4 May 2016

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Sugarmyylove Products Review

Hey gals,

Don't we all love exploring new brands and that too chemical free brands? Today's post is about products which are chemical free and handmade. It's Sugarmyylove brand. I will be reviewing more than one products as they are all sample sized and the quantity is very less for me to confidently back the claims of the products. Let's head on to some quick reviews.

L-R Top row; dry facewash,  skin lightening
facepack, toxic pack.

L-R Bottom row, lip scrub, lip butter, body scrub

Dry facewash 
Ingredients - Cinnamon, rice flour, gram flour, neem powder, honey, walnut, lemon, organic oats, sugar, essential oil and vitamin E oil.
The dry facewash is a cream coloured powder which you are supposed to mix with water and wash your face with it. Post application and rinsing off my skin felt smooth and soft. It cleansed my skin without drying it out. It evened out my small zits making it very soft. It is a highly recommended facewash.

Skin Lightening pack
Ingredients - Neem, gram flour, orange powder, honey, rice flour, organic oats, sugar, essential oil and vitamin E oil.
This pack claims to lighten the skin and applied it twice. I couldn't find any remarkable difference in my skin appearance in terms of lightening. Ofcourse I wanted to try it more times but then the product would have been used up and so I didn't use it many times. As far as the skintone is concerned it surely made the difference. I may skip this facepack. I had high hopes looking after at the ingredients list.

Toxic pack
Ingredients - fuller each, Activated Charcoal, gram flour, neem powder, honey powder, lemon powder, soya Lecithin, organic oats sugar, essential oil and vitamin E oil.
I loved this product to the core. I has activated charcoal and it makes the skin glow temporarily. It makes the skin feel super fresh and clean. I could see the results in just one use. I would highly recommend the toxic pack.

Body scrub
Ingredients - Olive oil, coconut oil, Lavender oil, jasmine oil, organic honey, sugar, green tea and vitamin E oil.
I was highly disappointed by this product. The scrub just doesn't stick to the skin and kept on dispensing, leading to wastage. The scrub is to be used with coconut oil or honey but both the sticky ingredients are something which I would avoid. The scrub just softened my skin and failed in it's claim of removing dead cells and dirt.

Lip scrub
Ingredients - Organic sugar, organic cinnamon, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, Jojoba oil, essential oil and vitamin E oil.
Same was the case with the pink lip scru. It didn't exfoliate my lips instead I was left with a little irritation on my lips.

Lip butter
Ingredients - Shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, essential oil, petroleum jelly, vitamin E oil and organic colours.
Another disappointing product as it contains petroleum jelly. It didn't moisturize my lips for even 1 hour instead I felt like moisturizing then again and again and the more it did the more parched they were. I may skip this lip butter as it has petroleum jelly.

Recommendation - Overall I would recommend only the Toxic face and facewash from above list. All the other products were highly disappointing especially after looking into the ingredients list. I also feel some ingredients are missing or some are added extra just for the list purpose viz essential oil and vitamin E oil. Every dry product also has this ingredient whereas the product has no such consistency in terms of texture.

NB - Product sent by brand for review and honest review.