9 Dec 2014

End of Season Sale

End of Season Sale

Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness, Doesn't Know Where To Shop! Women rule the roost at shopping (and in some other things too!). The simple shopping of clothes, makeup items, accessories and the shopping of the type 'Shop till you drop', we enjoy all. But sometimes we need to keep a check on our shopping spree so that the guilt of after shopping spree does not linger.

We all know the famous End of season sale. Shopping in the End of season sale is not meant to be always beneficial for our wallets (or should I say credit cards). We wait for End of season sale and end up buying the stuff which we regret later.

Following are some pointers to help you shop smart

  • Check the terms and conditions of the Brand offering End of Season Sale - The terms and conditions printed in small letters which we ignore, read them carefully. Cash back offers or discounts are valid only when you shop till a certain limit.
  • Put your English to test in the End of Season Sale - There is a difference between 'Upto 51% off' and 'Flat 51% off'. There will be only 51% off on select merchandise, which too is not available in desired sizes and colours.
  • Enrol for loyalty programs- They help you save a quick bucks which otherwise you won't earn. Some loyalty programs help you merge all your cards into one.
  • Shop sensibly and not emotionally - We all love buying things we which we love at first glance and buy it no matter what the price. But keep in mind to buy the things which are on your list (Did I tell to prepare a list?). e.g- Don't keep wandering in the cutlery department, or else you will end up paying for the nice dinner set which you hardly needed or planned to buy.
  • Make a list of things which you need to buy- Go through your wardrobe and check the things which you can need for mix n match, or the outfits which you need. Take time to think and then decide which all things you need to buy
  • Plan your shopping in advance- You surely don't want to shop in a hurry or shop for unnecessary things.