20 May 2015

DIY gift bow

You get a lot of readymade gift bows in the market. But making a gift bow and sticking it onto the gift and giving it to a special person has its own joys.

For making the gift bow you will need

- Colored or one side printed paper
- Glue
- Scissors
- Measuring scale
- Markers

1) Cut three strips one being 15 cms, 33 cms and 48 cms.

2) Cut the lower part of 33 cms and 48 cms strip as shown pic below

3) Take the center of the 33 cms strip and fold it and glue as shown in pic below.

4) Now fold the other end of the strip and glue it to make the strip look like a bow as shown in the pic.

5) Take another strip of 48 cms and fold the strip as given in the above steps to make a another bow. If you are using a one side printed paper as I have used, use the inner side of the strip and fold.

6) Now take the 15 cms long strip and make a circle of it and glue the ends.

7) Now glue the 33 cms strip bow onto the 48 cms strip bow at the center to make both the bows look like the pic below.

8) Now stick the circle at the center of both the bows and your bow is ready.

This gift bow will look fantastic when made with a satin lace. I am unable to get satin lace in the place where I live. Once I get it I will update the post with the satin lace gift bow pics.

Till then happy gifting.