19 Jun 2016

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Lass Naturals Fruit Blast facewash Review

Let us see the review of Lass Naturals Fruit Blast facewash

Brand claims and Ingredients

My experience The facewash is packaged in a flip cap tube. The tube is a little bulky and size is bigger. The flip cap is quite tight and doesn't come off easily. The facewash is of runny consistency and is dispensed out of the tube even before squeezing the tube.

The colour of the facewash is light pink and fragrance is like a mixed fruit jam. The fragrance hits you no sooner than you open the cap. The fragrance is not very strong as artificial facewash. The facewash claims to be SLS free but foams quite well. Also you might be knowing that SLS, SLES free products also foam but to a little less extent. This facewash foams quite well even in hard water so somehow I have doubts regarding being SLS free.

Coming to the job profile of the facewash, it cleanses the skin thoroughly without leaving any residue. It gets washed off easily leaving the skin soft and smooth. Your skin will end up smelling like a mixed fruit jam and you will feel an instant freshness. The facewash doesn't dry out the skin and is quite good for all skintypes. Overall according to the price, quantity, quality of the facewash, it's surely worth trying and value for money.

The In
  • Contains orange oil, peach extracts, pomegranate extracts, watermelon extracts 
  • Affordable price and quantity offered is more 
  • Cleanses thoroughly 
  • Doesn't dry out the skin 
  • Gets washed off easily 
  • Doesn't leave a residue 
  • Soap free formula
  • Paraben free

The Out
  • Very runny consistency 
  • Foams quite well inspite of SLS /SLES free claim

Price, shelf life and availability - 115 INR for 100g with a shelf life of 3 years. Buy here

Yes I would totally recommend the facewash for all skintypes at the price, quantity it is offered. It instantly refreshes the skin while cleansing and does all this without drying the skin. What all we want in a facewash, it exactly does that!