
  • It has 100% prevented my hormonal acne (yes, am as surprised as you are)
  • Works well even with facial oil when mixed with 2-3 drops for day time usage
  • Doesn't sting my sensitive nose area
The Out
  • Ingredients list has Base, the ingredients of base aren't disclosed
Price, Shelf Life and Availability - 350 INR for 100 ml with a shelf life of 3 years. Available on Amazon, Why wait website (currently having a 20% off on brand website).

Overall speaking I have found my holy grail moisturiser which not only prevents my hormonal acne but also gives me plump and even toned skin. I am sure to repurchase this one. Even if I try some other day moisturisers, I might keep coming back to this one. I would highly recommend W2 Ivory Peach Moisturiser for acne prone skin which also works great for beauties who follow layering of Skincare products.

*PR sample
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30 Mar 2018

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Ida Naturals Natural Skin Glow Pack Review

I had purchased Ida Naturals Natural Skin Glow Pack long back and used the product half way through. But alas, I forgot to review it for you all lovely people. So as they say, better late than never, let's head straight to the review.

Brand Claims
This Natural Skin Glow Pack is a 100% Herbal pack that can be applied on the face or body. This pack provides all the natural nutrients required for improving the growth of skin tissues, replacing dead skin cells and repairing skin damage. With regular application of Natural Skin Glow Pack, skin will start looking up - naturally healthy and glowing !

Ingredients : A rare combination of Wild Turmeric, Green Gram Flour, Vetiver, Davanam, Avaram Senna, Kapur Kachri, Rose petals, Champaka petals, Jasmine petals and many more...

My experience
The packaging is quite simple, plastic airtight tub with product information label on it. The jar is quite compact and travel friendly (oh yes I like to travel with my powder cleansers πŸ˜€). 

The product is grainy in nature with slight powdery as well as grainy particles. I totally the texture once I mix it with water for washing the face. The face pack has a herbal fragrance and has a light yellow colour. I usually waha my face twice or thrice with this pack and each time I use, it leaves my skin squeaky clean and soft even toned. I like massaging my face with the pack which works as a mild scrub as well as polishing thing.

After washing it off, skin becomes super soft, smooth and glowing. It removes all the dead skin cells and adds a glow to the skin. No wonder powder cleansers leave your skin super clean when used in the right way. I like scrubbing the face pack on the areas where I have some acne marks. This face pack when applied as a mask works similar to the cleansing action explained above, so i don't like wasting my time using it as a face mask, instead I would use as a cleanser and save some amount of the product πŸ˜›. Overall speaking a must buy if you love using powder cleansers and want glowing skin.

The In
  • Powder cleanser which works great in cleansing the skin
  • Leaves the skin super soft and smooth
  • Amazing ingredients list
  • Dry form makes it easier to active and use whenever needed
  • Doesn't contain any preservatives
  • Gives a glowing skin with each usage
  • A three in one product which works as a cleanser, scrub as well as a face pack
  • Secure and air tight packaging which is also travel friendly
The Out
  • I didn't find any
Price, Shelf life and Availability - 30 gm - Rs. 200 INR. Product needs to be kept away from water and moisturise. Available for orders via Ida Naturals FB page and Email.

Ida Naturals Natural Skin Glow Pack is an amazing powder cleanser which does its job while giving the skin a nice glow. The mild grainy particles work as a scrub while giving the skin a soft and smooth look while removing dead skin cells. It is a must try powder cleanser if you love using powder cleansers. All in all a thumbs up product and yes it's definitely on my repurchase list (although Priya should give me a discount for writing this review of my purchase order 😝)
*Product purchase
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29 Mar 2018

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5 shades of black! Black Sarees that let you rule the world!

 A wardrobe staple for many and a colour of mystery, the colour black is perhaps the only colour that has different perceptions and contradictions associated with it. Yohji Yamamoto has put it so nicely--

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. But above all black says this: I don’t bother you — don’t bother me.” 

In the world of fashion, black has always been the most preferred choice. It is a colour that doesn’t discriminate and disassociate. Regardless of the shape and size, it embraces all. It makes you look slimmer and it suits every skin type and complexion. Pastels and prints may not bring out the best in you, but the colour black has got your back! 

At Bharatsthali, we have handpicked black sarees exclusively for you! Curated for your every day and exclusive wear, these sarees are must-haves for you! 

Add a dash of class, sass and jazz with this gorgeous black raw silk saree! Highlighted with a beautiful border and pallu, this saree lets you flaunt the best you! Wear it to a special occasion where you would want all eyes on you!

Lay your eyes on this beautiful saree and you are left wondering, what more could you ask for really! Beautiful and classy, this saree brings the best of both worlds together! A silk saree in colour black- we call it the power pack. Elegant and easy, this saree can be sported for workwear and special occasions. If you don’t have time to change after work, this saree is the best bet. Retouch your makeup, wear dangling jhumkas and you are all set to woo hearts!

Perfect for social and casual settings, this raw silk saree with jute pallu has all the elements to make you the showstopper and a trendsetter! Be the sartorial muse without leaving your comfort zone behind. Raw silk has natural sheen and exquisite texture, making the saree an apt choice for soirees while ikkat adds an artsy touch to the overall ensemble.

Black has a beautiful aspect to it. The colour gives you a ‘trimmed’ appearance. It literally becomes the ‘black hole’ for those love handles that you wouldn’t like to show. When the colour black comes along with pure crepe Mysore Saree, you know it has to be in your wardrobe!

Dominate the day with style, beauty and sass! Check out this black South cotton saree to never go wrong with your sartorial statement! The perfect choice for workwear and social events, this saree is what you have been looking for all along!

The canvas of all colours, black is versatile and disruptive. You don’t need a designated moment to wear black, but the colour black can redefine a moment for you! In saree, the colour black is the synergy of charm, elegance and opulence! Irresistible, isn’t it? 

If you are confused what to wear to an occasion, pick a black saree and never go wrong with your sartorial choice! Yes, don’t forget to share your pictures with us! We at Bharatsthali look forward to your lovely drapes!

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27 Mar 2018

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My current skincare routine and products for clear and bright skin

After posting my first ever shelfie of my skincare products, I got many requests to do a detailed blog post on how the mentioned products work for me or how I use them. So I thought why not post the blog post soon while the topic is fresh in the mind of you guys. Also let me tell you the skin problems I have, acne scars, pigmentation near chin and mouth area (very little now), hormonal acne. So let's get started on how the products fared for me and how I use them.

Face cleansers
Embar Facial Cleansing Grains - I switched to dry powder cleansers way back last year and my skin is loving it every bits. The Embar Facial Cleansing Grains are mild enough to scrub my face so I don't use a face scrub separately. Moreover the powder cleanser sometimes I leave after using and it acts as a face pack too sometimes. 

W2 Orange Face Spa Foaming Face Wash - When am lazy to use powder cleansers, I use this, foaming cleansers! There I admit the truth. We are human beings are doing something which takes that extra mile surely makes us crave for an easy way to do things. This face wash makes my skin squeaky clean and soft, I however limit my usage just once a day. Detailed review coming soon.

Cleansing balm
DIY Cleansing balm - talk about the game changers in skincare and this is one of them. I truly believe oil cleansing the only thing you need if you want deep cleansing as well as skin nourishment. I use cleansing balm usually thrice a week as I don't use makeup on a daily basis. I have posted a DIY of this so go on and read it to check how I use it. 

Serums or Facial oils
Svayam Natural Sesame Serum - I massage my face with this one to get rid of acne marks and pigmentation. Moreover my skin happily accepted it's thick texture and I cannot be happier than this. I use it once a week or twice a week now after including the below serums, else I was using it daily at night.

Vya Naturals Vitamin C Serum - the new kid in my skincare regime and the game changer. This is my first stint with Vitamin C and am loving the effects on my skin. It gets rid of acne marks and pigmentation around the mouth and nose. I used it consistently for two week and then I discontinued usage for one week. Also I strictly use it during night only and I avoid regular, super regular usage as Vitamin C makes skin sensitive with prolonged usage. I still use this sometimes maybe 2-3 times a week.

No makeup, no filter, no edit

Prakrta Serum - The only serum I love sniffing and which loves me back by giving me a brightening effect each time I use it at night. Check detailed review linked above. Also this goes will with the day moisturiser I use.

Night cream
Stay Wild Child Chamomile Night Cream - this is a newbie in my regime and gives plump skin and shows effects even after waking up. Moreover this suits oily and normal skin more than dry skin and has anti aging benefits also without any harmful chemicals. I will be doing a review soon on this.

Day and Night Moisturiser
W2 Peach Moisturiser - this is a light weight moisturiser which even goes well with Prakrta Serum. I use this moisturiser during day or night time as it's summers already and I need a very little quantity for each usage. Sometimes I skip my night cream and use this along with 2-3 drops of Prakrta Serum. Detailed review soon.

I keep on alternating between the serums, oils and moisturiser mention above during night as per my mood and need. The W2 Peach Moisturiser is for day use only along with Prakrta serum. I don't like using oils during day in summers.

Face packs
Skinsense Natural Luxury Even complexion - this face pack is great for its detoxifying and rejuvenating properties and imparting an even toned skin as well. If you have oily skin do give this a try. Read detailed review linked above. I use this one usually twice a week

Plum Goodness Green Tea Clear Mask - The only product you need for all your acne problems. It takes away acne and works good as a spot treatment also. I will be doing a detailed review on this soon. I use Plum goodness mask only when I get breakouts.

Eye cream/oil
Veda Earth Under eye Corrector
I keep on rolling this one on my under eye area. But given the time I spend on my smartphone nothing seems to work on my under eye area. Guilty me!!

Uvmed SPF 50 - I quite like the fragrance of this sunscreen and since it's summers I use this one regularly even if am confined to my home till am able to walk properly.

So I would like to clarify a few things about the products am using.

1) All products mentioned above are a part of present routine and all are devoid of parabens, mineral oil and other chemicals (except the SPF of course).
2) I use products according to my mood or my time schedule. I sometimes even skip my moisturiser during the day or the night cream so as to let my skin breathe.
3) Sometimes I use face packs daily if time permits and in the evenings I don't like using any moisturiser or serums or oil on my face.
4) Also I never ever go to bed without washing my face and brushing my teeth πŸ˜‚.

So that's all about my current skincare routine and the products which have solved almost all my problems. Most of the products or you can say all of the products mentioned above are a repurchase for me if not an immediate repurchase. I have tried covering all parts and concerns regarding the products, if you still have any questions or queries ping me on Instagram or shoot me an e-mail on skincarevilla@gmail.com
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