6 Jun 2016

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Soap Factory soaps Review

Heya fellas,

Today we will be talking about Soap Factory soaps. No no they aren't made in factory but are handmade by Jayshree Rukhana. Let's head on to the review directly as the soaps don't have brands claims and Ingredients mention on the soaps.

My experience
Firstly I would like to tell that the soaps are made out of some cute shapes each being a different and unique. The soaps also have amazing citrusy flavours which is very summer appropriate. I have received 4 variants viz. Orange, Lime, Aqua and Rose (which you can easily guess by the colour of the soap). All the soaps have exotic citrusy fragrance which is a little bit strong. But they are very refreshing.

The soaps lather quite well and the foam is bubbly like normal soaps. The soaps cleanse quite well and leave the skin fragrant and fresh. The soaps are glycerin sort, means opaque in nature. So they lead to wastage when used under direct water stream. They also need to be thoroughly dried before storage so as to minimize the wastage.

The soaps have a very simple packaging which is a plastic sheet wrapped around. An outer cardboard packaging would be highly recommended to prevent any direct damage to the soap. Some may find the strong citrusy fragrance a bit bothering. Also they linger a lot in the bathroom as well. Overall if you love glycerin soaps with citrusy fruity fragrance then these soaps are highly recommended.

The In
Nice unique shape of each soap
Amazing citrusy, fruity fragrance
Effectively cleanses the skin
Foams quite well
Doesn't dry out my skin

The Out
Outer cardboard packaging would be preferable to prevent damage to the soap
No ingredients list mentioned

Price and shelf life and availability
Starts with 50 INR for a soap and shelf life not mentioned. Available  for orders via instagram.

If you are looking for some glycerin soaps with nice citrusy strong fragrances then soaps from Soap Factory are your go to options. They effectively cleanse as well as make the skin feel fresh and fragrant. Outer cardboard packaging, missing ingredients list are some things which need to be worked upon. Apart from that the soaps are value for money.