26 Aug 2015

DIY Jazz up your boring hairband

I have a hairband lying in my drawer since long. Everytime I think of using it when getting a facial or face cleaning done and as always forget. So I thought of adding a spark to it and trying my hands on this DIY.

Things you will need
- A hairband, simply any hairband except the cotton or nylon ones
- Satin lace of any colour of your choice
- Few flowers made from baby wipes (tutorial here don't use the earbud and take only three petals )
- Glue


1) Take the hairband, glue one end of the satin lace to the hairband.
2) Start wrapping the satin lace to the hairband as shown below in the picture.

3) Once you are done with the wrapping glue the end of satin lace to the other end of hairband.

4) Take around 5 flowers made from baby wipes ad glue them to the desired position. Cut the threads or extra wipe parts from the flower, if any.

5) You can glue them anywhere you want just make sure the 5 are in a row close to each other as shown in the picture.

That's it your hairband is all jazzed up, tada. Until next post make and flaunt this DIY and impress the friends of your princess.