3 May 2016

High end fashion shopping destination - Iralzo

Who doesn't love high end fashion at an affordable price? Today I will be introducing one such online shopping website for affordable high end fashion and that is Iralzo.com

Iralzo takes inspiration from international runways and the global street scene. They offer wearable fashion, hair accessories, garments, sarongs and scarves in a variety of colors at budget-friendly prices.

When I went through their collection I was wondering how much variety, in terms of style as well as colour they offer. I was just floored by the bags section and couldn't take my eyes off from a single piece . Before heading to the things which I picked up let's talk about Iralzo.

About Iralzo 

Iralzo is a young and passionate online fashion brand. We are a sheer and a forward thinking accessories and clothing brand. Here at Iralzo we inspire…we create…we design something new every day. We have on-board an optimum selection of apparels and accessories keeping in mind all of the latest trends in the world of fashion.

We believe in innovation – with the finest quality of fabric and the most unique designs, we deliver a product that would make you feel stylish. With Iralzo you can have your own red carpet moment. Go out and have fun in style. Make heads turn when you walk down the street.

Iralzo is the dream project of husband and wife duo Ira and Rajesh Malhotra who have been in this industry for more than a decade. The brand has a state of the art manufacturing facility in Manesar and has been exporting the products to European markets for many years now. We have now introduced an exclusive brand- Iralzo, for the Indian market and believe Iralzo to be a one stop shop for every style savvy person; we have extremely skilled and talented team of designers who create products that will never be common in the Indian market.

Now let's take a look at the bag which I picked up. I selected this floral-print-bag which is very summer appropriate. The vibrant and bright colour combination on black background is very good which makes the print more likeable. The quality of the cream coloured leather border is also very good. I especially liked the belts which are very sturdy and at the same time very simple not overshadowing the bag. I especially liked the two way zipper which is a very unique one. The material of the bag is also of good quality and sturdy. The bag has in all 4 compartments outside and one small pocket inside.

I also received a scarf and a gift voucher from the team with the bag. The scarf is just adorable and the voucher is for my further shopping. If you are looking for affordable western wear, scarfs, bags then don't miss out on Iralzo.com. They've an amazing collection which will surely make you go on a shopping spree.

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NB - The About Iralzo information is taken from the website.