23 Jul 2016

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#ColgateMagicalStories of my tiny tot

My son is a restless creature, like his father. His brain constantly needs something or the other work. Albeit having many toys, many rhymes saved on the TV, laptop he becomes so restless that I end up scolding him to be quiet. Later on I feel bad and play with him. Sometimes I give him a bucket or tub to put his toys. He will put them in and take them out from tub or bucket. But he is bored of all this now.

When I showed my husband the Colgate Strong Teeth packs which have interesting sea creatures inside which are to be cut and pasted or made into a collage, my husband immediately jumped to an idea that our son will play nicely with the characters. I was very skeptical about his thought, as our son had  developed a new liking of eating hard covers, cardboard and paper. I explained this to my husband and he realised it. We planned to cut the creatures, while he was asleep at night. We cut all the creatures and stored them separately in different envelopes, so that if he tears one set of pack another one will be intact.

Next day after showing him the creatures, he started blabbering with his not yet twisted tongue (he is 2 years old). He immediately picked up the mermaid and analysed it :D. After playing with some creatures he tried to put one in the mouth. Some characters he talked with them, something like bauha bhua, blah... Of course something meaningless, which is beyond imagination. Some characters he gave to me and some to my husband. Again he took them, threw them. He was confused and surprised with the new concept of sea characters. When my husband tried to tell him #colgatemagicalstories, for a few minutes he was quiet, then again threw all over everywhere. We sensed his impatience and I immediately packed all the creatures.

Next day we showed him the new set of creatures from another pack. He immediately picked it up and threw in a haphazard manner. Played with a few and threw a lot of times. If he throws one creature on the floor , he will say 'takka' (means takla in Marathi, threw in English). Some creatures are his favourite, so he will take them extremely close to his eyes so as to take a closer look :D. It has become a daily routine. But we have to keep a strict check so that he doesn't put any cardboard in the mouth.

Apart from not keeping quiet our son will trouble a lot to brush his teeth. Although he will watch the 'Colgate brush two times a day' advertising with immense concentration. My husband tricked him into showing the creatures while I brush his teeth. After seeing the sea creatures, he will immediately have a 100 watt smile on his face and open his mouth wide :D.

In this way we created our own #colgatemagicalstories to tell our son, to keep him busy as well as make him brush his teeth twice a day. Over the time, once he starts speaking a few more words, we would be very, very happy when he tells us a story.

Has your tiny tot told you a story ever? Share with me in the comments section below.