7 Apr 2016

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Second package from Skin18.com

Today am very excited to inform you all that my second package from Skin18.com arrived just today. Earlier that is few months back I had received some samples for reviewing, but this time am excited. Because last time the packaging had face masks with different functionalities but this time I have received facemasks, nose strips and eye patches, some variety in short ;)

Let's take a look at what all I have received

1) Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip

2) Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Cleansing Strip

3) Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip

5) Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch - Collagen Nutrition Firming (Green)

6) Foodaholic 3D Aloe Natural Essence Mask

7) Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Eye Puffiness (Purple)

Out of the above products I have already reviewed the Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask. So I won't be reviewing that again. The other mask is Aloe mask which am excited to try out and will review it soon. What I cannot resist is the nose strips, this is the first time am trying them so a little bit more excited.

Are you as excited as I am to try these out? Leave me your urls to checkout.