5 May 2016

My Fourth Liebster Award *happy dance*

Woohoo, I just can't believe it is my Fourth Liebster Award in an year of regular blogging. Liebster Award is a great way to bond with bloggers and discover new blogs. I am overwhelmed as well as excited for my blogging journey. You can read my previous awards here 

Managing a blog is not at all an easy job. Many of co- bloggers would definitely agree with this. Posting a review or a blog post on and off (even if it's sent by a PR team :P), clicking images, watermarking them is not an easy job. Ofcourse there are perks of being a blogger but people overlook the fact that bloggers are always preoccupied with their blog and they have their share of pressure also. Then the number game, comment game comes into picture.

Enough right, let's talk about the Liebster Award now. This time the award was given to me by Soumya Midhun who blogs at soumyamidhun.com. Soumya's blog  is a very versatile blog wherein she blogs about her life, skincare routines, favourite products and yes vlogging is also her forte. Before heading to the questions which Soumya has given me, don't forget to head over to her blog

So following are the questions which Soumya has posed me

1) Why did you start blogging?
It may seem weird but I started blogging just to pass my time. I shifted to Bangalore after marriage and the office which I joined worked on a software development framework which was new to me. So first few months I was studying the framework with some few assignments and had a lot of time.

2) One blog other than yours that you would want everyone to check out and why?
Curious and Confused Me

3) What is that one skin care product you can’t be without?
It has to be a facewash in basic skincare.

4) Where do you see your blog in the next 2 years?
I would love to blog more and more in the next two years. I am yet to try many brands. As I always say 'so many brands, so less time :D'

5) Any one book recommendation and why should we read it?
The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo as the book has some sort of magic and has a message of following your dreams. The book has some bestest quotes. Needless to say more the book is highest selling till date in all languages :)

6) Any YouTube channel recommendation and why?
No recommendation as I don't like watching videos. I love reading!!!

7) If you were asked to survive the next 1 week on just 2 make up items what would be your picks?
A BB cream and tinted lip balm and an eyeliner. Oops I want three makeup items :D

8) Are you a to do list maker?
Yes I am. Rather I have a to-do list maker app in my phone and I use it often.

9) What is your ideal breakfast and why?
My idea breakfast would be set dosa with butter as fermented food is healthy, first food should be... blah blah blah. I just love it and that's enough for it to be an ideal breakfast.

10) What is your goal for 2016?
Becoming an understanding, unstrict and patient Mommy!!!

11) Which is that one blog post of yours that you are very proud of ?Please leave the link.
I am super proud of Super quick and easy recipe - Chocolate toast

My set of questions remains the same as Soumya's and now my nominations are!!!!!!

1) Dipti who blogs at Gorgeously Flawed
2) Shwetali who blogs at Not So Hard To be Pretty
3) Jane Vivian who blogs at Jane and Samara
4) Ramya who blogs at Luv for beauty blog
5) Dona who blogs at Dona Perfect Look
6) Anamika who blogs at Natural Beauty and Makeup 

Am excited and awaiting to read your answers....