7 Mar 2017

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The Nature's Co Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream Review

Face massage is a technique which helps in maintaining a youthful skin. I have missed out on facial massage in my late 20s as I was absolutely clueless about skincare and it's benefits 😣. However as it's aptly said, better late than never! I have started doing a facial massage once or twice in a fortnight. Let's see the review of The Nature's Co Multi-Vitamin Massage cream which am carrying in my travel skincare bag.

Brand Claims and Ingredients

My experience
The massage cream is packed in a travel size tub, the full size product is 270ml which is way too much if you plan to buy. It may last even for 2 years or more. The travel size (35ml) I am using has lasted me 2 months and even half of it is not finished. The massage cream has a faint beige tint to it with awesome, heavenly fragrance of cocoa butter. The fragrance is such a dude, that you will feel like eating the cream 😛.

Now coming to the consistency the cream is thick, buttery sort with a non-stick, non-greasy and non-oily texture. In December that's in winters it was thick and spreading or massaging required efforts. But now as I use it I can notice that the cream gets absorbed easily due to the already hot weather! The cream gets absorbed like a charm as you massage it into the skin and your skin sips in all the goodness of the cream. I use the method shown by Ankita from Corallista in one of her vlogs.

As you massage the cream the skin becomes buttery soft while evening out the skin and giving a glow to the skin. After massaging the directions for usage suggest to wipe off the cream with moist cotton balls, but I use this as an overnight treatment. Regular usage has helped in giving a subtle glow to the skin while reducing the old acne scars. It has also made my skin smoother and even toned. The cream has Vitamin A, C and E in it and is indeed a skin food in every sense. I would highly recommend you all to use it atleast once if you are a skincare junkie.

The In

  • Contains Almond Oil, Wheatgerm oil, Jojoba oil, Cocoa butter, Kokkum Butter
  • Fortified with Vitamin A,C and E
  • Thick, buttery consistency with a non-stick, non-greasy and non-oily texture
  • Gives soft, smooth and supple skin post massage
  • Reduces the acne marks when used regularly
  • Gives youthful skin as it is made with the goodness with Vitamin E and wheatgerm oil
  • Vegan, not tested on animals
  • Can be used in facials and as an overnight treatment

The Out

  • Some may find the full size product pricey as so other intermediate sized are available

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 1895 INR for 270ml with a shelf life of 2 years. Available online on Nature's Co website.

If you are looking for a good facial massage cream then The Nature's Co Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream would be the best choice. However the full size product is a bit pricey and non availability of intermediate size is a big problem with Nature's Co products. The cream is available in travel size in various kits offered by Nature's Co which a good bet for a repurchase (am going to do the same 😉). But the cream is so good that you won't mind the price tag once you use it. Highly recommended Facial Massage Cream for skincare fanatics.