7 Jul 2016

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Versatile Blogger Award Acceptance and Nominations

Skincare Villa has been nominated for Versatile Blogger Award by the very awesome Anamika from Natural Beauty and Makeup

I would like to apologise to Anamika for the delay in the acceptance of award. But it is very sweet of her to confer me with the award. Anamika blogs about travel, skincare, hair care, beauty and makeup so do checkout her blog.

Versatile Blogger Award is an award given by bloggers to bloggers and thus supporting each other & helping new blogs to get noticed. Like Liebster, here also if you are nominated, that means you have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.

The Rules say –

Rule 1
You should thank the person who has nominated you and add a link back to their site. Next, select 10-15 bloggers that you follow regularly and pass this award to them.Share 7 facts about yourself.

Rule 2 – My favourite bloggers whom I am going to nominate are-

Rule 3 - 
7 Random Facts About me are –      
  • I am am extremist by heart, it doesn't know anything in between.
  • I hate eating mangoes and cannot stand the fragrance of it.
  • I can cry in front of anyone and anywhere. Because of this I usually avoid watching emotional movies :P
  • I can read all day long ranging from newspaper, books and the new addition is blogs :)
  • I wear no makeup all year along, mostly. Last time I had applied makeup was on my D day, almost 4 years ago :D
  • I love experimenting with DIYs, incase you follow my blog you might know.
  • I am a strict Mom, being said this stepping into the shoes of my Mom.

Hope you enjoy the post.